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Rabu, 12 April 2017

OKU 1st Anniversary - Kempinski Jakarta

So, we got a special invitation to celebrate OKU's 1st anniversary. As you've probably read some of my blog posts, I always put OKU as my number 1 favorite fine Japanest Restaurant in town, there's no doubt about it. And it was such an exciting day as for this celebration, we got to taste their special 7 course meal! Imagine having 7 different kinds of masterpiece, plus they also served us their signature dishes (out of the 7 course meal) such as Truffle Gyu Don, Abura Salmon Abura, etc. Well, as we are not expert in Japanese food, what we can do here is to share what we had that day. So, enjoy!
Well we have covered our first OKU experience earlier in 2017 on our blog. So if you are interested to read, you can CLICK HERE. Anyway, they had this special birthday cake with sushi on top. That's very cute! 
For this special event, they served us 7 course meal starting from appetizers and soups, to main courses and desserts. But even before we started the first course, we were served with one of OKU's best selling dishes: Abura Salmon Sushi. This is the best Abura Salmon we've ever tried. In fact, it was our second time having this delicacy, its just perfect in any sense! Cream cheese, fresh salmon, fish roe.
This is also their most favorite appetizer, Carcoal Chicken Karaage with the special satisfying liquid filling inside. So expect a burst of flavor in one bite as it has a unique secret sauce in the middle.
Kaki – Japanese Oyster | Wasabi Sorbet 

First appetizer: A giant raw oyster with salmon roe, wasabi and signature stock. This is something that many people like me (who don't eat raw fish) will always avoid, sorry for being honest. But If you have that 'expensive tongue', then you might probably love it :)
Uni – Sea Urchin | Chutoro | Seaweed Cracker 
Definitely not your ordinary sea urchin, this one is served with real sea urchin with its spikes!
Nodoguro – Soup of Rosy Sea Bass
Clear soup with fresh sea bass, pretty light soup actually.
Tsukiji Market – Seasonal Fish from Japan

Assorted raw fish (tuna, salmon), squid, lobster, seaweed, and some that I didn't really familiar. Well again as I said earlier, if you are not really into raw fish, this is totally not for you. I had a hard time chewing every single one of them, as everything on the plate was raw.
Karasumi Pasta – Ikura | Angel Hair Pasta 
Cold served pasta with truffle and fish roe, a nice light main course. 
Kamo – Duck 3 Ways | Smoked with Rice Straw | Aged Soy Salt  
Tender smoked duck with mixed thick sweet soy sauce.
Mizu – Water Mochi | Kinako | Anmitsu Sauce
Kristal Clear mochi, kinda like jelly with some sweet brown sugar and their special Anmitsu Sauce. Its super good when you take some of the mochi, dip it in the sugar with some sauce!
Matcha – Green Tea | White Chocolate | Raspberry Marshmallow 

This is like a deconstructed mousse cake, they put every single element separated so that we could taste each one by one. The flowers were edible btw!
Here are some other menus that you might want to consider trying out of the set menu. From Lobster dish, Fresh Chirashi, to the best Truffle Gyu Don! The third one is definitely a must try when visiting OKU. 
If you are a fan of super fresh sea-catch, then this 7 course meal is definitely your thing. But if you are not really into raw fish or seafood, then this gonna be a trouble. No, its not OKU's fault at all, its just that for some people like me, eating raw is like inedible :p 


Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta Pusat 1030

Opening Hours:
- Lunch : 12 PM - 15 PM
- Dinner : 18 PM - 22:30 PM
- OKU Bar : 12 PM - 12 AM

RSVP: (021) 23583896



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