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Sabtu, 10 Juni 2017

Honeymoon Experience at Jeeva Santai Lombok

Welcome to Jeeva Santai Resort, an exotic escape at the heart of Senggigi, Lombok. It was our first villa from our 3 days 2 nights trip to Lombok on last May 2017. Jeeva brand is not something new to us as we have had a great staying experience at Jeeva Beloam back on October 2017 in East Lombok. Jeeva is famous for its hospitality, its services, its food and its exoticism. But what makes it different from many other villas that we have experienced in the past? Let's check out our review!
Before you even start reading, you better watch our  VLOG - one day experience at Jeeva Santai Resort below (available on our youtube channel: Jeffri Leonardo)
Welcome to our beautiful villa! Initially we booked for their 1 room private pool villa, but surprisingly we got upgraded into their Deluxe Room Private Pool Villa. I don't really know the difference between these 2 rooms but from what I saw based on the position of the villa, its located closer to the beach. Although we don't have the beach view from the room. This is a really spacious villa, one of the most spacious we've ever been!
What's special from this villa is that we have our own living room aside from the bed room. Its a long sofa on the side and a dining table. I loved having a silent moment here in the sofa, its just calming.
Welcome to our lovely bed room! This bed view really wowed both of us, especially when witnesing the beautiful honeymoon decoration on the bed. We normally got a couple of goose shaped towel on the bed for the honeymoon decoration, but this one was definitely more artistic as they put each of the flower petals thoroughly into two big heart shape.
Look at the details, I was seriously amazed to whoever made this for us. I believe it really took a while!
Disclaimer: This stay is not endorsed whatsoever! I paid everything by myself. The reason why I wrote this is because some of my friends asked me if I was invited/ endorsed. Well, you don't call yourself a Travel Blogger when all you do is to wait until somebody endorses you, right?
It was May 2017 before high season and I paid around 2.2 million for this villa. I did request for a special honeymoon decoration on my room because I need it for a review on my website. Surprisingly, they not only decorated the bed with those pink and yellow leaves, but also sent me a humble chocolate cake below which amazingly seriously delicious. Like seriously, one of the best cake I've ever hard. Its not a hyperball, the cake was uber smooth and perfectly sweet, with that cottony like texture. Thank you so much Jeeva!
The thing I love about the bed room is that, its exactly next to the pool on the outside! So, whenever we open the curtain, its a fresh blue water view!
Don't be jealous please :p
Let's walk into the toilet (behind the bed room).
They have a unique open concept toilet. The clear glass is the toilet door.
We got 4 complimentary bottles of water, some tea bags with the pot, ground coffee with the french press, sugar, creamer, and glasses. I never miss tea time on my room, its just my habbit even at home. Tea is provided with Lipton Black Tea.
They even have body mist on the toilet's sink.
The Liquid soap and shampoo were soo fragrant and aromatic that I really wish I could take more home! LOL. Anyway this is the indoor shower. They also have the outdoor shower just behind the pool.
That's the door to the outdoor shower, which apprently also have the outdoor bathtub.
Finally, private poool! The most exciting part of the villa and the reason why we picked here. We booked this villa like almost last minutes because there were too many villas around Senggigi. But what made us firm with our decision was basically a surprise price drop for Jeeva Santai with private pool. So, enjoy our fun moment here!
Btw, the pool was 1.5 meters deep. It was rather cold actually but I could stay in the water for hours. The three mini water shower from the wall are adding a peaceful ambience to the pool.
This is the outdoor sofa.
Sun bathing anyone?
Behind the pool, there's an outdoor open space shower area with bathtub.
This is like a little zen room. I really enjoyed my soaking moment on the bathtub full of flowers.
Just when you step outside of your villa, this view below will always greet you! Its the beach! On the left is the public pool and on the right is the restaurant.
This is the reverse side of the view (heading to lobby).
There are a few small decks where you can simply sit down and watch the beautiful beach.
This is the public pool. Sadly we didn't swim here.
You can sunbath here!
Restaurant is located just before the beach, although the restaurant and the beach are not on the same level (height).
Here we enjoyed out afternoon tea with the ocean view. Afternoon Tea is included on our room booking.
You know what to do after afternoon tea? Going to the beach! You can go down the beach from the stairs as the land is way higher than the beach. I slipped myself when walking down there because the ground was slipper, too bad. Its a little bit dangerous for elderly or baby to go down here actually :(
Excuse me :p
There's nothing to do at night around the villa. It was actually dark outside, so the only thing we could do was to just stay and relax inside the villa. The long sofa here was pretty nice to just relax! Oh btw, you can also watch the TV, they have tons of international channels.
Good Morning from Jeeva Santai! The morning view was amazing. Its always a nice feeling whenever you wake up at a paradise like this. We had our breakfast at their only restaurant in the villa. We were at the second floor of the restaurant and this was our amazing view.
Breakfast time Yeay!!! This is the first floor of the restaurant.
And this is the second floor which was the place we had our breakfast. We call it breakfast with a view.
The breakfast here is ala carte, so you can choose your own breakfast from the menus. Our pick were the Royal Breakfast and the American Breakfast.
There's one unique thing about The Royal Breakfast is that it includes Sparkling Wine. Do you really drink wine in the morning? Well, with a view like this, why not? Because coffee and tea are too mainstream right :p
We really had a great breakfast, its a full table breakfast! Look at that, especially accompanied by amazing view and great sound of beach waves. We were totally enjoying our moment here and there was nobody but us in the restaurant.
Well I love poached eggs and my American Breakfast includes eggs any style. So I was happy to have my poached eggs with sausages, bacon, sauteed mushroom and hash brown. Not to mention the bread/ pastries for sharing.
Oh anyway, we requested tea, coffee, and juices as well. So its not just one or two drinks, but three! Jeeva Santai is really generous for the breakfast, because all we think about ala carte breakfast is the limited food served. But here, you can basically order any food you want. We even requested additional shrimp fried rice :)
After breakfast, we sat around here and just enjoying our last moment before moving to another different hotel. Its really breathtaking anyway, so we spent quite a while here until around 10:30 PM. And this is also our last shots for the day. Its really been a great pleasure to stay here even for just a night, but the memory will always stay in our heart. Thank you so much Jeeva Santai. Until next time :)
Major asked question, how to reach here? Well, take a taxi or rent a one way car from the airport to the villa. It takes around 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the traffic and the wheather. The one way cost is IDR 275.000/ trip. You can also opt for the half day trip IDR 400.000/ 10 hours, or full day trip IDR 500.000/ 24 hours. Price may vary depending on the taxi/ car rental operators.


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