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Kamis, 29 Juni 2017

Kata Kata Eat To Meat - Coffee Shop in Muara Karang

Another coffee shop in town, specifically in Muara Karang, Pluit. Let me introduce you to Kata Kata Eat To Meet! A relatively new coffee shop opened around 21/22 June 2017. By the time we visitied here, it was just 4 days old. As of the writing of this blog 29 June 2017, they are still in soft opening period. So, expect to have some changes on their menus on the grand opening later, because they had not fixed on their food menus. Let me show you a little bit of our breakfast experience here!
It is located just next to the pluit river or near the pluit bridge before Pasar Muara Karang. Google maps might bring you to the wrong spot, so you better look at their address.
Complimentary Lemon Water
Anyway, they are currently offering 50% off during Lebaran holiday (Soft Opening promo). Watch their opening hours because they have a 3 hour break time from 14:00 to 17:00 everyday!
Strawberry Juice
Iced White aka Iced Cappucinno - coffee here was fine, as far as what I tasted from this iced cappucinno.
We came here like around 10:30 AM in the morning and they still half opened the door. So we expected they were not fully ready to serve all food. And thats true as from our experience that day, because they didn't have the fix menus for us. Instead, they explained to us the available menus verbally. There were only salted egg rice bowl, burger, egg benedict, and soup of the day.
Salted Egg Chicken Rice Bowl (45K) - it wasn't the best salted egg rice we've ever had to be very honest. When it was served to the table, I could smell unusual intense stinky from the salted egg. When I tried it, the salted egg sauce was unfortunately too salty. Rice was also very dry and not moist at all. So, I really hope they fix the issue with the sauce and the rice after the grand opening.
Salted Egg Dori Fish Rice Bowl (45k) - just the first version of the same dish above.
Egg Benedict (45k) - soft thik bread with 2 soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, cherry tomatoes, pulled beef. It was okay for me, still not the best one or at least wasn't as how I expect to be a delicious egg benedict. Pulled beef was fine, poached egg was somehow too soft. But price was very affordable, so I couldn't complain much! I really wish a very good luck for the business and hopefully a much better food and coffee on the grand opening. See you soon :)


Pluit Karang Timur Blok O 8T No. 59, Muara Karang, Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours:

- 10 AM to 14 PM
- 17 PM to 22 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 150.000

Phone: +628158063838



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