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Senin, 18 September 2017

The Sakala Resort at Tanjung Benoa Bali

Welcome to The Sakala Resort at Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Tanjung Benoa is a well kept secret paradise at the south part of Bali, famous for the beautiful beach, the tranquility and definitely the beach front resort! Used to be Mantra Sakala, we were once had our lunch here back in 2015 at their Sakala Beach Club which is located just before the beach. And now they transformed themselves into the new Sakala Resort. We got the chance to stay at their Deluxe Suite Room at the 5th floor, a spacious 60 meter square suite with a huge living room and a comfy luxurious bath room both interconnected with their main bed room. Wanna know more about our experience here? Let's check it out!
This is their famous lobby with huge round sofa front facing their Sakala Beach Club. And yes, that is facing directly to the beach! Without further a due, let's check out the room!
Welcome to our Deluxe Suite Room at The Sakala Resort. This is just a huge space of room and definitely a comfortable stay for our next 3 days 2 nights here. On the left there are bathroom and bedroom, while at the front is their living room with access to their Balcony. There are two TV, one in the living room and one in the bed room. 
This is how my lovely bedroom looks like! The morning view is just beautiful, I mean I have always been dreaming of sleeping in a nice white fluffy bed and waking up next to a huge window with a beautiful garden view. Its exactly how I wanted it to be!
This is how our balcony view looks like. Garden and Pool at the same place, just beautiful! They actually have another pool which is at their Sakala Beach Club (located on a different separated area)
The huge bathroom is connected with the bedroom and the living room which makes it very comfortable whenever we want to go to their toilet. If you look at the picture below, you're facing at the bedroom with garden and pool view. Unlike other hotels, some toilet utilities are provided by request, for example their tooth brush, tooth paste, sewing kits, etc. Well, this is probably most customers don't really use them. Complimentary bottles of drinking waters are provided, 2 in the bathroom and 2 at the mini kitchen near the entrance door.
There's a bathtub made of beautiful white marble. There are seperate blocks for shower and for closet. While wardrobe is also available alongside the wall.
Basic shower utilities such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are provided. One thing that can probably be improved is the additon of water sprinkler for the closet. Our room had no water sprinkler while our friend's room had despite located at the same floor.
The breakfast area is located on a different building which is connected with a bridge and accessable from the 3rd floor of our building. From this bridge, you can enjoy the beautiful pool view just under the bridge spanning long from the left to the right.
Here's the pool view! And this is exactly our view from the balcony.
This is the breakfast area! A very spacious room caters for probably more than 100 people! The view around the room is absolutely calming and relaxing because it is surrounded by the pool and the garden.
Here's the main buffet area. The breakfast selections are quite varied from assorted bread/ pastries, salad bar, fresh fruits, egg station, to main courses (Indonesian, Asian, Western cuisines). But don't expect to find some legit protein dishes like fried/grilled beef or chicken. They mostly served carbohydrates based dishes ;like fried rice, porridge, fried noodle; and processed food like sausages, bacon, bean. I have to be frank that the breakfast is the least favorite part of the resorts.
Also, one thing about the customers here that I noticed were mainly Chinese tourists. It was packed that morning with Chinese and we were about to take some pictures of our breakfast on our table when suddenly one Chinese came to our table speaking Mandarin asking for permission to take photo of our food! He spoke "Hen Phiau Liang ooo, Khe Yi Phai Cao ma" which means "its really beautiful, can we take photo?" and we allowed him. But then, another Chinese woman approached us as well and didn't hesitate to take photo without asking. And another Chinese woman took picture as well, It was hilarious like its never happened before! 
Let's move on to the Sakala Beach Club, it is located just across the main resort building and is separated by the main street in Tanjung Benoa. That means, you have to cross the street to reach the beach club. And the good thing is that the beach club is located just before the beach with all those famous beach sports! I bet you gonna love this place. 
On the right side, there is a restaurant serving lunch and dinner up to late night. We had our dinner there and they are specializing in fine Asian Western cuisines. You don't expect to have your typical comfort food here because it is more like a fine dining kinda food where plating is very pretty and clean.
That pretty much wraps up our staycation experience here at The Sakala Resort & Beach Club, Bali. Please don't hesitate to drop some comments below and if you like this review, please help us spread it to your circle! Thank you for reading :) 


Jalan Pratama No. 95, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363

RSVP: (0361) 775216



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