Kamis, 23 Mei 2019

MASANOBU JAKARTA ~ Menara Astra Sudirman

I'm not quite prepared for this blog post, but I just want to share something that I personally believe in. Including this new restaurant called MASANOBU at Menara Astra, Jakarta. It's a casual Japanese restaurant located at a relatively new building in Sudirman, Central Jakarta. The focus of the restaurant is teppanyaki and robata with a warm Japanese hospitality. I really really liked the food especially the Wagyu Bara Chirasi (picture above). It's the best chirasi dish I've ever had (because normally it's seafood with raw fish). Without further a due, let's take a look at some of the dishes that I tried.

Sabtu, 18 Mei 2019

Staycation Experience at The Grand Club Room of Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Shall we say the best hotel we've ever stayed in Jakarta? Well, undoubtedly YES! At least that is for us cause we rarely stay in a hotel  in Jakarta unless for a review purpose! Earlier on April 2019, we stayed at The Grand Hyatt Jakarta, one of the most iconic 5 star hotels around Bundaran Hotel Indonesia aka the Welcoming Statue Roundabout. It's located at the very center of Jakarta with the most beautiful outdoor water fountain in town. We stayed at their Grand Club room which is the room with a complimentary access to their Club room (unlimited refreshment such as snacks and drinks). We also reviewed their signature C's Steak and Seafood restaurant for dinner, The Grand Cafe for Sunday Brunch and Fountain Lounge for afternoon tea.  Let's check out our review.

Minggu, 12 Mei 2019


Another breakfasting recommendation at a 5 star hotel this month, it's Arts Cafe at Raffles Hotel Jakarta! Glad that we came back again this year to try their Turkish Ramadan festive (buffet) with two International Chefs in town: Chef Umut Tabak and Chef Bilal Keser from Raffles Instabul. It's pretty common for a 5 star hotel to bring International Chefs from the same (hotel) group/brand, especially when it comes to a special holy season like Chinese New Year, Ramadan, and Christmas. Without further a due, let's have a look at the food selections!

Selasa, 07 Mei 2019

C's STEAK and SEAFOOD at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

We finally got the chance to review C's Steak and Seafood, one of the highly respected and reputable 5 star restaurants at Grand Hyatt Jakarta. We've heard about this restaurant for quite a while until April 2019 when we finally made it here. It was actually our second time here after the first one earlier in 2019. We were staying at Grand Hyatt that night when we decided to have our dinner here. The highlights of our dinner were the jumbo Seafood Platter and the T-Bone steak. It was definitely one of the most memorable dining experience in 2019. Read more!

Senin, 06 Mei 2019

TWG TEA ~ PAY 3 GET 4 Promo & Ramadan Set Menus 2019

We visited TWG Tea outlet at Pacific Place Mall earlier this May 2019 and we found out that they were not only offering teas, cakes, macarons, and the likes, but also food menus specially created for Ramadan! What you see above is their actual Ramadan main course menus, including some tajils. So basically during this Ramadan season, every order of their limited 3 main courses: chicken, lamb and beef dish, get free TWG Tea exclusive blend and tajil of the day (after 5 PM). Anyway, TWG is having a special promo PAY 3 GET 4 for main courses. Read more!

Minggu, 05 Mei 2019


We are so thrilled to bring you guys to our 5 star staycation experience at Grand Hyatt Jakarta earlier on April 2019. It was a quick decision that we finally made it to one of the only few iconic hotels around Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Hotel Indonesia roundabout), Jakarta. For those of you who are not familiar with Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, it is basically The Times Square of New York or The Orchard Road of Singapore, whereas there is a huge roundabout with 2 welcoming statues and giant fountain right in the middle of Central Jakarta. Read more...

Rabu, 24 April 2019

SUSHI GO! Hadir di Summarecon Mall Serpong

Wah Sushi Go buka cabang baru lagi!!! Perasaan baru gak lama kita mereview Sushi Go cabang Lippo Mall Puri dan ternyata mereka bergerak cepat dengan membuka cabang-cabang baru. Kali ini mereka buka di Summarecon Mall Serpong lantai GF, tepatnya ada di sebelah restoran Kimukatsu. Buat kalian yang mungkin belum pernah mendengar nama Sushi Go, basically mereka adalah salah satu pionir restoran Jepang di Indonesia yang menyajikan menu sushi seharga IDR 15.000 saja per piring nya. Kalau biasanya di restoran Jepang lain setiap piring dihargai berbeda-beda tergantung warna piringnya atau jenis sushinya, nah di Sushi Go harga per piring nya flat 15ribu saja. Tentunya dengan price tag yang cukup murah, tidak semua jenis sushi ada ya guys seperti sushi-sushi premium yang bahannya cukup mahal. Untuk lebih lengkap mengenai Sushi Go Summarecon Mall Serpong, baca review kita selengkapnya ya.

Senin, 15 April 2019


We were very lucky to witness this magical Jewel Changi during their preview week from 11 - 16 April 2019, ahead of their public opening on 17 April 2019. FYI, Jewel Changi is home to the world's largest and tallest indoor waterfall at Changi Airport Singapore. We visited here on 13 April 2019 just 2 days after their (limited preview) opening date, the date we went back home to Jakarta. During this preview week, only those who have registered on their official website or those who got their own boarding pass allowed to enter the (Jewel) building. Jewel Changi itself is built in an entirely new building combining not only gigantic waterfall and artificial forest, but also shopping mall with tons of Local and International Brands and Restaurants. Read more...

Selasa, 02 April 2019


Beberapa saat yang lalu, kita dan keluarga melakukan perjalanan panjang dari Jakarta menuju Yogyakarta dengan mengendarai mobil sejauh 572 KM. Dalam kesempatan ini kami berkesempatan untuk menjajal jalan tol Jawa dengan beberapa rute yang baru tidak lama diresmikan oleh Preside Jokowi. Perjalanan cukup mulus terkecuali untuk ruas tol Cikarang yang cukup padat merayap meskipun perjalanan dilakukan subuh dini hari. Selama perjalanan kami berhenti beberapa kali di rest area untuk beristirahat sejenak. Nah apa saja rintangan yang kita temui selama perjalan? Temukan informasi lengkapnya di 2 Vlog Youtube kita berikut ini.