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Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

NO KA OI - Gandaria, Jakarta Selatan

[NEW RESTAURANT] Well, without further introduction, this is NO KA OI. A new restaurant with a coffee shop theme, offering Tropical and Hawaiian inspired dishes. You can really tell when you enter the room and see the wall arts. No Ka Oi is located on the main street of Jalan Gandaria 1, the same row of 1/15 Coffee or accross Ikan Tude Manado. The interior is very woody with soft brown color as the main element. This color brings peace and relax to my mind. 

So, I was honored to be invited for a food testing (31 January 2016) in this newly opened restaurant and I'm trying to be very honest with my review. Because some people think that when food bloggers are being paid or invited for foodtesting, their review tends to be biased.

Lets start off with the drinks! My wife tried their Caramel Latte. In my opinion (as a hardcore coffee drinker), this was still light and suitable for non coffee drink. But, my wife told the vice versa, so its back to everyone's preference. The Latte came with a glass of iced minty lemon water and a cookie.

This one is Mango Passion (28k). It is very simple, very refreshing and very chilling.

This is their recommended authentic tea, a very strong pineapple flavor. The thing was, they put like 1/3 of the tea press with the tea leaves, thats quite a lot of tea. I honestly love bitter tea, so that much tea leaves will certainly produce very bitter flavor. I think for those who don't drink tea, they gonna hate it.

For the appetizer, I tried their Cajun Chicken Salad. Very fresh assorted veggies with some sweet raisins and deep fried chicken breast. The salad dressing was simple and still light.

The first main course is Fried Dory Fish with some Mashed Potato and spinach. I honestly don't know how to explain the red sauce on the bottom, but its kinda like savory sauce, not spicy like the color. The overall taste was great!

This is the best one among all the 3 main courses that I tried. This is Spam Musubi, a simple hash brown, poached egg, spinach and chicken Spam Ham wrapped with Nori (seaweed). Who doesn't love spam??? The strong ham flavor made it a perfect guilty pleasure dish :)

This one is Stir Fried Salmon with Mashed Potato and cucumber pickles. Below the Salmon there was some salty soy sauce based  sauce (or soup). Me and my wife debated over the size of the food. I thought that this one is the sampler size so its kinda small or medium for a main course. But my wife said its a normal size. So, its up to the customers to judge. But taste wise, its a very great dish.

This is a unique dessert: Pie with sliced banana, crushed almond and toffee cream with coconut ice cream. So the pie was not a typical pastry / cake that you can slice and lift up with your fork. Its kinda liquid thing on the pie, so once you slice the pie base, the toffee cream will melt. I personally not that fan of almond, so this is my least favorite dessert. But, my wife loved it! So again its everyone's preference.

Toasted Honey Bread and Coconut Ice Cream. Its the simplest that I tried here but certainly its my most favorite one! The bread was very soft and perfectly matched with the honey and ice cream. I love the coconut ice cream anyway! Normally when I love the ice cream, I will ask the waitress or the owner about the ice cream (like the brand) but I think its unethical to ask that.

Last but not least, Fried Red Velvet cake with melted chocolate. The red velvet was like soft sponge cake and not so sweet. Its great when you dip it into the super thick sweet melted chocolate. But I still think that the batter (the outer fried layer) doesn't quite match with the red velvet cake. You may try it and give me your opinion :)

Overall, the main courses were great! if I can give stars rating, then its gonna be 4/5 for main courses, 4/5 for beverages, and 3/5 for desserts. Also, great for coffee or tea time :)


Jl. Gandaria 1 no. 67, Jakarta Selatan
(Next to 1/15 Coffee or Ikan Manado Tude)

Mon - Sun : 09 AM - 10 PM




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