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Senin, 16 Juli 2018

Marriott Yogyakarta ~ New Luxurious 5 Star Hotel in Yogyakarta

Never crossed in our mind staying at this relatively new Marriott Hotel Yogyakarta when we were planning to visit Yogyakarta back in June 2018. It was until one of our friends who apparently traveled with us informed us that there's this beautiful hotel in Yogyakarta. Why Marriott? Well, its simple! Its new, its beautiful and more importantly, the price that they offered online was pretty low for a 5 star hotel. In fact, it was the lowest International 5 star hotel chain we've ever experienced in Indonesia (for the same class). Marriott Yogyakarta itself was officially open since last October 2018. Without further a due, let's check out our review here.
Anyway, you might want to watch our Youtube Vlog about this hotel before reading our full review. We'll bring you to every corner of the hotel including room, breakfast, pool and restaurant.

This was our first hotel in Yogyakarta (out of 3 hotels that we stayed) where we spent 2 nights from 12 - 14 June 2018. We actually spent 5 nights and 6 days in Yogyakarta and Marriott was out first hotel. The reason why we decided to pick Marriott as our first stop is because it was the closest from the International Airport compared to the other 2 hotels that we were going to stay in Yogyakarta. If you don't plan to rent a car from the airport, you can take Rajawali Taxi (which is the airport's official taxi) for IDR 60.000 per trip. You can actually take an online taxi from the Airport for a much lower price, however you have to walk a little bit further to the exit gate of the airport where the taxi drivers are allowed to pick up customers.
Here's a quick look from their 2nd floor outdoor pool area.

As we were quite busy handling our baggage and baby (with stroller), we didn't get the chance to document the main lobby area. However, it was really spacious, beautiful, clean and luxurious. And btw, the hotel itself is semi-connected to Hartono Mall via their main lobby (its not an indoor connection, so you have to walk out of the hotel a few meters away to the Mall's lobby. 
Anyway, it took us around 15 minutes to do the check in process. Here's our deluxe room for the next two nights. As far as what we saw from the internet, the room size is 40 sqm! That was pretty spacious and yes, it was just beautiful, modern, and luxurious.
Here's a hand-written welcome letter, always appreciate this kind of welcome! And they even prepared us complimentary Pia and Jamu upon entering our room (it was prepared in our room possibly during our check in waiting time).
If you notice on the left side of the photo below, the toilet is actually an open space one (by means it has no permanent door, so you have to slide the sliding door to close the toilet). That makes the room even looks bigger!
Here's another angle of the toilet. Don't you think its pretty cool!
The toilet is pretty spacious and luxurious with all those marble wall and floor. However they don't install a bathtub, its like something missing for its 5 star label. And the toilet's shower amenities weren't luxurious enough for not providing any well-known brands for their shower products.
Two bottles of 330 ml water are provided as complimentary. Dilmah tea bags and Nescafe instant coffees are provided as well, but you better bring more water as it's definitely not enough to hydrate your self for one night sleep. They should have provided a standard 600 ml  bottle of water instead of a 330 ml one. We believe it doesn't cost that significant, does it? Other snacks and drinks are offered for sale.
Here are some shots of the room.
The long sofa on the side of the window
Our silly shot for a product campaign, oops!
That's Jeffri having his lunch. Now, let's talk about their in-room dining service for the next topic.
Since we didn't rent a car, we decided to have our lunch in our room by ordering from in-room dining service. We were quite surprised with the F&B price tag. It was not as high (expensive) as what Jakarta's 5 star hotels offer, probably because the average spending for food in Yogyakarta is far lower than in Jakarta. We ordered two dishes: Nasi Campur Bali and Nasi Bebek Goreng, both (total) for less than 200K. Their nasi campur bali is really recommended, the size was really big and the grilled fish was very moist & tasty. The bebek goreng however wasn't quite up to our expectation as it was too dry (you can tell from the picture below). But the three sambals provided were nice.
Next: The Swimming Pool! The pool area is located on the second floor, just next to their Spa and Gym, and also exactly above the lobby on the 1st floor. Pool wasn't quite deep enough for me, but it was long enough. They have a shallow pool area for children, a 1.3 meter standard pool for adults and a smaller shallow whirl pool (if we are not mistaken). Personally, we are not really a fan of the pool area as we expected something like infinite view or located on the roof top.
We actually asked permission for flying our drone in this pool area because its an opened space area. We initially would like to take pictures of the property from above the sky, however the staff didn't allow us to (politely). That was so unfortunate, considering we are actually promoting them through our pictures and we are not even getting paid for that, just like how we reviewed this hotel on our blog :(
 Children pool area
Whirl Pool area is on the corner (photo below)
While watching the sunset. Pardon the hilarious pose :p
Our first dinner at Marriott Yogyakarta was at Taman Sari Bar & Grill. It is one of three restaurants in the hotel and located next to the pool area. Actually, we got a lot of dinner options out of the hotel knowing that Hartono Mall is located just opposite of the hotel. But we thought its gonna be nice if we could spend our dinner while watching the sunset from the restaurant. Basically, they offer (mostly) Indonesian and Western cuisines focusing on grilled food. We're not gonna review in details about the food as we only had one lobster pizza here and some mocktails.
We wish we were hungry that day, but we were still full from our late lunch (from our in-room dining service). The Lobster pizza is recommended, they put generous amount of lobster meat (supposedly a lobster?). Mocktails were nice as well.
The pool area at night
Upon entering our room from our swimming activity, we got this surprise complimentary whole Tiramisu cake from the hotel's team! They probably noticed us staying at their property and decided to surprised us with this cake. We really felt like warm-welcomed with this surprise! Thank you very much Marriott Yogyakarta!
It's not a hotel review without reviewing their breakfast! This is their main (biggest) restaurant on the ground floor which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We loved their breakfast, though it is not the most complete breakfast in a 5 star hotel. There's only one main food station in the center serving all kinds of main courses, while the other stations serves beverages and desserts. We personally loved their Gudeg dishes which is what we were looking for in Yogyakarta! The rests include small sections of Western, Italian, and Indonesian cuisines.
Anyway, that's all for our staycation experience at Marriott Yogyakarta. If you have any questions or critics about this review, please don't hesitate to comment below. Thank you for reading!



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