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Senin, 30 Desember 2019


Welcome to Alaya Resort Ubud! A tropical resort located at the very heart of Ubud next to many popular cafes and restaurants, such as Bebek Tepi Sawah and Pison Coffee. It is also walking distance to the popular monkey forest and neighboring to Plataran Ubud. We love how green the resort is because they preserve a huge space for paddy field right next to the resort. Without further a due, let's take a look at the room and the facilities.

Senin, 16 Desember 2019


Jeeva Group is nothing new to us as we have been experiencing two of their other resorts: Jeeva Beloam and Jeeva Santai, all located in Lombok. We got this one private pool villa at Jeeva Klui Resort for only 350.000 Rupiah ($24) during a flash sale at one travel app and without further thinking we made it happened! It is the cheapest luxurious villa we've ever experienced. We stayed here for two nights and we were very enjoying every single moment, especially when they had a private sandy beach. Let's check out what we experienced here!

Selasa, 03 Desember 2019


Alila Group has never been on our bucket lists hotel to stay, knowing that they are pretty expensive. It was one day when we found out that a travel app offered huge discount on many hotels around the world, especially in Indonesia. We were browsing on the app when we were shocked to see Alila Ubud was on a discount. We decided to book it right away alongside a few other hotels in Bali, Lombok and Sydney. Yes, you heard it right, we booked quite a lot of hotels for our trips in 2019. Alila Ubud is located at a mountainous area of Ubud, Bali. And it's supposed to be 'The Cheapest" one among 2 other Alila Hotels in Uluwatu and Seminyak. So, let's check out our 5 star staying experience at Alila Ubud.

Selasa, 26 November 2019


A NEW INSTAGRAMMABLE SPOT ALERT! This is Six Ounces Coffee at Panglima Polim/ Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta. A coffee shop that we are really familiar wth since they opened their first outlet at Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. We loved their coffee and their brunch menus (1st outlet) and so we decided to visit this second outlet which was quite hyped on Instagram! Let's check out our quick review!

Jumat, 22 November 2019


Kali ini kita mau bawa kalian liburan ke Bali, lebih tepatnya ke Ubud, salah satu lokasi liburan terfavorit Se-Indonesia. Iya secintanya itu dengan Ubud sampe kita keseringan review resort/hotel di lokasi yang satu ini. Alaya Resort ini adalah salah satu resort yang terletak di tengah-tengah keramaian Ubud dengan berbagai cafe dan resort bertebaran di sekitarnya.

Jumat, 18 Oktober 2019


It's our first Shangri-La Jakarta staycation experience! If you haven't watched our Youtube Vlog above, you better watch now. After experiencing some of the best 5 star hotels in Jakarta, we finally managed to get a very good deal at this Chinese influenced 5 star hotel. We paid only IDR 465.000/night or roughly $32, that was damn cheap! It was started on a massive hotel promotion from Traveloka app earlier this October 2019 and we luckily caught a very best deal for Grand Hyatt Jakarta. But things didn't turn out smoothly until we finally decided to pick Shangri-La. We'll talk about it later on, meanwhile enjoy our Shangri-La Jakarta review.

Kamis, 10 Oktober 2019


We rarely write about overseas' hotel review, but when we do, it must be good or best! Like this Sofitel Sydney Wentworth that we booked during a flash sale on a travel app. Sofitel Wentwoth is located strategically at the Philip street just a block away from the popular Circular Quay. This area is very well known for its Ferry Wharf, The Sydney Opera House and The Rocks Market. Sofitel Wentworth is the first Sofitel hotel in Sydney and now there are two hotels, another one is at Darling Harbour. The room is super spacious just like a standard 5 star hotel with their French hospitality as it is an Accor group. There is not much that we can share to you as we didn't experience all of their facilities. So let's take a look.

Jumat, 04 Oktober 2019


Kita baru gak lama pulang dari trip ke Sydney, Australia dan bener2 seperti mengulang masa-masa bahagia jaman dulu ketika tinggal di sana. Kalau membahas tentang kuliner di Sydney, pasti tidak lain tidak bukan yang terkenal adalah Aussie Brunch nya yang selain cantik juga enak2. Kemarin sempat kita rangkum juga Sydney Travel Guide kita kalau mau baca lebih lengkap. Salah satu favorite kita tentunya Smashed Avocado on toast, sehat dan tetep enak. Tapi gak semua wisata kuliner di negara lain itu bersih dan sehat ya, apalagi kalau kalian kuliner kaki lima. Contoh lokasi street food di beberapa negara yang terkenal seperti Chatucak market di Bangkok atau Shilin Market di Taiwan. Nah melalui blog ini, kita mau share sedikit mengenai panduan buat menjaga kesehatan badan terutama ketika berlibur dan berwisata kuliner. Yuk baca lebih lanjut :)

Rabu, 02 Oktober 2019


Believe it or not, we have been living in Australia (in particularly Sydney) more than anywhere else outside of Indonesia. Though Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand might sound so close and even cheaper, Sydney has been socalled our second home after living there for at least 1.5 years during our post graduate studies in 2009 - 2010. Thus, coming back to Sydney and other cities in Australia is like being at home (We came back in 2011, 2016, 2017 and now 2019), We have quite a good knowledge about Sydney city in general, well at least we knew where we wanted to go during our recent trip to Sydney on September 2019. With this blog, we would like to share you some basic infos about Australia and a few recommended spots to visit for a first timer. Let's check out more!

Kamis, 26 September 2019


It's our second time visited The Grounds of Alexandria and we think it's A MUST whenever you visit Sydney. The whole ambience has changed since the first time we visited them in 2016. It's a Candyland theme with colorful giant candies, flowers and garden. We unfortunately came at the wrong time as weekday was quite quiet and the outdoor stalls did not open. There were only two dining restaurants opened by the time of our visit, but the one with brunch menus closed earlier (around 4 PM), leaving only one restaurant opened "The Poting Shed" which is the expensive option for dining. If you wanna read the full review of The Grounds, you can check out our first blog review by CLICKING HERE. But if you wanna see the new look, read more on this post!

Rabu, 25 September 2019


Tanggal 20 September 2019 kita mengunjungi Taronga Zoo di Sydney. Zoo ini sudah cukup lama di Sydney dan kita sudah pernah datang sebelumnya di tahun 2010, jadi ini kedatangan kita untuk kedua kalinya. Namun kali ini kita membawa baby Louisa beserta keluarga kami. Ada beberapa hal yang perlu kalian ketahui sebelum datang ke sana, terutama untuk pembelian tiket dan transportasi menuju ke sana. Harga tiket on the spot untuk dewasa adalah $42, tapi kalian bisa hemat hingga puluhan ribu loh. Langsung baca selengkapnya ya :)

Jumat, 30 Agustus 2019


This gonna be a very quick and short review. During our 4 days 3 nights trip to Paris in June 2019, we stayed at Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel Hotel (pretty long name isn't it?). We came up with this hotel as we were looking for the nearest hotel possible to the Eiffel tower. And as you might know, Novotel or Accor group is very huge in Paris. In fact, you can find a lot of Accor group hotels in this city. The standard room is pretty spacious with a queen bed, a desk, a mini bar, a water boiler, a hair dryer and a few basic utilities. We pretty enjoyed the room, though for the IDR 3 million rate per night, it didn't include the breakfast. Oh well, accommodation was super expensive in Europe and particularly in Paris as one of the most expensive city in the world in 2019.

Minggu, 11 Agustus 2019


In March 2019, Holiday Inn group introduced its first Holiday Inn and Suites (Gajah Mada) in Indonesia. Well it's been a very long time since we had our staycation here, just a week after their grand opening. We were so privileged to experience their first Holiday Inn and Suites in Indonesia, which is adjacent to Citywalk Gajah Mada, West Jakarta. We were quite packed with activities back then, so we didn't get the chance to write a review on our blog. But some of you have probably watched our Youtube Channel reviewing this beautiful 4 star hotel. Everything was so brand new and all the staffs were very nice and attentive. Definitely feeling like a 5 star hospitality. Let's check out our beautiful Suite room.

Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2019

HARUM MANIS RESTO ~ Authentic Indonesian Resto at Sudirman

Satu lagi authentic Indonesian restaurant di Jakarta yang sudah ada lama tapi baru mulai kedengaran namanya belakangan ini: Harum Manis! Lokasinya ada di Pavilion Arcade, tepat di sebelah KLTR coffee atau di dalem area yang sama dengan Hokkaido Izakaya dan Tucano's. Kita makan siang BESAR nih dengan 6 main courses yang semuanya untuk dishare ya guys, soalnya porsinya besar2 banget. Dari kepiting soka, ayam bakar, aneka sate, hingga ikan bakar dabu dabu. Nah kalau penasaran langsung acara baca review selengkapnya!

Senin, 22 Juli 2019


OH HELLO, LONDON! Akhirnya menginjakkan kaki di United Kingdom. Sebelum tiba di London, kita sudah terlebih dahulu liburan di Edinburgh. Kalau kalian belum baca mengenai Edinburgh, WAJIB banget (KLIK SINI) buat baca soalnya menurut kita Edinburgh lebih bagus kotanya. But anyway, London juga kota besar yang indah dan destinasi wisatanya super banyak! Bahkan dari 6 hari 5 malem di London, masih banyak yang kita belum kesampean. Nah di blog kali ini kita mau kasih quick guide tentang kota London dan sekitarnya. Cekidot!

Rabu, 10 Juli 2019


Finally bisa ngerjain Edinburgh Travel Guide setelah satu bulan pulang dari UK. Well, di travel guide ini kita akan membahas secara garis besar tentang "How, When, Where, Which and What" nya kota Edinburgh dan Sekitarnya based on our experience. Total trip Edinburgh ini adalah 5 hari 4 malam, waktu yang cukup untuk mengelilingi kota Edinburgh, kecuali kalau kalian tertarik buat road trip ke Loch Ness, Inverness, Isle of Skye dan lokasi luar kota lainnya. Keseluruhan trip kita dari Jakarta menuju Edinburgh memakan waktu sekitar 26 jam dengan total 3 penerbangan, karena kita harus transit di Bangkok dan harus membeli tiket pesawat terpisah menuju Edinburgh. Langsung aja kita bahas tentang Edinburgh trip ya.

Sabtu, 06 Juli 2019


Tanggal 5 Juli 2019 kemarin kita dapet kesempatan buat hadir ke acara grand openingnya GOOLA, bisnis minuman milik Gibran, anak Presiden Jokowi. Sebuah kebanggaan dapat menjadi bagian dari acara yang sangat meriah ini, karena dihadiri oleh puluhan media dan influencers. Bahkan beberapa orang ternama juga hadir seperti Sean (anak Ahok), Kapten Vincent (Youtuber), Merry Riana (motivator), Mgdalenaf (Food Vlogger) dan masih banyak lagi. Acaranya sederhana sih sebenarnya, hanya perkenalan merek Goola dan ada games adu minum minuman es doger tercepat.

Selasa, 02 Juli 2019


Kali ini super niat sih buat ngereview tempat ini, soalnya dari kemarin kayanya viral banget rice bowl besutan Chef Arnold Poernomo ini. kita dateng jam 10:45 sebelum pintu dibuka sampai akhirnya buka jam 11:10. Seketika setelah buka, antrian langsung super panjang. Bahkan mungkin 40-50 menit setelahnya, antrian berikutnya harus tunggu di luar resto soalnya dalem restonya udah full mejanya. Dari kita nunggu di luar resto sampe menunya sampai di meja kita kira-kira 1 jam lah. Menunya juga hanya ada 6 dan harganya super terjangkau. 

Jumat, 28 Juni 2019


Bagaimana, sudah tonton vlog UK Trip Part 1 kita belum? Di part 1 kemarin kita sharing tentang pengalaman terbang dari Jakarta menuju Edinburgh, kemudian kita bawa kalian ke apartment tempat kita tinggal. Dan juga sedikit perkenalan tentang kota Edinburgh. Di Part 2 kali ini kita mau membawa kalian lebih jauh tentang wisata di kota Edinburgh yaitu National Museum of Scotland dan Dean Village.

Rabu, 26 Juni 2019


This mini tropical jungle theme cafe is called The Local Garden. It's a relatively new cafe at Kelapa Gading by the time of our visit this June 2019. We've seen them for quite a while when someone posted it on Instagram and since then we've been eyeing for it. Finally made it here on Sunday, initially for some cups of coffee and some healthy food since they promoted healthy lifestyle through their poke bowl and smoothie bowl. Unfortunately, the coffee machine was broken and so no coffee for that day. Jeffri tried their Earl Grey Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly (40K) which was pretty good, except for not having the coffee jelly too bad.

Kamis, 20 Juni 2019


First of all, this is going to be a quick guide about applying UK Visa in Jakarta. Jadi kita bikin visa dengan perantara Agent agar proses nya lebih mudah, dalam artian ada yang bisa membantu kita untuk mengisi dan submit dokumen ke Duta Besar Inggris. Kalau mau submit sendiri juga bisa sih sebenarnya tidak begitu sulit, hanya saja ada beberapa formulir/dokumen yang perlu diisi dan disiapkan, dan terkadang kita sendiri bingung atau kurang paham. Lokasi submit Visa UK ada di  VFS Global UK, Kuningan City lantai 2.

Senin, 17 Juni 2019

[YOUTUBE VLOG] Butuh 26 Jam Untuk ke Kota Edinburgh // UK Trip Part 1

Sudah pernah mendengar kota Edinburgh? Sebuah kota di wilayah Skotlandia, utara dari negara Inggris. Sebuah kota kuno yang sangat terjaga sekali keaslian arsitekturnya dari peradaban modern. Ketika pertama kalinya kita menginjakan kaki di kota ini, kita hanya bisa terpukau tanpa kata-kata. Di Vlog terbaru kita kali ini, kita mau share pengalaman perjalanan kita dari Jakarta menuju Edinburgh yang memakan waktu hingga 26 Jam. Dimulai dari penerbangan Jakarta menuju Bangkok, kemudian Bangkok ke London, dan terakhir London ke Edinburgh. Sebuah perjalanan yang

Kamis, 23 Mei 2019

MASANOBU JAKARTA ~ Menara Astra Sudirman

I'm not quite prepared for this blog post, but I just want to share something that I personally believe in. Including this new restaurant called MASANOBU at Menara Astra, Jakarta. It's a casual Japanese restaurant located at a relatively new building in Sudirman, Central Jakarta. The focus of the restaurant is teppanyaki and robata with a warm Japanese hospitality. I really really liked the food especially the Wagyu Bara Chirasi (picture above). It's the best chirasi dish I've ever had (because normally it's seafood with raw fish). Without further a due, let's take a look at some of the dishes that I tried.

Sabtu, 18 Mei 2019

Staycation at The Grand Club Room of Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Shall we say the best hotel we've ever stayed in Jakarta? Well, undoubtedly YES! At least that is for us cause we rarely stay in a hotel  in Jakarta unless for a review purpose! Earlier on April 2019, we stayed at The Grand Hyatt Jakarta, one of the most iconic 5 star hotels around Bundaran Hotel Indonesia aka the Welcoming Statue Roundabout. It's located at the very center of Jakarta with the most beautiful outdoor water fountain in town. We stayed at their Grand Club room which is the room with a complimentary access to their Club room (unlimited refreshment such as snacks and drinks). We also reviewed their signature C's Steak and Seafood restaurant for dinner, The Grand Cafe for Sunday Brunch and Fountain Lounge for afternoon tea.  Let's check out our review.

Minggu, 12 Mei 2019


Another breakfasting recommendation at a 5 star hotel this month, it's Arts Cafe at Raffles Hotel Jakarta! Glad that we came back again this year to try their Turkish Ramadan festive (buffet) with two International Chefs in town: Chef Umut Tabak and Chef Bilal Keser from Raffles Instabul. It's pretty common for a 5 star hotel to bring International Chefs from the same (hotel) group/brand, especially when it comes to a special holy season like Chinese New Year, Ramadan, and Christmas. Without further a due, let's have a look at the food selections!

Selasa, 07 Mei 2019

C's STEAK and SEAFOOD at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

We finally got the chance to review C's Steak and Seafood, one of the highly respected and reputable 5 star restaurants at Grand Hyatt Jakarta. We've heard about this restaurant for quite a while until April 2019 when we finally made it here. It was actually our second time here after the first one earlier in 2019. We were staying at Grand Hyatt that night when we decided to have our dinner here. The highlights of our dinner were the jumbo Seafood Platter and the T-Bone steak. It was definitely one of the most memorable dining experience in 2019. Read more!

Senin, 06 Mei 2019

TWG TEA ~ PAY 3 GET 4 Promo & Ramadan Set Menus 2019

We visited TWG Tea outlet at Pacific Place Mall earlier this May 2019 and we found out that they were not only offering teas, cakes, macarons, and the likes, but also food menus specially created for Ramadan! What you see above is their actual Ramadan main course menus, including some tajils. So basically during this Ramadan season, every order of their limited 3 main courses: chicken, lamb and beef dish, get free TWG Tea exclusive blend and tajil of the day (after 5 PM). Anyway, TWG is having a special promo PAY 3 GET 4 for main courses. Read more!

Minggu, 05 Mei 2019


We are so thrilled to bring you guys to our 5 star staycation experience at Grand Hyatt Jakarta earlier on April 2019. It was a quick decision that we finally made it to one of the only few iconic hotels around Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Hotel Indonesia roundabout), Jakarta. For those of you who are not familiar with Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, it is basically The Times Square of New York or The Orchard Road of Singapore, whereas there is a huge roundabout with 2 welcoming statues and giant fountain right in the middle of Central Jakarta. Read more...

Rabu, 24 April 2019

SUSHI GO! Hadir di Summarecon Mall Serpong

Wah Sushi Go buka cabang baru lagi!!! Perasaan baru gak lama kita mereview Sushi Go cabang Lippo Mall Puri dan ternyata mereka bergerak cepat dengan membuka cabang-cabang baru. Kali ini mereka buka di Summarecon Mall Serpong lantai GF, tepatnya ada di sebelah restoran Kimukatsu. Buat kalian yang mungkin belum pernah mendengar nama Sushi Go, basically mereka adalah salah satu pionir restoran Jepang di Indonesia yang menyajikan menu sushi seharga IDR 15.000 saja per piring nya. Kalau biasanya di restoran Jepang lain setiap piring dihargai berbeda-beda tergantung warna piringnya atau jenis sushinya, nah di Sushi Go harga per piring nya flat 15ribu saja. Tentunya dengan price tag yang cukup murah, tidak semua jenis sushi ada ya guys seperti sushi-sushi premium yang bahannya cukup mahal. Untuk lebih lengkap mengenai Sushi Go Summarecon Mall Serpong, baca review kita selengkapnya ya.

Senin, 15 April 2019


We were very lucky to witness this magical Jewel Changi during their preview week from 11 - 16 April 2019, ahead of their public opening on 17 April 2019. FYI, Jewel Changi is home to the world's largest and tallest indoor waterfall at Changi Airport Singapore. We visited here on 13 April 2019 just 2 days after their (limited preview) opening date, the date we went back home to Jakarta. During this preview week, only those who have registered on their official website or those who got their own boarding pass allowed to enter the (Jewel) building. Jewel Changi itself is built in an entirely new building combining not only gigantic waterfall and artificial forest, but also shopping mall with tons of Local and International Brands and Restaurants. Read more...

Selasa, 02 April 2019


Beberapa saat yang lalu, kita dan keluarga melakukan perjalanan panjang dari Jakarta menuju Yogyakarta dengan mengendarai mobil sejauh 572 KM. Dalam kesempatan ini kami berkesempatan untuk menjajal jalan tol Jawa dengan beberapa rute yang baru tidak lama diresmikan oleh Preside Jokowi. Perjalanan cukup mulus terkecuali untuk ruas tol Cikarang yang cukup padat merayap meskipun perjalanan dilakukan subuh dini hari. Selama perjalanan kami berhenti beberapa kali di rest area untuk beristirahat sejenak. Nah apa saja rintangan yang kita temui selama perjalan? Temukan informasi lengkapnya di 2 Vlog Youtube kita berikut ini.

Senin, 11 Maret 2019

[YOUTUBE VLOG] Resep Mudah Masak Lobster dan Udang Gala di Rumah ala JKTDelicacy

URO Japanese dan Royal 8 hadir di JHL Solitaire Hotel Gading Serpong

Kali ini untuk pertama kali nya kita mau mereview 2 restoran sekaligus dalam 1 lokasi yang sama. Yang kita maksud adalah URO Japanese Restaurant dan Royal Eight Chinese Restaurant yang terletak di dalam Hotel JHL Solitaire, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Hotel bintang 5 pertama di wilayah Gading Serpong dengan segala fasilitas dan kemewahannya. Di blog post kali ini selain mereview kedua restoran ini, kita juga akan memberikan promo rahasia yang menarik banget nih. Jadi baca semua sampai habis ya, soalnya di akhir post akan ada kejutan!

Rabu, 27 Februari 2019

One Bedroom Royal Pool Villa at Puri Sebali Resort Ubud Bali

It's been a while since the last time we wrote about travel related post. Since we just came back from Bali earlier in January 2019, we wanted to share our experience staying at one of the villas in Ubud which is Puri Sebali Resort. A very green and secluded villa with a spectacular Tegalalang rice terrace view right in front of the villa. This is not our first time staying around Tegalalang Village. Last year (2018) we stayed at Nau Villa Ubud located at the same village and we instantly fell in love with the natural beauty. But what set Puri Sebali different from the previous one? We'll find out in this post!

Senin, 25 Februari 2019

KEREN! Update Jembatan Penyeberangan Orang Sudirman dengan Penataan Cahaya

Percaya gak kalau Jembatan keren ini ada di Jakarta? Nah itulah yang sedang dikerjakan pemprof DKI Jakarta belakangan ini: menata dan mempercantik ruas jalan dan fasilitas pejalan kaki di Jakarta. Banyak sekali yang berubah dalam waktu 2 tahun terakhir, terutama menjelang dan sesudah Asian Games 2019. Pedestrian semakin lebar setelah jalur hijau di tengah jalan Sudirman dan Thamrin dihilangkan, namun hasilnya cukup memuaskan terutama buat para pejalan kaki di Jakarta. Tanggal 24 February 2019 kemarin kita iseng2 berkunjung ke Sudirman untuk melihat langsung keindahan Jembatan Penyeberangan Orange Sudirman yang sedang direvitalisasi dan sedang pada tahap penyelesaian akhir. Penasaran dengan penampakannya? Yuk simak di blog post kali ini.

Jumat, 15 Februari 2019

Ishigamaya's Famous Stone Oven Grilled Hamburg from Japan

Congratulation Ishigamaya for their first overseas outlet at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta! Ishigamaya is a Japanese based Stone Oven Grilled Hamburg Specialist from Japan. We got a privilege to be one of the very first guests to enjoy their signature beef hamburg 2 days prior to their public opening on 15 February 2019. It is located at the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia inside Lumine area. What makes the  beef hamburg so special? Find out more on this blog post :)

Kamis, 07 Februari 2019

Bleu Alley Brasserie - French Semi Fine Dining Restaurant at Kelapa Gading

A new instagramable spot at Kelapa Gading, introducing Bleu Alley Brasserie! A french semi-fine dining restaurant with a classic European style theme and bar concept. The attraction here is definitely the eye-catching green stair. We came here at the afternoon during the Chinese New Year holiday on 5 February 2019 and we are excited to share what we saw and experienced here. Have a look on our short review!

Minggu, 03 Februari 2019

4 Course Valentine's Dinner at Bengawan ~ Keraton Jakarta

We were so privileged to be two of the very first customers to preview (food taste) the upcoming 2019 Valentine's Dinner at Bengawan Restaurant, Keraton Jakarta. Currently, Bengawan is led by Chef Rafa Gil (Director of Culinary at Keraton Jakarta) whom some of you might recognize from Netflix's "The Final Table" series! Doesn't it sound really cool to be able to taste his masterpiece! This food tasting seemed like a Chef to Table experience because he was in charge for every single thing during our dining (including serving the food to our table). This time he is preparing 4 course meal exclusively for 14 February 2019 with surprising ingredients and flavor. Very excited to share our experience here, let's check it out!

Rabu, 23 Januari 2019

Mister Lie ~ Cabang Pasar Lama Tangerang Sudah Buka!

Guys, review kita tentang Mister Lie cabang Gading Serpong sudah masuk di Popular Post selama beberapa bulan hingga sekarang. Dan ternyata mereka sudah buka lagi cabang kedua mereka di Pasar Lama, Tangerang Selatan. Tepatnya di Jalan Kisamaun tempat berkumpulnya kuliner gaul anak Tangsel! FYI buat kalian yang belum pernah dengar tentang Mister Lie, jadi mereka adalah restoran Jepang Fusion Donburi yang superrr terjangkau. Terjangkau sampai pada titik dimana kalian bakal shock kalau tau harga yang mereka tawarkan itu starting dari 12.000 untuk ukuran Small bowl nya. Nah kali ini kita mau review 6 menu favorite mereka guys. Jadi, cusss baca review lengkapnya ya :)

Kamis, 17 Januari 2019

French Fine Dining at AMUZ Restaurant

Happy New Year 2019 and this is the first blog post in 2019! We've been very busy with lots of things to do especially with taking care of our baby and also traveling around the country. But then there's one particular restaurant that we visited in 2018 and we think must be great for a blog review. Let us introduce you to AMUZ, a French fine dining restaurant at the Energy Bulding, Sudirman. While the business has been running for quite a while, they are still constantly introducing new menus every 3 months so that everytime you come, you'll enjoy different menus. Although this is a French restaurant, you'll be surprised to find out that the individual portion is actually quite big. Let's check it out!