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Rabu, 22 November 2017


Altitude Grill at The Plaza is finally reopening its door after a major renovation or probably rebranding? We've come here once for a nice lunch and this time we came here for dinner on their 1st day opening (19 November 2017). Very excited because not only its a highly praised Steak House, but its also located strategically at the 46th floor of The Plaza Building with a beautiful Bundaran HI view. The interior looks very expensive (well yeah there's a price to pay for a beautiful restaurant). But its not just about the beautiful appearance, but its also about the amazing steaks led by their executive chef Gary Eng. I'm so excited to share our dining experience here.
Services here were undoubtedly 5 stars. They treated you like a king from the very first time we stepped into the room, during our dining, until we finished. They explained the food thoroughly on our table.
Another room with a totally different interior.
Don't you think the Bundaran HI view is amazing? well, I know exactly how tough the traffic is at night. But because of that the whole street looks very vibrant and alive from the top.
So, first thing first, they have a dessert corner where you can have your favorite cakes, pies, macaroons and ice cream as much as you want. All for only IDR 150.000++/pax including coffee/tea. Available everyday from 12:00 - 22:00. Well I think their ice cream selections are limited but very decent, from vanilla, dark chocolate, green tea, to a few more!
As Altitude Grill is specialized at Grilled Meat/ Steak, its absolutely recommended to pair your food with selections of red wine. I'm personally not a reguler wine drinker, but red wine is (and will always) great paired with red meat. I can't really explain it but once you eat grilled red meat, the red wine is somehow giving a nice sensation on your tongue.
To start off with Grilled Watermelon Salad (120k) - Feta, Arugula and 25 yrs aged Balsamic. Watermelon is served chilled, so you get the fresh, sweet and cool sensation in one bite.
Second appetizer: Scallop Filled Squid Rings - crisypy pancetta, rasberry bacon jam with a parsley shallot push. Basically, the outter  round squid ring is filled with scallop then topped with fragrant crispy bacon and shallot. I enjoyed the crispy and strong tasted bacon with that enjoyable chewy squid and smooth scallop.
Enjoy shrimp cocktail? Well try this unique Apple Mango and Prawn Cocktail (160k) - fresh boiled prawn with apple salad and big chunck of sweet mango. I think its mangga Arumanis.
Triple Cooked Wagyu Ox Tounge (220k) with creamed hazelnut dukkah and grilled purple onion. OMG its one of the tastiest Ox Tounge steak I've ever tried! The unique chewy texture is somehow enjoyable (the middle part was more tender then the side part) while the grilled purple onion was sweet and a nice balancer for the steak.
First main couse: Oven Baked Salted Egg Hollandaise Black Cod (320k) with purple sweet potato and asparagus. Very soft and smooth cod fish with a mild flavor of salted egg and sweet potato puree. It just simply melted in my mouth.
Here's the KING of the night: Bistecca A La Altitudine (350k/100gr, Min 500 gr) - Sher Wagyu MBS 8/9 T-Bone, prepared by the Executive Chef himself Gary Eng. I know that a great steak is supposed to be eaten quick when its served on the table. But we were too excited to capture everything that we actually let the meat rested for some times.
The T-Bone was medium cooked pinkish (well its not actually as pink as it looked below but the dimmed light made it difficult to capture the photo). As it is a big portion, its actually sharable for 2-3 persons including some recommended side dishes:

  •  Whipped Potatoes (90k)
  • Confit shallots (80k)
  • Truffles Fries (95k)
  • Buttered spiced corn and crisp (80k)
  • Buttered broccoli gratin (80k)
My favorite goes to their Confit Shallot. Its my very first time having it! So its a unique big size shallot, fermented (or maybe marinated) in some sort of sour flavored seasonings. So it gives a sour flavor and crunchy texture.

Last but not least, Picanha (225k/100gr) - Sher Wagyu MBS 8/9 Rump Cap. Its actually still part of the T-Bone, but its more tender than the T-Bone itself.


The Plaza, Lantai 46, Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30, 

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:00 

Average Spending for two: IDR 1.000.000 - 1.500.000

RSVP: (021) 299224481



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