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Rabu, 27 Februari 2019

One Bedroom Royal Pool Villa at Puri Sebali Resort Ubud Bali

It's been a while since the last time we wrote about travel related post. Since we just came back from Bali earlier in January 2019, we wanted to share our experience staying at one of the villas in Ubud which is Puri Sebali Resort. A very green and secluded villa with a spectacular Tegalalang rice terrace view right in front of the villa. This is not our first time staying around Tegalalang Village. Last year (2018) we stayed at Nau Villa Ubud located at the same village and we instantly fell in love with the natural beauty. But what set Puri Sebali different from the previous one? We'll find out in this post!
Anyway before we share our experience here, we would like to show you our Youtube Vlog about this villa just to give you the real experience. Please don't forget to subscribe :)

Let's take a look of the resort from the air taken from our drone. 

Puri Sebali Resort is not your typical touristy place in Seminyak or Kuta where lots of people coming to have fun in a club. This place is so serene that once you step into your villa, you'll (probably) never want to leave. Each villa is facilitated with a private pool with various size and shape depending on the type of villa that you book. Below is their main public pool area with infinity view overlooking the breathtaking rice terrace.
Welcome to our one bedroom royal pool villa. It is a super spacious 150 sqm villa with a semi outdoor bathroom, a bathtub, and  a private pool.
Here's the pool view directly from our room. Doesn't it look so serene and peaceful? That's exactly the reason why we never miss staying at Ubud whenever we visit Bali. You'll be surprised to find out that there are actually tons of private pool villas in Ubud and most of them are unheard of. Puri Sebali itself isn't a new one though, we've seen it since 2018 but we ended up picking other villas at that time.
Our one bedroom pool villa is overlooking the breathtaking tegalalang rice terrace. However, there were visible roof of some other villas below our villa popped out from our pool view and that's a little bit distracting. Compared to our previous experience at Nau Villa Ubud, there was no plants or any other distraction from our view or we could say truly infinity pool.
Here is our super spacious and luxurious bedroom in a traditional Balinese style. There's a sofa on the right side, a multifunction table (working desk or make up table probably?) on the left side, a mini bar and a tea & coffee making utilities (including the water heater). The tea and coffee were unfortunately not out favorite part for this particular villa as they didn't provide quality tea bags or coffee powder. We didn't quite remember what kind of tea or coffee they provided. A bottle of wine is also available in the room with the price stated. We didn't open the wine though :)
The rest room is deep (long) with one big bathtub, two sinks, a shower room and a toilet room. The bathtub is placed next to a huge window, so that we can enjoy the outdoor view.
We never got bored with our pool area, its where we spent our afternoon. Good news is you'll be provided with some afternoon tea/coffee and some traditional Indonesian snacks (the ones you normally find in a traditional market aka jajanan pasar). Just make sure you don't miss out the afternoon tea schedule (around 2 - 4 PM everyday).
We truly enjoyed our afternoon on the pool side! 
It was very dark at night because there were no commercial shops around the area. The villa was surrounded by jungle and rice field. The only thing you could enjoy at night is the beautiful sky with tons of stars! But.. beware of mosquitoes, they were a lot outside.
It was 11 January 2019 when we stayed here and Lucy surprised Jeffri late night at 00:00 12 January 2019 as it was Jeffri's birthday. She always had an idea to surprise him in anyway even when we were out of town! A beautiful birthday cake that she got from a local Balinese cakery! Jeffri didn't expect any birthday present, so yeah nothing else but birthday cake. She did ask Jeffri for birthday present though.
Morning here was really beautiful. There's something magical about waking up in Ubud especially Tegalalang area. A little introduction about Tegalalang, its a small village in northern Ubud famous for its rice terrace.
Posing for Jeffri's surprised birthday cake :)
Breakfast time! To be frankly speaking, breakfast here was not as exciting as other villas that we've ever stayed. First of all, the breakfast was not buffet, so we had to choose one breakfast set from a few lists (Indonesian, Continental, American breakfast, etc). Unfortunately in our case, they didn't asked us any breakfast options when we arrived on the restaurant at the villa's lobby. So, food suddenly coming to our table which was Indonesian breakfast with Indonesian congee (bubur soto) and fried rice (nasi goreng). The breakfast set came with fruit platter and fruit yoghurt. The good thing was the food was actually delicious. 
Here comes the main disappointment, floating breakfast was charged based on the shape of the floating basket. Square shape was IDR 150K++, while heart shape was DR 180k++. We were quite surprised that they even charged it when other properties offered floating breakfast for free (even offered us during our check in). We had planned to make a great floating breakfast experience until we heard that, so we unfortunately canceled it. Breakfast could be delivered to our villa though.
Also one mor thing! Lucy asked the management to surprise Jeffri that morning as it was his birthday! Three staffs approached our table and sang birthday song with a special chocolate cake for Jeffri. Thank you so much!

The public infinity pool in front of the villa's lobby was pretty nice, in fact better than our own private pool as it was small. Jeffri experienced both pool though and the view from the public pool was way better! We wish the pool view from our room was the same.
Anyway, that's all from our staycation experience at Puri Sebali Resort. We hope you guys enjoy reading this. If you love this article, help us share this to your social medias and don't forget to follow our blog! Thank you for reading and see you on another trip!



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