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Jumat, 10 Januari 2020


You've probably read and watched our trip to Katamaran Resort, either here on our blog, on our Instagram or on our Youtube channel. Yes we've been here in 2017 and we were back in November 2019. CLICK HERE if you want to read our Standard Room review. For those who have not read our first review, welcome to our blog! This time we got upgraded to a Private Pool Villa (from the standard room) which was worth 3x the standard room rate. And since we brought baby with us, a private pool was a very great idea.
Katamaran at Senggigi, Lombok is a great escape for those who really need tranquility. Though we have to tell you that during the long weekend or high season, the resort could be very packed with tourists. But that's not the case during our last visit here on November 2019. We actually got upgraded to a Private Pool Villa due to the less room occupancy during the low season.
Anyway before you read any further, you better watch our Youtube Vlog here at Katamaran resort. We recorded everything from our private pool, our bed room, the restaurant and the beach. SUBSCRIBE! 
This is the main pool area of Katamaran. It is very green and as far as the eyes could see, it's green and blue, very eye pleasing! The Senggigi beach was clean and was exclusive to the hotel guests only. 
Around the pool area, there is an outdoor bar serving drinks.
Anyway, let's take a look at our private pool villa. Don't you think it's beautiful! The villa is surrounded by trees and that makes it tranquil and peaceful.
The pool view from our bed room
Welcome to our lovely bed room! They have this distinctive room layout across the resort from the standard room to the private pool villa. The room is super spacious, you can tell from the pictures below. On the right side there is a huge semi outdoor bathroom with separated outdoor shower (to clean up yourself from the beach sand). 
Our baby Louisa loves water as much as her dad, Jeffri. Anywhere from swimming pool to the beach, when she saw water she would say "Swimming".
They have quite possibly the first see thru style infinity pool in Lombok. Correct us if we are wrong, but back in 2017 we were very excited to visit Katamaran because of their unique pool. The infinity pool has a perfect view to the beautiful sunset. The pool looks like it is united with the sea. But since we already stayed at a private pool villa, then we didn't swim that long here except for photoshoot purpose only :) 
Lucy took care of our baby because she wasn't good at swimming though.
This is the second outdoor pool located adjacent to the glass pool.
Welcome to their iconic Kliff Bistro. This was the second time we had our dinner here because the location up here was breathtaking, especially during the sunset. The sun set right in front of our sea view, it was amazing! When you stay here in Katamaran, you HAVE TO visit The Kliff for some cocktails, coffee or dinner. The foods were delicious, especially their famous Lobster spaghetti.
The Kliff is located on the top floor of this particular building (which we don't know what building is that). The staff will guide you to the restaurant via their boogie car on the hotel lobby because it's pretty distance by walking. This is the photo that we actually took from the beach.
The restaurant is super spacious and it was never full as far as our twice visit here. So reservation is not required. But do notice that the seatings on the edge of the restaurant are mostly full during dinner. 
We didn't order heavy meals, instead we tried their pasta and fried dori. We also noticed that some food prices increased significantly, especially their Lobster spaghetti that we missed the most. Back then in 2017, it was 388k++/portion, but last time in 2019 it was more than 450k++. So, we decided not to order that and just had some lighter meals. Other foods include pasta, pizza and steak.

Breakfast is located on the restaurant near the lobby/beach. This is an all day dining restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. There were no other restaurant outside of the resort, so this is the only place (besides The Kliff Bistro) to dine. Oh well you can actually order food via local GoFood service, but the restaurant options are very few because the city center is at Mataram. 
Breakfast here was buffet style and we decided to sit near the beach. Don't you stay here because of the beach? We were pretty satisfied with the breakfast options. And we never skipped our breakfast without a cup of black coffee or cappuccino.
Dinner here was also romantic with the hanging yellowish light above the table. We would definitely love to come back here for the 3rd time, well probably some times in 2021 or 2022. We'll see! Thank you guys for reading. Don't forget to follow our website and subscribe to our Youtube Channel :)


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