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Selasa, 03 Desember 2019


Alila Group has never been on our bucket lists hotel to stay, knowing that they are pretty expensive. It was one day when we found out that a travel app offered huge discount on many hotels around the world, especially in Indonesia. We were browsing on the app when we were shocked to see Alila Ubud was on a discount. We decided to book it right away alongside a few other hotels in Bali, Lombok and Sydney. Yes, you heard it right, we booked quite a lot of hotels for our trips in 2019. Alila Ubud is located at a mountainous area of Ubud, Bali. And it's supposed to be 'The Cheapest" one among 2 other Alila Hotels in Uluwatu and Seminyak. So, let's check out our 5 star staying experience at Alila Ubud.
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Anyway, the resort is situated in a very steep ground, hence you have to walk up tons of stairs along your way from the lobby to your room. And that would be a troublesome for disabled or family with baby chair. You have to lift your wheelchair/baby chair and in our case, it was very tiring. But we salute to the hotel staff who brought 2 of our baggages, they were very damn heavy! In many resorts that we experienced, they provide boogie car to bring us to our room.
Let's welcome to our room. This was the standard room, ours was room 116 pretty far from their main lobby and their pool area. It has a private terrace at the front, an indoor toilet, a semi open shower area and an open garden on the backyard. Interior and room layout wise, this wasn't the best among many other rooms for a much lower rate that we've ever stayed. The desk was narrow and positioned on the corner, and so it was a little bit dimmed during the day.
This is our backyard and our outdoor shower area. The bathtub was unfortunately filthy, so soaking was not recommended. But one thing that we appreciated from the toilet was that they provided baby soap, baby powder and baby shower bucket. Baby Crib (baby bed) was also already prepared when we came in to our room.
The refreshment area (tea & coffee) was pretty fine as well. We've never had Artisan Jing Tea from any hotels we stayed. FYI, Jing Tea is a loose leave tea bag normally found in an upscale cafe/restaurant. And we really appreciated this more than the mainstream cheap black tea or english breakfast tea. The coffee powder was also packed individually from local produce coffee. We loved it, it was fragrant and well balanced acidity and bitterness. At last the refreshment area was one of our favorites. 4 complimentary bottles of water were also provided.
This is our view straight from our bed and you can see the terrace and the outdoor sofa. Once again, it was filthy especially the sofa because it was outside of our room. The next morning when we woke up, we were quite shocked to see lots of dead giant bees on our terrace's table and chairs.
But anyway, we enjoyed our afternoon tea on our terrace. The weather was chill in the afternoon.
And now we are moving to the most exciting part of the whole resort: the infinity pool! YASHH Alila Ubud is famous for its pool and we believe every Alila resort has it's own uniqueness. This photo below was taken from the lobby area.
As we were getting closer, it was getting more breathtaking. And this 2 photos below were shot very early in the morning when there was no one. You can still see the thin fog around the pool.
Every stay here includes afternoon tea at the pool area. The afternoon tea starts from 4 - 5 PM which includes assorted Indonesian traditional cakes and tea or coffee. It was a very soothing experience sipping some tea or coffee while watching the amazing jungle view and the people swimming.
There was a unique spot at the end of the pool. A few pool chair were seen around the edge of the cliff. We wonder who dare to sit around the cliff. So, we decided to take a photo just to show you how unique the pool chair. You can clearly see another resort across the cliff.
Here are some amazing pool shots from another angle. 
GOOD MORNING! Upon arriving at our room the previous day, the staff had told us that we would encounter wild monkeys around the resorts. And that happened the next day in the morning when we were about to go out. We saw a lot of monkeys in front of our door and around our villa. We got one that was pretty angry when we were close, so we were like walking slowly just to make sure we didn't disturb them.
Welcome to the restaurant where we had our breakfast. The restaurant is located near the lobby and is the perfect spot to capture the infinity pool from above.
Morning view next to our table was absolutely beautiful! 
Here's a sneak peak of the breakfast menu. It was an ala carte breakfast but practically you could order as many as you wanted. There were not many food choices, especially for us Indonesians who normally eat heavy savory dishes. 
Honestly, we never missed at least a cup of coffee in the morning during our staycation. There was something different from the coffee that we had anywhere in Bali. It tasted just so good. And there were a few times when we had two cups of coffee for our breakfast.
And here were our complete breakfast, not bad weren't they? Their Nasi Kuning was good, as well as their welcome breads. Breakfast without poached egg or egg benedict is not a complete breakfast, at least that's for us.
Anyway, we have come to the end of our Alila Ubud staycation experience. We hope you guys enjoy the review. Don't forget to follow our Blog and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Thank you guys!


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  1. hotel cukup bagus dan nyaman,mohon harga kamar dibuka dari minimal sampai maksimal dengan harga terjangkau