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Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis - Secret 5 Star Resort in Bogor

Last Christmas 2017, we and Lucy's family decided to have a 3 days 2 nights short escape to Bogor.  We got 2 public holidays from 24 to 25 December 2017 and one working day on 26 December, so why not we spent it on an out of town trip? We quickly booked our stay at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis and we picked the classic studio room with mountain view. What you are about to see is going to amaze you!
Anyway, if you haven't watched our youtube vlog about this resort, you can watch from the video below. Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

Royal Tulip is a 5 star resort located at Sukaraja, Bogor, a 2-3 hour driving from Jakarta or less than an hour driving from Sentul City. We drove ourselves to the resort via Sentul City and stopped by for a while to have our lunch before continuing to the resort. 
READ CAREFULLY! We used Google Maps from Sentul to the resort using the shortest time possible, but we were quite shocked when the path that we went through was rocky, narrow, and very steep (like just a step away from the edge of the hill. What's more shocking was when a few Preman blocked our way and initially offered guidance to the resort. But then we refused the offer and decided to follow the google maps. The guy still even asked for voluntary donations, like 'The Fee' to cross this path. But then I strongly rejected that and just kept going. 
If you think that's finished, NO! We met another 2-3 more Premans every few kilometers and that's quite frustrating! Because you'll never know what they gonna do to you when you don't give them some money. There's no turning back because the path is only for one car, so we gotta keep going. But luckily, I bravely ignored all of them and just went through with heart beating so fast! So, I suggest you if you go from Jakarta, just use the highway/ toll road and don't stop at Sentul.
We finally arrived! You'll never know a secret hidden place like this has a beautiful semi-luxurious resorts. It was very green because there's nothing but green scenery! We came here on December 2017 holiday season, so the hotel was quite packed. And it was so unfortunate that we couldn't check in earlier, at least we had to wait until 3 PM or lucky if the customers left the room earlier.
This is our Classic Studio Room, a super spacious room with beautiful mountain view from our balcony. The room rate as per our booking that time (peak season) is around IDR 1.8 million/night, inclusive of breakfast for two persons. I personally think it is really worth the price as the room is really spacious and the interior is expensive if not luxurious. There's a big bathtub to relax complete with the seasalt.
Our room is located on the corner, so we got a bigger wider view of the mountain (see below). When we open the curtain, its like we're uniting with the nature. Working on the office table below is very peaceful.
The bath room is transparant, but worry not! They have the curtain to block the outside view.
Here's the view from our balcony! Please make sure to book a mountain view room to get this amazing view or otherwise you'll only get the swimming pool view (with a lot of people swimming on peak season)
They call this the 'Zen Deck' where you can literally feel the zen. Its so peaceful with the infinite nature view. I guess you'll rarely find something like this around Bogor. Anyway the zen deck is located on the second floor, the same floor where we stayed. The lobby is actually located on the fifth floor, the same floor as their executive studio room. The executive studio is slightly more expensive due to its height, but other than that its pretty much the same as classic studio that we got.
We were lucky to witness this purplish sky during the sun set.
There are two options for dining in this area: LL One Restaurant (for breakfast and dinner) and FIRE Grill. The LL One is a buffet restaurant serving your breakfast and dinner. Their buffet dinner includes Indonesian cuisines that you can actually order for ala carte room service. FIRE Grill is a steak & grill specialist (no Indonesian cuisines/ rice dishes). 
Here's the thing: if you're looking for Indonesian or Asian food, the only option available is at the LL One restaurant, which means you have to take the buffet option if you want to dine in at the restaurant. Or you can order ala carte via room service (not dining in the restaurant). FIRE restaurant doesn't has the Indonesian/ rice dishes menus, which is pretty sad for those who don't eat 'Too much' meat. They have steak, ribs, pasta, and pizza. 
What happened was that on the second night, we ordered Soto Ibu Rahayu (which was quite famous in Bogor) via GoFood as we desperately needed comfort food at a reasonable price. The LL One restaurant got a few Asian cuisines (I think less than 10 menus)  which unfortunately charged at a high price tag.
TOP: LL One Resraurant, BOTTOM: Fire Grill.
Here's our in room dining service. We ordered their nasi goreng with fried chicken & satay (IDR 115.000++).
The swimming is located just next to the Fire Grill Restaurant.
Our first night's dinner was spent at Fire Grill where we ordered one big Quartro Formaggio Pizza (4 different cheeses pizza) and it was DAMN good! I've heard about their famous pizza and it was right. This one whole pizza priced at IDR 115.000++ is enough to feed 2-3 persons. However, the restaurant charged quite high for the beverages, even for the simplest iced tea like 40-50k. 
As it was peak seasons, the breakfast situation was rather chaotic. Too many people dined in at one time that most of the foods were empty or messed up. So, I'm sorry I didn't review the breakfast section but you can watch our Youtube Vlog for details. It wasn't as good as I expected, because the food quality didn't look like a 5 star hotel's standart. It was just okay but not great.
The morning view with the sunrise right in front of our room was unbeliavable! We were so glad that there's something magical like this not so far from Jakarta. 
We stayed here for 2 nights and although there's nothing around the resort, we were pretty sad to leave! We have to admit that the room was really nice, comfortable and very enjoyable to stay for even more than 2 nights. Our balcony view was amazing, the services were nice, its just the perfect short escape from Jakarta. Thank you guys for reading!
Jl. Pasir Angin, Nagrak, Sukaraja, Bogor, West Java 16710

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