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Rabu, 24 Februari 2016


[NEW RESTAURANT] I spent my last weekend (Sunday) at Gading Serpong just because I wanna go somewhere new and Gading Serpong is considered out of town for me. I had listed a few places that I wanna visit and So I searched for one particular new restaurant for lunch there. Unfortunately I didn't find that Store Name although my google maps said that I had arrived at the destination. Instead, I found another new restaurant around there called Torigen Tepanyaki!

It is really authentic Japanese kind of restaurant with all those wooden material from the entrance door, the chair, the table, to the tepanyaki bar. I am honestly not into a Japanese food like Sushi, and Sashimi. So, I never really look for a Japanese restaurant unless it is a curry house, noodle, udon, ramen and stuffs. So, we came here at Torigen and we were quite surprised with the range of menus and the affordable price for its class. It is a two floor restaurant with a bar seating if you like to watch the chef cooks the food in front of you.


This is a typical common Salmon Crispy Roll. As a non raw fish eater, This was actually quite good! It tasted very fresh and tasty, well I dipped it onto the soy sauce just to get rid of the smelly fishy flavor :) Torigen has many range of Sushi and Sashimi menus as well.


You know what, this pork set reminded me of Katsusei. It was once my super favorite katsu restaurant in Jakarta, though it was quite pricy for a casual dining. But this is the opposite of that! This set is only IDR 79.000 with deep fried pork cutlet, Salad, miso soup, Tuna (maybe) and steamed rice. The pork katsu got like 60% of fat and 40% of meat. So if you are not into fat, then this one is not recommended for you. But the fat layer was soooo smoooth. The meat was slightly chewy but its all perfect when I dipped it onto the secret sour sauce. The tuna was very smooth as well, but at first I was kinda difficult to differentiate it between beef or fish because they cut into like cube shaped.

GYU DON - IDR 45.000

This is a typical Japanese rice meal with some thinly cut US beef. The flavor was some sort of sweet and salty from soy sauce maybe? But this is quite good for only IDR 45.000!!!


Their current promotion is free matcha ice cream simply by capturing your food, uploading it to your instagram with hashtag, mention and tag their Instagram account. The matcha flavor was sooo authentic and very strong! Meanwhile, Hot or Cold Ocha is IDR 15.000


KH Dewantara No. 3, Ruko Golden 8J
Gading Serpong, Banten
(The same area as B'Steak or Turningpoint Coffee)

Service 5.5%
Tax 10%




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