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Jumat, 05 Februari 2016

BACCHUS BAR - Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta

[NEW MENU LAUNCHING] Bacchus Bar has been around for years now. It is located at the lower ground of Hotel Intercontinental Jakarta (Mid Plaza). Frankly, I'm not quite familiar to Bar or Lounge in Jakarta as I normally spend my weekend at new cafes or restaurants. Well, if you asked me to drink (alcohol), I would! Its not that I don't drink, but its just the enviroment that doesn't support me to drink :p

Anyway, I got the privilege to taste some of the newest menus in Bacchus Bar on 2 February 2016. The bar itself is not that big, but certainly a great place to just have a relaxing time after work or chit chat with friends on the weekend.

Unfortunately I didn't taste all, just a few that were presented on my table. They put some nice range of appetizers on the bar but I didn't take many of them. So here what I took from the new menus. The photo below is Salmon Ball. Honestly, I didn't know what I ate, but it was sooo gooood! 

Here are some of the appetizers. All in a small size for tasting.

The best thing from the launching night is the free flow White Wine and Red Wine. I certainly not an expert in Winery! But as a former-Student-Who-Studied-in-Australia, I quite learned some of the favorite wines produced in Australia. Even in Jakarta, you can find a lot of wine are imported from Australia.

What surprised me there is the (wine) brand. I definitely didn't put attention on the brand, but I did know that the white wine was Moscato which is the sweet one. Well, Moscato is one of the most popular wine type. So, the next day after the launching day, I asked the person who invited me to the event about the name of the Wine. And he said that the wine last night were sponsored by Sababay Winery. Sababay Winery is an Indonesian premium wine that is produced locally from the Balinese Vineyard of Gianyar. That's quite a surprise for me as it was pretty good. The red one was kinda similar to the white one, just a bit stronger in flavor.

This looks like nothing I know, but don't judge the book by its cover. Its a boneless chicken wings battered and deep fried with special cream sauce. This is really really good and the chicken was sooo smooth. I can't tell you how good it was. But this is certainly an amazing starter.

This is one of the main appetizer. 3 different kinds of fries, from sweet potato on the left, to crispy potato skin and purple sweet potato on the right. It came with tomato sauce, mayonaise, and sambal. Don't expect them to taste like french fries because mostly they were sweet and soft, except the middle one crispy.

This is the signature 3 mini burgers with purple sweet potato. I loveee it! Its not that mini actually, still kinda medium size. So, you gonna be very full if you eat that by yourself. There are 3 different protein: chicken, lobster and beef. The chicken is a fusion of Asian Western flavor as they mix some asian herbs into the patty. I personally like the chicken one. You can have this burger in a reguler size one.

There were actually some pizza and other food to try that night, but I was so full with the fries and burgers. So, I ended up my dinner with this super delicious gelato by Deli. Deli is a different restaurant just across the Bacchus Bar. In the afternoon, Deli's customers can have this Gelato at Bacchus Bar. Customers at Bacchus Bar can also have this Deli's Gelato on the evening.

I tried the Cherry and Pistachio Gelato in a cup and both were really delicious! It is 25K/ scoop. My wife tried the Strawberry Sorbet and Pistachio Gelato as well. The sorbet was sooo goood! You can have them in a glass cup with some fruits for 75K/ glass.

There's not much that I can show you here. The event started from 6 PM to late night, but I decided to leave very soon at 8:30 PM. I enjoyed their new appetizers, their new burger, and the free flow wine. Its gonna be a great place to hang out with friends. The wine was certainly the surprise for me.


Hotel Intercontinental Midplaza Lower Ground
Jakarta Pusat 10220

Phone: 021-2510888 ext 6417




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