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Sabtu, 30 Desember 2017

New Menus at SUSHI HIRO

Its my first time to Sushi Hiro despite hearing a lot of people saying that their sushies are one of the best in town. But as you know that I'm actually not a big fan of sushi, I never really came to a Sushi Restaurant unless there's a specific reason like gathering, birthday, invitation or others :)  Nevertheless, after trying the new menus here a few weeks ago,  I have to admit that (no cliche) it was one of The Best Experience! Have to tell you though that the restaurant at PIK is quite cramped and packed during peak dining hour. Without further a due, let's have a look at the new menus!

Rabu, 27 Desember 2017


Percaya gak kalo gw bilang ini trip ke luar negeri sekeluarga complete (mom, dad, sister and brother) setelah belasan tahun lamanya. Yang terakhir kali gw inget kayanya ke Thailand pas gw masih SD apa SMP, itu entah brp belas tahun yg lalu deh (mungkin sebagian kalian pembaca belom lahir, maklum udah tuwir, hehehehe). Plan buat jalan sekeluarga udah lama tuh dibicarakan, soalnya my mom had planned to have her leg surgery tp tertunda2 sampai akhirnya bulan September 2017 dia operasi kaki juga.

Rabu, 20 Desember 2017

TERAS DHARMAWANGSA by Plataran Venue & Dining

I believe some of you noticed that I just came back from Japan on 15 December 2017 and right away the day after (16 December 2017) I visited Teras Dharmawangsa at South Jakarta, exactly at Dharmawangsa Square. Just for your information, Teras Dharmawangsa is part of Plataran Dining Group, one of total four restaurants in Jakarta. And its actually their most affordable restaurant amongst the four. When I say affordable, it literally means cheap in a very good way like you can have tons of Indonesian, Chinese and Thai dishes for less than 50K. That's way cheaper than the other 3 restaurants, although you can't really compare apple to apple between the affordable one with the expensive ones. Having said that, I still fell in love with the ambience inside the restaurant. I really felt the old Betawi & Chinese vibe from all those decorations and furnitures. Also, they are occupying 3 floors with a private lift inside the restaurant. So, let's check them out!

Senin, 04 Desember 2017

Lewis and Carroll Dessert Bar - Senayan City

As far as I notice/remember, this is the 3rd outlet of Lewis & Carroll in Jakarta. They recently opened their new outlet at Senayan City Lower Groud near the KOI fish pond (outdoor). For those who have never been to Lewis & Carroll, they are actually a tea house with tons of exotic tea collections from all over the world. We apparently have been visiting all of their outlets from the first one at South Jakarta (I think its the most beautiful one in terms of the ambience), and the second one at Central Deparment Store Grand Indonesia. By far they are consistent with their food, tea and interior concept. However, each outlet has its own unique concept: 1st outlet with their complete tea collections and tea utilites, 2nd outlet with their Flower Market theme, and the 3rd outlet with their new Dessert Bar. Haven't checked with the rests of the 2 outlets (about the new desserts), but I'm pretty sure that you can try their 'one of a kind desserts' here!