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Senin, 04 Desember 2017

Lewis and Carroll Dessert Bar - Senayan City

As far as I notice/remember, this is the 3rd outlet of Lewis & Carroll in Jakarta. They recently opened their new outlet at Senayan City Lower Groud near the KOI fish pond (outdoor). For those who have never been to Lewis & Carroll, they are actually a tea house with tons of exotic tea collections from all over the world. We apparently have been visiting all of their outlets from the first one at South Jakarta (I think its the most beautiful one in terms of the ambience), and the second one at Central Deparment Store Grand Indonesia. By far they are consistent with their food, tea and interior concept. However, each outlet has its own unique concept: 1st outlet with their complete tea collections and tea utilites, 2nd outlet with their Flower Market theme, and the 3rd outlet with their new Dessert Bar. Haven't checked with the rests of the 2 outlets (about the new desserts), but I'm pretty sure that you can try their 'one of a kind desserts' here!

Let's talk about the room. In terms of size, I think this one is the less spacious one compared to the other two. I was glad to be invited for their grand opening on 25 November 2017. It was really packed with influencers either food bloggers and life style bloggers (and some popular faces on TV). I'm the one standing in the middle of the picture below with blue and white shirt taking photo of my food. And you can tell the two persons taking photos are my food blogger friends as well.
As I was on the same table with a few foodies, I took a few shots of their food. So, I can't review what the had. But their Bakmi Ayam Kampoeng (85k) was one of the most popular and most recommended ones. If the 85k price tag was not wrong, in my personal opinion it was quite pricey, considering Bakmi Ayam was supposed to be a humble yet affordable dish.

Seared Salmon with Sambal Matah, one of our favorites when we had it on Grand Indonesia's outlet. The Sambal Matah was very spicy though.
Here were what we picked for our lunch that day. Truffle Aglio Olio with Salmon (185k Nett) - Anything goes well with truffle, I believe that's true. But its probably a hectic day during the grand opening that its either the truffle oil was too little or they forgot to put it. Because I didn't quite taste the truffle. Salmon was seared perfectly, while the pasta was slightly firm and bland. A little bit more olive oil and salt on the pasta, and a little softer would be a perfect one :)
Pan Fried Salmon (155k) - pretty similar seared Norwegian salmon (as the aglio olio) with mashed potato, mixed salad, lemon butter cream and tomato sauce. I mean look at those glazing salmon, it was nicely seared and nicely seasoned, especially with that lemon butter cream sauce.
Gula Melaka Matcha Latte (55k) ~ organic (JAS certified) shade grown, stone ground matcha from Kyoto, Gula Melaka, Creamy Fresh Milk. I didn't try one so I couldn't make the review.
I couldn't remember the exact tea that I picked (below), but its definitely Silver Needle Tea (white tea). There are 3 different variaties of white tea on the menus as long as I remember. FYI, Silver Needle Tea is the top most (the youngest) or the shoot of a tea that is highly popular in China and is also one of the most expensive teas in the world. The flavor itself is very light and refreshing (similar to the character of Jasmine tea but less fragrant), and the color is more like soft / light orange.
Let's start with the desserts! This gonna be the hardest review of the year (lol just kidding). But I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a real task to tell about all these artisant desserts. As I'm not particularly expert in desserts, I can't really tell technically about what you are going to see. 
1st Dessert: Eton Mess (58k Nett) - Meringue Calk, Strawberry Coulis & Jelly, Chantily. Suggested paired with Serendipity Tea. The white calk was apparently soft and sweet and definitely not having like waffer texture. Right after you bite those calk, grab a tea spoon of their chantily (white cream) with fresh sour strawberry to balance all the sweet flavor in your mouth. 
Serendipity Tea for a perfect tea pairing dessert #1
2nd Dessert: Rice (68k Nett) - Roasted Rice Ice Cream, Black Rice Cracker, Rice Cake, Chocolate Mousse. Perfectly paired with Gen Maicha Tea. There's one that was very stood out from the whole plate: the rice cake aka wingko babat. It was mild sweet with that soft and satisfying thick texture, perfectly combined with the ice cream and the crumbs all together in one mouth. I love the chocolate mousse as a separate spoon as it was very soft and creamy. FYI, Wingko Babat is a traditional dessert from Lamongan (Java), but very popular as a travel gift from Semarang.
Golden Genmaicha Tea for a perfect tea pairing dessert #2
3rd Dessert: Mochi Brulee (72k) - Vanilla Creme Brulee, Torched Mochi, Homemade Granola, Goma Ice Cream. Perfectly paired with Arabian Night.
Arabian Night Tea for a perfect tea pairing dessert #3
4th Dessert: Violet (65k Nett) - Lime Granita, Cardamom Panna Cotta, Blackberry Sable. Suggested paired with Pick Me Up Tea. This might not look as fancy as the rests, but its surprisingly one of my favorites as I'm more into sour, fresh, and chilled desserts. The blue shaved ice on the bottom is meant to turn purple color when you squish the lemon juice. The panna cotta was simply sweet and silky smooth, a perfect match with the fresh slight sour lime granita.
Pick Me Up Tea for a perfect tea pairing dessert #4
LAST! Banana Nest (62k) - Crispy Banana, Banana Jelly, Cheedar, Chocolate, Caramel, Vannila Ice Cream. This had been the ultimate, the one that we had been waiting forr after such a full stomach! We had too much food from main courses to 4 desserts with 4 teas and it was like a roller coaster on the belly. So, the long wait for this Banana Nest was not disappointing. The center of the dessert is actually the sweet and smooth banana wrapped in a crispy skin, then combined with sweet vanilla iceam and crunchy stuff (which I honestly didn't remember what was that exactly). It is suggested paired with pineapple paradise tea (fruity tropical aroma).
As they are still celebrating the Grand Opening for this outlet, they are currently having a buy 1 get 1 free for any tea or coffee. Promo valids until 31 December 2017. So, go check out this outlet with their new desserts selections!


Senayan City, LG, South Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

RSVP: 021 21889061



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