Rabu, 22 November 2017


Altitude Grill at The Plaza is finally reopening its door after a major renovation or probably rebranding? We've come here once for a nice lunch and this time we came here for dinner on their 1st day opening (19 November 2017). Very excited because not only its a highly praised Steak House, but its also located strategically at the 46th floor of The Plaza Building with a beautiful Bundaran HI view. The interior looks very expensive (well yeah there's a price to pay for a beautiful restaurant). But its not just about the beautiful appearance, but its also about the amazing steaks led by their executive chef Gary Eng. I'm so excited to share our dining experience here.

Senin, 20 November 2017

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort ~ The Indonesian Maldives at Sulawesi

Gak pernah kebayang sebuah destinasi wisata yang mungkin hanya dalam mimpi akhirnya bisa kesampaian. Sebagai couple yang suka dengan alam terutama laut, Pulo Cinta ini sudah menjadi impian kita semenjak lama. Apalagi beberapa saat yang lalu sempat diramaikan oleh banyak

Senin, 13 November 2017

[VLOG] Day 1 ~ Pulo Cinta Eco Resort

Hi guys we are finally back with our latest Youtube Vlog! This time we are bringing you to one of our travel wish lists: Pulo Cinta Eco Resort! Yeayyyy. This resort is located at Gorontalo, North Sulawesi and its super exotic. We really can't wait to show you what we experienced. Just check it out.
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Sabtu, 11 November 2017

Santan Coolinair ASEAN Food Festival with DOKU App

Last September, we visited SANTAN COOLINAIR food festival in The Space Senayan City from 29 September to 1 October 2017. The first ever event by Airasia in collaboration with Doku App bringing traditional cuisines from all over South East Asia to one place. if you are unfamiliar with SANTAN, it is actually the brand for the inflight food of Airasia flight. So, whenever you are having your food inside the Airasia plane, that's Santan! And apparently we are a big fan of their food, no cliche because we almost always pre-purchased the food via online or sometimes we bought it in the plane. But not just that, this event also brought local favorite foods from nasi padang, sate padang, bebek goreng, to es kopi susu, burger, and more! So, we are excited to show you the event. Check it out!

Kamis, 09 November 2017

Hello MR FOX by Ismaya

I've been very busy towards the end of the year. Visiting here and there and travelling to a few places out of town, I got so little time to write a proper blog post, but this MR FOX review has been abandoned for at least 2 weeks now. I've been editing photos just days after visiting the restaurants but to be frankly speaking I got no time to make a proper review. As its still very hot in town, I'll just post whatever I got and hopefully you can judge based on the pictures. I mean the room is amazing, its very comfortable and its very casual. Foods were on points, its Ismaya BTW so there's not doubt about the concept and the taste. So, here we go!