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Senin, 26 Februari 2018

Waki Japanese BBQ Dining - Sudirman Jakarta

Its really been a while from our last Japanese Barbeque, seriously where have we been? Honestly, we rarely visited a Japanese barbeque restaurant, instead we loved to visit Japanese Ramen Restaurant. But this Waki BBQ caught our attention from a few shots that we saw on the social media, and so we paid a visit here on 24 February 2018. Here's what differentiate them from their competitors: quality beef for less! They somehow manages to cut the price for their premium quality beef. When we browsed through their menus, we were quite surprised for how (considerably) affordable they are. Let us show you what we had here.
Anyway, it is located next to the new Stasiun Kereta Sudirman Baru or before Holiday Inn Sudirman. its kind of hidden in an unfamiliar building, but its reachable through Google maps/ waze. 
The main dining area is quite spacious and ambiance wise it is quite dimmed. Every table has its own smoke vacuum because you don't come here without having their barbeque. Trust me other than the barbeque are considered side menus, though they actually have soup, jjapchae, bibimbap, etc.
Before the individual beef menus, we'll show you the platter menu for up to 5 persons. This is called WAKI Platter for 4-5 (379K) ~ a big round plate of 3 beef combinations: tongue, kalbi, jyo kalbi and assorted vegetables. 
Here's the thing, for those of you who are not familiar with Japanese Barbeque (like us), kalbi means beef, while Jyo (if I'm not mistaken) means similar to higher grade/premium. So, Jyo Kalbi refers to their higher grade beef. We were actually introduced to 3 different beef levels here by the owner: the standard grade, the higher grade and the A4 grade. So what you get from this WAKI Platter is beef tounge, beef meat (more fat) and premium beef meat (more lean and more marble). It wasn't bad at all actually, except for the tongue which we thought was just okay. 
Jyo Kalbi ~ the less fat and the more marbled beef than the standard kalbi (beef).
Beef Tongue
Let's move on to their Tongue selections. This is Tokujyo Tongue (219k) - the thickest cut and the most premium of the 3 beef choices that they have (though they actually have a better quality beef only as requested aka not in the menu). As we were informed, this Tokujyo Tongue is the back most part of beef's tongue which is supposed to be more juicier as it was located close to the throat. It is pre-marinated with savory sauce, so basically its already seasoned. But we still think it still has that crunchy tongue texture, so don't expect to enjoy it like a tender wagyu beef.
This is the middle grade tongue ~ Jyo Tongue (119k). It is like 1/3 the thickness of the Tokujyo tongue and is located at the middle part of the beef tongue. We honestly would prefer this thick cut over the previous one as it is more enjoyable to chew.
Tokujyo Rosu (249k) - premium A4 Japanese beef tri tip. The fatter version of the A4 grade beef, you can see from the amount of white (fat) part from the picture below. FYI, A4 is the second best grade of Wagyu Beef, just one level below the best grade A5. No wonder this is very juicy and tender, and in fact Japanese loves the fatter one as it melts in your mouth.
Tokujyo Kalbi (249k) - premium A4 Japanese beef shortrib. This is similar to the previous one, except for the more lean beef and the more marble. If you're looking for the best quality meat with less fat, this is the best choice. These two Tokujyo Rosu and Tokujyo Kalbi are the two most expensive beef dishes on the menu (apart from the platter menus) and its only 249k, which is pretty low compared to most Japanese BBQ restaurants with a much higher price tag for the same beef quality.
If you are into Salad, try this super gigantic WAKI Salad (45k). Fresh salad topped with white tofu, katsuobushi with sweet and sour creamy sesame dressing. 
Chapjae (95k) - korean style sweet noodle. Its big in portion, though we weren't crazy for the taste. It was just okay, but if you're not into rice then this might be the substitute.
Spicy Miso Soup (49k) - Rich spicy miso soup with beef and vegetable. It was tasty but it wasn't spicy for us. But a good choice for a food variation. 
Kimchi (29k)
We really enjoyed our Japanese barbeque experience here though it is (located) quite hidden and it is quite dimmed. They are considerably affordable for that great beef quality and we have no doubt they are comparable to many Japanese BBQ brand in the market. All beef dishes don't come with sides dishes/vegetables as they are sold separately.


Jl. Tanjung Karang no. 5, Lantai 1, Jakarta Pusat 10230

Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM

Ph: +62812 9010 9624

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000



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