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Selasa, 12 September 2017

Afternoon at Karma Private Beach - Uluwatu

Karma Kandara, a dream resort that I believe everybody wants to experience at least once in a lifetime. But well, not everybody has that purchasing power to stay at the luxurious expensive resort. The only option you can experience is to visit Karma Beach! Yeay a private beach located separately from Karma Kandara resort. Experience going down the hill to the beach with their mini electric cart and watch the amazing view (especially the sun set) on your way down from the hill. Expect to spend at least 500K/person to reach the private beach in which you are given 300K credit to order any food and beverages (exc alcohol) on the bar. Beach was clean and peaceful while being enlivened with the resort's live music performance. Let's check out our beach moments here!
The only downside of the beach itself is the rocky beach. I could barely walk on the water because the rocks were rather sharp. I wish it was just pure white sand underneath the water.
Enjoy your cocktail at the beach, yes they have a lazy bubbly seat where you can sleep, relax or even tan yourself accompanied by your favorite beverages.
Oke forget about the name. I was really blown away by the afternoon beach ambience that I totally forgot what I ate. I'll just show you some of what we all had.
We were going with 9 other foodies from Jakarta and this was our scene :)
They provide you with this small portable table that you can take on the beach.
Sushi platter on the beach, why not?
During the sun set, the yellow silhoutte was amazing! 
We had so much fun here and were glad to finally be here! Our dream beach at the southest part of Bali, Uluwatu. Make sure to arrive around 3 PM to enjoy the afternoon until the sun sets. Thank you for reading and if you enjoy this article, please spread the news!


Karma Kandara Bali, Jalan Villa Kandara, Ungasan, Uluwatu, Bali

Opening Hours: 09 AM - 10:30 PM

RSVP: (0361) 8482200



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