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Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

New Private Pool Villa by S18 Bali Villas at Kuta - Bali

Back again with an exciting Bali Hotel review. This time, I wanna share you my bext experience at the newly established S18 Bali Villas at Kuta, Bali. I was really glad that by the time we came here, it was just a few weeks old. They started running since early May 2017 and we stayed here on 27 May 2017. S18 Villas is located at Jalan Dewi Sri 3, a busy street at Kuta, Bali. It is strategically located very close to the airport, around 15 minutes or 6 km. So, its a very right decision for me to stay here, because the next day we were about to catch our morning flight. Are you ready to too see more? Let's have a look!
They got one of the best services amongst many other villas in Bali and it was even started when we checked in at the lobby. This is their lobby.
The beautiful garden view near the lobby
So, welcome to our beautiful villa! Starting from here, the living room as well as the dining room. The dining room is actually located outside near the entrance door. While the living room is located just next to the private pool.
The entrance door
Although its a semi outdoor room, they still have a second TV hanging on the wall, aside of the room's primary TV.
Hi there, its me on the mirror lol. This is the view of our room from the pool. Don't you think it is lovely! You wake up with the pool view and its a direct access from the room.
I love how the size (long) of the pool can really allow you to swim, unlike many other villas which sell 'private pool' at a high price tag but you can't really swim due to the very short and shallow pool. If you see my picture below, it's clearly shown a long spacious pool.
And they also have this lazy 'sun bathing' chair as well! Swimming towels are provided on the side.
Let's come inside the room. Its a really spacious one! As it was a very new villa, I could sense an immaculate white fluffy bed. Its like we were the first to sleep on this bed. The soft tone carpet on the floor with the soft brown wood patern floor make it a very comfy room to stay.
The pool view from our bed room :)
Zoom in!
In front of the bed, there's a primary big LED TV. I wish I could watch my favorite TV from the bed, just like this! But we didn't. Behind the TV, there's a bath room.
Let's check out the bath room! Its another spacious room. I have to admit S18 villas thoughfully designs every single corner of the villa. Look at that bathtub, like who can resist not to soak up inside?
We filled up the bathtub and relaxed for a while with the provided bath salt.
Last but not the least, the breakfast! Breakfast is always an exciting part of any staycation. The day before the next morning, the staff will come to your room and ask for your breakfast. Basically, its a buffet but in an ala carte style. You pick what you want for breakfast. This on the table looks not that much, but actually its a lot of food. We even wasted some and took away the pastries. Coffee, Milk and Juice are available as well :)
Mine was American Breakfast with poached eggs, coffee, milk, juices and pastries. While Lucy's was fried vermicelli with eggs, coffee, milk, juice, and fruit platter. This breakfast is also the end of our staycation review at S18 Bali Villas. Overall, its a very nice place to relax: clean bed, spacious room, zen style bath room, and most importanly the private pool! Definitely recommended :)


Jalan Dewi Sri III no. 18, Kuta, Bali 80361

RSVP: 0361-761910




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