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Jumat, 09 November 2018

Tucano's Churrascaria - Brazilian BBQ & Buffet

Have anyone of you tried Brazilian cuisines in Jakarta? Well, honestly we never either until we visited Tucano's Churrascaria - Brazilian BBQ & Buffet at Central Jakarta. If you've never heard about Brazilian cuisines, then we are pretty sure that you have no clue about how they look and taste like. So, here we tried their Brazilian BBQ which is kind of similar to middle eastern one in terms of how they serve the grilled beef from a big iron skewer. If you see the picture above, the Chef comes to your table and slice the meat for you. As this is a buffet restaurant, you'll get to enjoy as much meat as you can within a certain time limit. We'll discuss a lot more on this special Brazilian cuisines, check it out!

Welcome to Tucano's Churrascaria or we can call it Tucano's to make it shorter. It is located at Pavilion Retail Arcade, next to Hokkaido Izakaya or KLTR Coffee. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm classic South American/ Latin style restaurant with a long buffet bar at the very front entrance (pictured below). Yes, that's part of the buffet section where you can take whatever you want. In certain way, the foods and ingredients served & displayed here are similar to Italian foods like you can see fresh salad, simple penne pesto, olive oil (and olive pickles), classic beef soup, and many more. But our eyes are definitely focusing on the grilled meat section which is the kitchen!
Before we go any further, we would like to share you about the buffet rate/pricing. Basically they have many buffet rate options which are gonna confuse you, trust us its confusing. However to make it simpler, they have different rates for Weekdays and Weekends, express 60 minutes and reguler 90 minutes, and the number of days the beef gets grain-fed.
What we are going to show you in this review is the highest level of the buffet rate which is IDR 558.000++/pax. They call it PREMIUM WAGYU which is all you can eat 200 day grain-fed beef for 90 minutes on either weekdays or weekends dinner time.
This rate includes full range of beef, chicken & pineapple as follows:
  • Alcatra (rump beef / top part of beef thigh)
  • Picanta (sirloin with thick fat layer)
  • Garlic Steak
  • Hump (tender meat near the neck)
  • Chicken Heart
  • Chicken Leg
  • Pineapple
The significant differences between this rate with the other cheaper rates are the Hump Steak which is super tender meat behind the neck (shoulder) and the 200 day grain-fed beef. So, you'll get all the best part and quality of the beef! All rates include free flow drink: water, tea or lemon tea.
However, if you're opting for an almost half price cut, you can try their EXPRESS package for only IDR 268.000++/pax which includes 60 minutes all you can eat 100 day grain-feed beef, only on the weekdays (Monday to Thursday) from 5-7 PM. You can get everything the PREMIUM WAGYU package offers except for the beef quality (100 day grain-fed) and the hump steak. The 90 minutes option costs you IDR 368.000++/pax. Senior and kids pay less (ask them for the detail rates).
Below is the summarize of our buffet, from starters, steak to desserts. Let's begin!
Let us show you  the main dining area. The dining area is devided into two areas: left and right side. Below is the left side which is the closest one to the buffet section.
Below is the right side of the dining area. Its a little bit further from the buffet section.
Let's see more details of the main buffet section.
Dessert Station ~ not the most complete desserts in a buffet restaurant, but its (for us) more than enough as we don't eat desserts that much after a whole buffet feast.
This is the grilling machine where all the magic happens. It was Monday lunch time when we visited here, so the room situation wasn't quite packed. That's why the grilling stuff was not that full of meat as seen below.
If you would like to add some wines to your dining experience, you can get their latest 20% Off Wine Promo by bottle as shown on the picture below (Trio Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon & Noble Vines  337bottles).
They also have some promos for their beer. You can choose either BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Bali Hai Beer by pitcher, or BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Bali Hai Beer by bottle.
Here's some cheesy puffs as the welcome snack (included on the dinner rate or can be ordered ala carte during lunch time).
We'll start with our most favorite beef here: the Picanta which is sirloin steak with thick fat layer. Not sure how to convince you guys about this fat layer, but honestly the grilled fat outer layer produces smoky salty addicting flavor, combined with that juicy tender sirloin steak. Most of the time, we get rid of fat in a steak but not for this time.
Btw, the steak comes with 3 dipping sauces: cream sauce, chili sauce and sour sauce with pickles. Our favorite combination is the white cream sauce with some chili to give that extra spicy kick. The chili sauce itself reminds us of a traditional Bakmi chili sauce, with a hint of sour flavor. 
Look at those color!
The chef will come to your table and slice it thinly (like kebab) right on your own plate (the wooden board below is for photography purpose only). Look how pinkish and juicy the beef was. And steak (red meat) is always best paired with red wine! If you visit here with some friends, you can share their 20% off Wine Promo by bottle.
Similar to Picanta, this is Alcatra which is sirloin without fat (the beef part just under picanta or the top part of beef thigh). Very juicy and tender with that medium roast resulting in a pinkish colored steak. They slice it thinly to bring those smoothness and tenderness of the beef. Though Picanta and Alcatra are pretty similar, we still believe the Picanta with fat layer has that great smoky flavor.
In our opinion, this is our least favorite ~ the Garlic Steak. This is the thickest cut they offer between all those beef steaks. However it somehow felt slightly chewy too our liking. Flavor wise, it was also less smoky than the previous two steaks. But it doesn't mean that it was not good, its just that we had the best part already.
This is Chicken Leg and Chicken Heart. The chicken leg was tender and juicy, while the chicken heart was surprisingly not stinky at all.
To neutralize your palate from all the salty and savory meal, you have to try their grilled pineapple. It was warm and really sweet that it somehow tasted like pineapple with caramel.
Last but not the least, Hump Steak! As far as what we heard from the marketing person, Tucano's is one of the only few restaurants serving hump steak on the menu. They promise to serve such super smooth and tender meat out of this hump steak. We were pretty new to this beef part, so we were not really crazy about it. Though we admitted that the beef got that slightly different texture than most beef parts, it was slightly too dry for our liking. Probably it was grilled too long in the kitchen resulting in a drier meat. However, it was indeed tender!
Our plate after stacking all those slices of meat
Well, we truly had a great time here. The range of meat is undoubtedly amazing! If you're looking for a meat buffet party, Tucano's is indeed offering such all you can eat quality meat more than most similar restaurants in town.
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Pavilion Retail Arcade, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta

Opening Hours: 
  • - 11.30–15.00
  • - 17.30–22.00

RSVP: (021) 29023398




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