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Senin, 02 April 2018

Staycation Experience at Suite Room of Harris Vertu Hotel

Back again at Harris Vertu Hotel at Harmoni. This is our second time staying at this luxurious property by Tauzia Hotel Management (Pop Hotel, Harris Hotel, Yello Hotel and Many more). Back in 2017 we stayed at their Superior room which is their standart room category. You can read more about this Superior room from THE LINK here. This time we stayed at their Suite Room which is their highest room category with 56 sqm spacious room. We had a real pleasure of staying at their 28th floor with a beautiful view of Hayam Wuruk street. What will you get from this Suite room? We'll review it very quick in this post!
Well before you read any further, we have compiled our staycation experience on our Youtube vlog below. Don't forget to like and subscribe as well :)
Anyway, the lobby is located on the 5th floor of Harmony Exchange building, where they also share Yello Hotel on the same building. The lobby is designed very exclusively to bring those luxurious feel. We were quite amazed to see this beautiful white themed marbled interior.
Upon arrival, we were welcomed with some refreshing drinks, thank you for the hospitality!
WELCOME TO OUR ROOM! Yashhhh there's always a nice feeling whenever we entered a suite room in a 5 star hotel. The Suite room at Harris Vertu is kind of minimalist with shiny brown wooden floor and clean white wall. The room itself is divided into two spaces: living room and bed room (with toilet). Here below is the super spacious living room. We really enjoyed having our time watching the TV from the comfy sofa.
A dark side of bringing baby: messy table! This is actually the dining table near the mini bar. As travelers who always bring baby, we can't wait too long to take photo of the room. So once we arrived into our room, we had to unpack everything especially the baby's essentials such as milk. What you see on the table is milk cooler box and milk bottles :)
The only criticism from this Suite Room is the drinking water. We expected to get more complimentary water than just two bottles of Aqua reflection. There was some beverages on the mini bar, but honestly we most likely to avoid paying high priced beverages from the mini bar right? There's a coffee machine on the left (red colored) provided as a complimentary and we loved the coffee! However, we had to use the only 2 bottles of water to brew the coffee which is very lacking for a one night stay. Especially when comparing to many other Suite room in a 5 star hotel where they normally provide at least 4 bottles of water :)
This is the bed room just separated by a thin wall with the living room. The bed room is beautifully connected with the clear bath room with huge bathtub, yashhhh! There are two large screen LED TV, one in the bed room and one in the living room.
This is totally a Bath room goal! They have this huge bathtub where we normally never leave our staycation experience without soaking on the bathtube. A plus point for that! Bath salt was also provided though it was too little for the size of the bathtub. But no complain, warm water is enough to calm us down :)
The beautiful view of Hayam Wuruk street from our room.
Oh anyway we always love their toiletries products produced by Etro. Its very fragrant and musky, like we literally wanted to buy the products! No kidding they have one of the best smelling bath products we've ever experienced in a hotel.
As for the breakfast, we have to say that it was quite satisfying. From bread/toast, dimsum, noodle station, asian dishes to cereals. The breakfast area is also very spacious and very vibrant, located just next to the lobby at the 5th floor.
Here are some of the breakfast corners. We didn't capture everything for you, sorry guys. But its more than enough to feed your hungry morning belly.
One thing you don't wanna miss whenever you're staying at Harris Vertu: taking photo with the iconic City Tour Bus. Its located just in front of the lobby. Alright, that's all for this staycation experience. We hope you enjoy reading our review and don't mind to share this article if you like it. See you on the next staycation :)

HARRIS Vertu Hotel

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.6, RT.6/RW.2, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat 10120

RSVP: (021) 22036000



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