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Senin, 16 Desember 2019


Jeeva Group is nothing new to us as we have been experiencing two of their other resorts: Jeeva Beloam and Jeeva Santai, all located in Lombok. We got this one private pool villa at Jeeva Klui Resort for only 350.000 Rupiah ($24) during a flash sale at one travel app and without further thinking we made it happened! It is the cheapest luxurious villa we've ever experienced. We stayed here for two nights and we were very enjoying every single moment, especially when they had a private sandy beach. Let's check out what we experienced here!
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Welcome to JEEVA KLUI, a Tropical Resort next to a beautiful Senggigi beach in Lombok. Below is the view from the lobby, it's very breathtaking. 

The is the view taken from the beach
Here is our Akasha Private Pool Villa! It's like an amazing entrance to a Tropical Paradise surrounded by Coconut Trees! This is definitely the real definition of a sweet escape, though it's not our first time staying in a resort like this.
This is our bed room for the next 3 days 2 nights! A very comfortable feeling-like-home-bed and the room is super spacious! It is designed to resemble the tradtional Sasak House in Lombok.
Coffee, Tea and complimentary water (We got 4 bottles of water)
This is the open space wardrobe and toilet area. Ethnic Fabric Bathrobes are provided. Beach towel is also separated from clean shower towel in case you're playing on the beach.
The outdoor shower is located outside of the toilet.
The Akasha Pool Villa offers a 1.3 meter private pool surrounded by the greenery. I could plunge here twice a day because it's the only chance I could spend my time in the pool for the whole year.
But here's the thing that disgusted us at our last day. Upon entering our villa from breakfast on the 3rd day (around 10 AM), we noticed that there was a mouse swimming on our pool and quickly ran and hid under the wooden floor when it heard our steps. We were supposed to swim again after our breakfast but since we saw that happened, we cancelled it. I know that's the consequence of living around the nature.
Afternoon Tea Time! Every 4-5 PM, we got our complimentary afternoon tea with a choice of tea or coffee and assorted finger foods such as onion ring, fried banana, traditional cakes, etc (depending on availability). We really loved their coffee either latte or cappuccino, and we could have it like 2 - 3 cups a day. Even in the morning when we had our breakfast, we ordered twice for their cappuccino. Below is the all day dining restaurant where we had our breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. It's very beautiful during the sunset.
Our afternoon tea time with this infinity pool view was amazing. Imagine 3 days here with this view. And also after the tea time, we  simply just plunged into the pool and enjoyed the amazing sunset at the very edge of the pool.
Anyway, as there was no other restaurant outside of the resort, you only got two options to eat: bring your own food (ready to eat or cook it) OR dine in at the restaurant/ order in-room service. The latter one is the easiest yet the more expensive one. You know that 5 star hotels/resorts make a lot of money from charging high priced meals, but at the same time you don't have another option. The economy around Senggigi relies heavily on hotel business and tourism. Having said that, no other restaurant business is available outside of the resort, because we heard that the majority of the land here is owned (rented) by foreign investors. They are more interested in investing on the hospitality business.
So yeah, we ordered (in room dining service) a grilled fish with rice for our baby and we had it in our villa. You know our baby is pretty active and so dining in the restaurant is actually not a good option unless you have a smartphone and play Youtube for her. And that's how she calms down a little bit.
Another option for dining location is next to the beach (below). This has been one of the best dining spots from any of our staycation experiences. As it was a private beach, you'll get to enjoy the beach as much and as long as you like by yourselves. No one on the beach except the local guests.
This seating below is the perfect spot to have your breakfast. You could hear the sound of the waves and it's very soothing and relaxing. This is the reason why we kept coming back to Senggigi Lombok.
So right after our breakfast, we had fun at their infinity pool. We've seen their pool quite a lot on many websites and we finally here in this beautiful pool.
Sometimes the locals approached us and offered some traditional merchandises when we went down the beach. There was also a motorbike rental offer from the local, but as we came here to enjoy the villa, we opted to stay the whole 3 days in our villa.
It was totally dark at night except in the restaurant. I was trying so hard standing still to take stable shots. The pictures below are blurry due to the force increase of the shadow area. Most of the guests had no choice but to have dinner at the restaurant because there was no way you could go outside and found a restaurant nearby. Food delivery was actually available but the option was not that many because they picked up from the city (I assume) or the closest tourist area where foods were available.
And that wraps up our 3 day 2 night stay here in Jeeva Klui. Definitely one of the best resorts we've ever experienced in Senggigi, Lombok. If you get the chance to visit Lombok one day, stay in any beautiful resorts around Senggigi Beach. Thank you guys for reading :)


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