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Minggu, 08 April 2018

Staycation at the Suite Room of Mercure Hotel PIK

Another staycation! Yes three weeks in a row, we had a weekend staycation at three different hotels. You noticed if you watched our insta story. This time we stayed at a 2 month old 4 star hotel in PIK: Mercure Hotel at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The only international hotel chain around PIK area. This Accor Member is located and connected with PIK Avenue Mall, together with another upcoming 5 star hotel that will be unveiled at the end of 2018 (curious). Our suite room at Mercure PIK was unbelievable and so comfortable. Though its slightly different from a 5 star hotel's suite room in terms space and luxuriousness, this is definitely one of the best rooms we stayed in Jakarta. We can't wait to show you what we experienced!
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We love how a hotel especially the suite room surprises the customer by making a unique welcome letter. In this case, Mercure printed our photo together with our baby prior to our arrival. And its on our table when we arrived! A hand written welcome letter sometimes means very personal to us, though it is not in this case but the hand signed letter already means a true welcome to us.
Welcome to our living room, not the most spacious living room we've ever been. But definitely the most beautiful one for a 4 star hotel! Its soo hommey and very artistic. Despite minimalist, the blue, yellow and grey color choice is somehow changing our mood to calm, happy and cheerful.
COMPLIMENTARY MINI BAR! yeaaayyyy a small thing that actually means a lot! Hotels normally charge mini bar's beverages at a much higher price. Sometimes can be 10 times the retail price! That's pretty common in Indonesia. However, this Suite Room at Mercure PIK provides all the beverages as complimentary. Not sure if this applies to other rooms here. Two thumbs up for that! 
What we got on the mini bar: 2 orange juices, 2 cokes. 2 coconut drinks, and 2 mineral water (bottles). Not mentioning another complimentary 4 bottles of mineral water (2 on the desk and 2 on the toilet), one premium equil mineral water, and here's what we love the most: 4 cups of Dolce Gusto coffee latte & espresso (with machine). These whole privileges are more than enough to hydrate us during our stay at the room. 
ONE PLUS POINT: When we left our room for PIK Avenue mall in the afternoon, we found out that the staff refilled 2 coconut drinks that we already had before we left the room. That's quite surprising, I mean like they are so generous. Thank you!
We also received complimentary tiramisu and snacks!
Welcome to the master bed room. It occupies roughly 2/3 of the whole 50 sqm Suite room with a 90 degrees clear glass view of PIK city. It is really beautiful during day and night as we can see the main street of PIK from our room, and even Jakarta's skyscrapers. Imagine at night sleeping with those beautiful view.
Amazing PIK City view
This is our comfortable soft and fluffy bed, it really feels like home! We love the round shaped mirror on the right :)
Its so unfortunate that there's no bathtub in this room considering its their highest room category. Is it probably because they are not classified as a luxurious hotel? well, probably. The toilet is pretty petite and very compact. Don't expect something luxurious, its just an ordinary toilet :) However, standard toiletries and hair dryer are provided.
Watching the amazing silhouette sunset
The night scene was as beautiful as the daylight's.

Its a new day and we were ready for our breakfast and our Sunday Brunch. It was 1 April 2018 and Mercure PIK officially launched their first ever EPIK SUNDAY BRUNCH. We have covered our Sunday Brunch experience on the blog, so if you haven't read it CLICK HERE
Anyway we had a great sleep last night and baby Louisa also enjoyed her new bed :) Its time for some photooo sessions, yeay!
We rarely had breakfast in our room, but as we were having our baby we thought its better to stay at the room and ordered in-room breakfast service. One thing about in-room breakfast: its not buffet, that what we afraid of lol! If you're having breakfast at the restaurant, at least you can enjoy the food as much as you like and as many varieties as they have. But its always envy to see how people enjoy their breakfast on their room, so why not? 
Here we had what they called it Continental Breakfast: mashed avocado with smoked beef, egg, cherry tomato on top of toast. Served with fruit platter, danish bread and jam, beverages of your choice. Jeffri ordered orange juice and cappuccino. Mashed avocado has always been our favorite, its healthy, its fresh, and its naturally flavored!
Lucy ordered their American Breakfast which was poached eggs and smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce, sauteed mushroom, sausage, bacon, fried tomato, and hashbrown. It was greaaaat! Both breakfast sets are somehow comparable to popular brunch cafes in town, it was seriously that goood!
This might look so little, but its actually a lot! We were very full and we even didn't eat the danish bread.
And baby is part of our flatlay property :) That's all for our staycation experience at the Suite Room of Mercure PIK. It's been a very nice experience here, nice spacious room, nice breakfast, nice services, five thumbs up for everything. Thank you for reading :)


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