Senin, 13 November 2017

[VLOG] Day 1 ~ Pulo Cinta Eco Resort

Hi guys we are finally back with our latest Youtube Vlog! This time we are bringing you to one of our travel wish lists: Pulo Cinta Eco Resort! Yeayyyy. This resort is located at Gorontalo, North Sulawesi and its super exotic. We really can't wait to show you what we experienced. Just check it out.
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Sabtu, 11 November 2017

Santan Coolinair ASEAN Food Festival with DOKU App

Last September, we visited SANTAN COOLINAIR food festival in The Space Senayan City from 29 September to 1 October 2017. The first ever event by Airasia in collaboration with Doku App bringing traditional cuisines from all over South East Asia to one place. if you are unfamiliar with SANTAN, it is actually the brand for the inflight food of Airasia flight. So, whenever you are having your food inside the Airasia plane, that's Santan! And apparently we are a big fan of their food, no cliche because we almost always pre-purchased the food via online or sometimes we bought it in the plane. But not just that, this event also brought local favorite foods from nasi padang, sate padang, bebek goreng, to es kopi susu, burger, and more! So, we are excited to show you the event. Check it out!

Kamis, 09 November 2017

Hello MR FOX by Ismaya

I've been very busy towards the end of the year. Visiting here and there and travelling to a few places out of town, I got so little time to write a proper blog post, but this MR FOX review has been abandoned for at least 2 weeks now. I've been editing photos just days after visiting the restaurants but to be frankly speaking I got no time to make a proper review. As its still very hot in town, I'll just post whatever I got and hopefully you can judge based on the pictures. I mean the room is amazing, its very comfortable and its very casual. Foods were on points, its Ismaya BTW so there's not doubt about the concept and the taste. So, here we go!

Jumat, 27 Oktober 2017

JON'S SMOKERY - Best Smoked Bacon in Town

On 21 October 2017, we got the previledge to attend an 'open house' by Jon's Smokery, an online retailer specializing on ready to cook bacon products. They have a few variety of bacons to try which unfortunately we didn't got the chance to try as we were slightly late. They showcased their products

Selasa, 24 Oktober 2017

KOPI SUSU BU LURAH Definitely The Best One!

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah ~ That's quite a humble yet catchy name. As the trend of Kopi Susu is rising up to the peak this year, many brands are now competing to offer not only the best tasting kopi susu, but also the cheapest they can offer. And I have to admit that a cup of kopi susu for less than 20k is quite affordable nowadays, and some even offered an uber low 10K during promotion periode. I honestly not really into chasing trend, so whenever there's a certain hype, I simply ignore it. I'll get it when I want it, not when anybody posts it on their social media. This Kopi Susu Bu Lurah is definitely the latest one in the market and in fact only less than a month by the time of this writing (20 October 2017). They have their unique jargon "The Best Kopi Susu in Indonesia ~ Says Pak Lurah" and yeah, its too cliche if we say its the best one, that's why its Pak Lurah's version. What about our version? Well Let's check our review here!

Rabu, 18 Oktober 2017

Romantic Dining at Patio Venue by Plataran

Patio Venue ~ has any of our readers been here or probably heard the name before? Because its actually pretty new. And if we don't tell you the background about this restaurant, you'll never notice. Patio Venue is part of Plataran, a group of restaurant renowned for its upscale Indonesian restaurant. Yes, from Plataran Dharmawangsa, Plataran Menteng, to Teras Darmawangsa. Management wise, they are excellent as they have been in the culinary industry for quite a while. Patio Venue itself is differentiated by the type of cuisines they offer. Here, they offer not only Indonesian/Asian cuisines, but also fine Western Italian cuisines. Expect some romantic and classy ambience once you enter the room. In this blog post, we'll bring you to every corner of the room, plus the selections of menus that we highly recommend. Read more!

Senin, 16 Oktober 2017

Healthy Smoothie Bowls by ACAI BAR Senopati

Acai ~ a reddish-purple colored fruit from the berry family originated from South and Central America. Its is believed to have (if not the highest) higher antioxidant than any other berries such as blueberry, strawberry, blackbbery, raspberry and cranbbery. Its undoubtedly rare and unfamiliar for us living in Indonesia for the fact that the fruit itself is hardly found in the market. Up to this point of our writing, we don't have any clue how the exact fruit looks like. But we all know now there's a place in Jakarta to enjoy Acai in a fresh and delicious smoothie bowl: welcome to Acai Bar at Senopati, South Jakarta. Read more!

Jumat, 13 Oktober 2017

Met Nagita Slavina at Mango Bomb Lippo Mall Kemang

Mango Bomb is opening its third outlet at Lippo Mall Kemang on 12 October 2017. I was glad to be invited for this special grand opening day where I got to take picture with the owner Nagita Slavina herself! She is a very humble and down to earth if I may describe herself from what I saw. She greeted everybody on the location where a lot of people from medias, bloggers, and customers came to see her personally. Mango Juice is currently the latest beverage trend in the city and Mango Bomb has been quickly spreading their wings. I have to admit that this is the second Mango Juice brand that I tried and I'm glad that I really loved it. I'll take you to a few moments during the opening day!

MASIZZIM No. 1 Korean Stew in Asia

I was glad to be invited for the soft opening of Masizzim at PIK on 30 September 2017. Its their first outlet in Indonesia and they claim to be the number 1 Korean Stew in Asia. Their outlet in Singapore is always packed and you need to queue for at least an hour, that's what I heard! Well, during the soft opening in Jakarta, they displayed some of their signature dishes on a special table where I got to see their menus. It was also packed with invitees from owners, owners' relatives, medias and food bloggers. I also got to taste a few menus here but I couldn't tell much as I only had 1 Beef Stew dish and the rests were more like appetizers/ starters. Also, watch my youtube VLOG here!

Sabtu, 07 Oktober 2017

KLTR Coffee Roasters

I didn't intentionally plan to make a blog review when visiting here because me and my friends were about to only have some drinks here. I heard a little bit about this coffee shop from my friend and little did I know that this is still from the same group who owns Cassis Kitchen. Apparently, KLTR Coffee is actually located at the same area of Cassis Kitchen. The theme here is some sort of oldies American Vibe like back in 1920s with its respective music as well. Earlier during the opening, they only opened until 5 PM, but lucky now they open until late night 10 PM. Not only Coffee here, you can also enjoy their tasty Lunch and Dinner menus! I'll show you some that me and my friends had here.