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Jumat, 08 September 2017

Wapa di Ume - Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud

This image above might look like an abandoned house somewhere in the middle of the jungle. I managed to capture this image from a certain angle in the area. I really love the shot, because it somehow shows the natural side of a resort. Let me introduce you to Wapa Di Ume, a hidden exotic resort in Ubud. We were looking for a hotel 2 days prior to our arrival in Bali and it was like last minutes! I browsed through and got tons of choices. Ubud has been one of the best places in Bali to escape from a busy buzzling city. One thing about picking a nice stay is by sorting the hotel's rating. Wapa Di Ume came out as one of the best with a rating above 8 (forgot the exact). And were didn't make a wrong choice, this easily became the only two most memorable resort in Ubud after Padma Ubud. I have specially put a lot of effort in making this review just for you guys. So enjoy!

Updated September 2020: We decided to post a Youtube Video from out stay here at Wapa Di Ume. Don't forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

The main lobby or receptionist might not look something wow or luxurious whatsoever. In fact, you'll never guess how the whole resort gonna look like from this point. Because from here, you'll go through a very long walking distance to your room.
First thing first, paddy field! Yes, the main resort is actually located inside a forest. So, before you even reach your room, you have to walk through the path between the vast paddy field. It was really beautiful, especially when its all green like this!
They have this special dining area for a special romantic dinner (by request) by the paddy field. Who doesn't love dining on the paddy field? They even put some roses on the floor to even make it more romantic.
The lobby that I showed you earlier is located far on the top left of the picture below. Can you imagine walk down the path hudreds of meters away to the room? But luckily they provide us with a mini car to the location just in case we bring bulk suitcases.
This is actually a very nice spot for photoshoot!
From the paddy field, you'll walk down a few stairs and cross the bridge connecting the two separate areas.
Are you ready for our lovely room? Because the picture below is exactly the place we stayed for one night. Yes, that 2 stories building is the room located just on the edge of the cliff!
Welcome to our lovely room, yeay! Its a super spacious room in a minimalist classic interior. This is exactly what I'm looking for in Ubud, because modern white room is *sorry* too boring. There are two balconies on our room, a big sofa, a make up table and a huge toilet with bathtub just behind the bed. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures :( 
We love to relax on our big square sofa!
The balcony is front facing the dense forest with streaming river on the bottom! I still believe everything here is pure natural with just a little human touch. The resort is actually divided by a cliff, that's why there's a single bridge to connect the two separate ares. If you have a look behind Lucy (pict below), there's a main swimming pool hidden behind the trees.
Our right side of the balcony is facing directly to the infinite pool, so its pretty close!
In front of our room! We are ready to swim, so excited because they have two pools: main big pool and the iconic infinite pool.
This is the main pool located just across our room (separated by the cliff). The pool is actually has 2 levels the top one and the bottom one. Here you are looking at the top one and this was taken at almost 6 PM in the evening. 
 And this is the bottom one, its bigger!
We took quite a lot of photos here on the top pool with our camera put on the side and we set timer and remote control to take our pictures. So, pardon our wefies :)
We did quite a few silly things here because nobody was there! It was so much fun, like the whole pool was ours!
Well, we had a lot of fun with the pool and its time to get back to the room. Here's what we passed along the way back: paddy field again. Its just amazing during the sunset.
DAY 2 
Good Morning! Here's what you can do: walk along the paddy field. I know this sounds like too much paddy field already but once you are here, you'll never get bored. You'll never see this rare view in the city. The sun peeped out from the coconut tree and it was beautiful! You know what, nowadays people add some fake sun ray on their Instagram pict while I could actually take a real sun ray here. This is exactly how I can portrait my dream life everyday.
Next stop: Breakfast. A mandatory thing to do during a staycation. Breakfast is located near the lobby, so its a bit too far from the room. But its all worth the long walk after you see the beautiful view in from of our restaurant. Here, you can have your breakfast near the edge with that jungle view, its so beautiful!
Look at those beautiful view! You can sit there and face the green view in front of you while enjoying your breakfast. I have always been grateful to still have the opportunity to travel around the country and to witness such God's beautiful creation. Bali, I love you :)
Here's our breakfast! Breakfast here was not something luxurious. The only downside from my whole staycation experience here is the selections of breakfast. They do have american breakfast, continental breakfast and more, which is what I usually avoid because they kinda boring. They also have some ala carte menus and I'm more into these menus. They have western breakfast like egg benedict, as well as Indonesian breakfast such as nasi goreng or soto ayam. Unfortunately the choices are too few and we can only pick one. I wish they could give us more, considering this is not a cheap stay. FYI, the Agoda rate for this room is IDR 3.300.000/night. So I expected a more generous food like we experienced somewhere else on the same (hotel) level. Apart of the ala carte menus, we got our fresh fruits, tea/ coffee, toast or croissant with butter.
So what's next after breakfast? Another pool, this time their iconic infinite pool, yeayyy excited! This is the main reason why I picked Wapa di Ume, because I'm a big fan of infinite pool. Its something you rarely see, especially in Jakarta. Its definitely not the biggest pool you've seen, but the cliff view is totally amazing. I got tons of photos here, so don't get bored please :p
This is the view in front of the pool, cool right!
Its really been a great pleasure to ever stay here and I really wish one day I could come back again. Thank you guys for reading. If you like it, please share the article to your friends :)


Jl. Suweta, Banjar Bentuyung, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

Ph: (0361) 973178



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