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Rabu, 26 April 2017

Tempatnya Salmon Seger di

OMG this is just beautiful! I got this whole fresh (non-frozen) Salmon from, an online based Salmon & Fish distributor. I never really saw a whole Salmon fillet until I got mine at home. They sent it with a big styrofoam box filled with shaved ice to keep the Salmon fresh along the delivery. The Salmon itself was inserted into an air-tight plastic to keep it hygenic and fresh. I personally don't eat fish that much, but trust me when I cooked it my self, this was not fishy at all and totally super fresh. More picture inside!

Senin, 24 April 2017


When the first time I heard about Tugu Kunstkring, my mind was thinking about old style Indonesian Dutch restaurant. And that was true when we first saw the old style building from the outside. That really reminded me of a dutch colonial building. By the time I stepped into the building, I was like jaw-dropping. It was super elegant, exotic and mystical, a combination of traditional Indonesian heritage with some touches of Dutch influence. The table arrangement was so beautiful with crystal wine glasses, and luxurious european-palace style table decorations. Take a peek on the room here!

Kamis, 20 April 2017


Our very first Padang Food Review on the blog! Enak nya review pake bahasa indo non formal kali ya hehehe. Jadi Padang Merdeka ini baru banget buka sekitar 30 maret 2017, ketika kita berdua dateng masih 2 minggu dari opening yah. Excited banget karena udah 2 minggu ini sering liat temen2 foodies pada posting di instagram, bahkan sebagian uda review di blog juga. Kenapa bisa sampe heboh gini? Ya karena ini masakan Padang, siapa yang gak suka padang coba? Apalagi kesan yang ditampilkan dari makanan lokal ini cukup elegant ya, bukan sekedar warung makan sederhana. Nah mending cek deh keseruan kita di sini!

Senin, 17 April 2017

UNCLE TETSU - Central Park

This might not be something new for some of you, because its been all over the internet. Introducing, Uncle Tetsu with its world-famous Cheese Cake. Uncle Tetsu has spreaded their wings to all over the world, including our neighbouring countries. They are specilizing in Japanese version of soft and buttery cheese cake. They finally Grand-Opened this April 2017 and we got the chance to taste their Cheese Cake just one day before their super big promotion. They are currently still offering a great promotion by the time I wrote this post. Let's have a look!

Rabu, 12 April 2017

OKU 1st Anniversary - Kempinski Jakarta

So, we got a special invitation to celebrate OKU's 1st anniversary. As you've probably read some of my blog posts, I always put OKU as my number 1 favorite fine Japanest Restaurant in town, there's no doubt about it. And it was such an exciting day as for this celebration, we got to taste their special 7 course meal! Imagine having 7 different kinds of masterpiece, plus they also served us their signature dishes (out of the 7 course meal) such as Truffle Gyu Don, Abura Salmon Abura, etc. Well, as we are not expert in Japanese food, what we can do here is to share what we had that day. So, enjoy!

Senin, 10 April 2017


Guys, I won't tell you again about what, where, which and 5W about Akira Back. They have been in the food industry for years now and the have a  high reputation as one of the finest Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. There's definitely a price to pay for quality food, and they are currently offering a great business lunch set every weekdays lunch time starting from only IDR 180.000++/pax. And I convince you that this is not you ordinary lunch set, because it is Akira Back. Well, the pictures tell everything, So let's have a look!

Kamis, 06 April 2017

SUDIO VASA BLA - Wireless Headphone

Finally receiving my dream wireless headphone from Sudio! I've heard a lot about this Sudio Wireless Headphone from my fellow blogger friends and they were pretty satisfied with the product. And I finally grabbed my own Sudio Vasa Bla, the latest portable wireless headphone from Sudio! Its the size and the bluetooth technology that make me interested to try it. Let's have a look!

Selasa, 04 April 2017


Guys, have you heard about the latest Paulaner's special weekdays lunch set? They currently have this super affordable lunch set for only IDR 99.000++/pax which already includes a choice of main course and one soft drink/ iced tea. Promotion available from Monday to Friday 11:30 AM - 15:00 PM. You may pick one from five available menus for this lunch set. My personally favorite is the Paulaner Platter, what about yours? Have a look for more detail!

Senin, 03 April 2017

PALDO BULNAK - Korean Spicy Noodle

Setelah beberapa kali ngiler liat temen2 posting PALDO BULNAK, akhirnya kesampean juga cobain Mie Goreng Pedes Korea ini! Trend Mie Instant Pedes asal Korea lagi naik banget nih dan Paldo ini salah satu pesaing di pasaran. Tapi banyak Mie instant yang bertuliskan Korea padahal merek local, nah kalo Paldo ini 100% Korean karena produknya imported. Porsi nya juga besar ya 130 gram, atau sekitar 2x lipat porsi mie instant lokal di Indonesia. Jadi pas banget nih buat sekali makan apalagi kalo ditambahin topping kaya digambar.