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Kamis, 10 Oktober 2019


We rarely write about overseas' hotel review, but when we do, it must be good or best! Like this Sofitel Sydney Wentworth that we booked during a flash sale on a travel app. Sofitel Wentwoth is located strategically at the Philip street just a block away from the popular Circular Quay. This area is very well known for its Ferry Wharf, The Sydney Opera House and The Rocks Market. Sofitel Wentworth is the first Sofitel hotel in Sydney and now there are two hotels, another one is at Darling Harbour. The room is super spacious just like a standard 5 star hotel with their French hospitality as it is an Accor group. There is not much that we can share to you as we didn't experience all of their facilities. So let's take a look.
In case you missed our Sofitel Wenthworth Review & Sydney Travel vlog on our youtube channel, you can watch it now below! And don't forget to subscribe as we share a lot of hotel and travel related vlogs.
This is the beautiful outdoor on their 5th floor and this was taken from our Balcony! Don't you think it's too beautiful? And since this Sofitel Wentworth is actually an old building reconstructed into a new look, they don't have that much space for other outdoor facilities like garden. What I read from the history book in our room, it was used to be named Qantas Hotel and Sheraton Wentworth before being taken over by Accor group. Wentworth is actually the name of the hotel's founder.
Our room is classic luxurious with a sofa on the corner and full carpet on the floor, that really feels like home. There is a bathtub on the toilet which is good for relaxing after a tiring walk around the city. The bed was clean, soft and so comfortable.
The room size is around 30s sqm, so you get a lot of space for baggages and baby stroller just like us. And having a carpet floor is good especially for a family with little baby. at least you're not that afraid when the baby fell off from the bed. But during our check in, the staff offered us baby crib which was very useful.
So, there's one night when we entered the room, we were quite surprised when we saw something on our desk. There were a bottle of sparkling wine, some cakes, a teddy bear and a greeting card. When we opened the card and read it, we were like OH MY GOD someone from Jakarta sent us a greeting and the Sofitel Team from Sydney sent us those complimentary wine and sweets. It was very surprising especially when no one here knew us. I mean we were overseas not in Indonesia. But thank you very much if you read this.
Anyway, there's one particular room facility that we love the most: Tea & Coffee section! Just like many other 5 star hotels, Sofitel Wentworth provided 10 assorted Dilmah tea bags every day. As an intense tea drinker, that was very generous (psss.. we took away all the tea LOL).
As we've told you earlier, Sofitel Wentworth is just a block away from the famous Circular Quay. Especially at night, the Circular Quay is very charming and beautiful. There was not any crowd during the winter as it was pretty cold at night, so use this opportunity to take great pictures.
FYI, most hotels in Sydney does not include breakfast. Well, we guess it's not part of their hotel culture. Good thing is it's easier to get breakfast outside as restaurants open as early as 7 AM, though they close earlier as well. You'll be surprised to find out that most restaurants close their business at 3-5 PM. Only a few restaurants/cafes around the entertaiment area open till late night, one of them is around Darling Harbour. However on Sunday, most shops/restaurants open late or even close. At least, that happened during our stay and it was pretty difficult to find restaurant for breakfast. We ended up getting instant noodle from the nearest mini market, but then they are gonna knock you with the expensive price. A cup of noodle costed us $2.95, while on the supermarket it was around $1-1.2.
The best time to visit Sydney is around March to October when the weather is chill and cold. Personally travelling within those months is perfect for us. June to September are the winter period and the weather could be very cold although you won't find snow here in the city! The summer could be very very hot and dry, especially on December. We had experienced the hottest day in Sydney which was 39 Celsius on December 2009 and it was so bad like you wanted to get back home as soon as possible. But we understand that people come at the end of the year to witness the amazing new year's fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
Anyway, that's all for our Sofitel Sydney Wentworth experience. Hopefully you guys enjoy it and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @jktdelicacy and Youtube JKT DELICACY. See you :)



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