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Selasa, 26 September 2017

Harris Vertu Hotel Jakarta Staycation Experience

Its always nice to stay at a lovely comfy hotel room and to be very honest, this is quite possible the second time I stayed at a hotel in Jakarta. Because I normally picked some nice hotels only when I was going out of town. Harris Vertu Hotel is located at Harmony area,West Jakarta where it is very close to the busy street of Thamrin. FYI, it is also the highest class from Tauzia Hotel Group where you normally know them for their Pop Hotel & Harris Hotel. Without further a due, let's take a look around the hotel.
Before you even read the review, you better watch our Vlog! Enjoy :)

The lobby is located on the 5th floor of Harmony Exchange building, where they also share Yello Hotel on the same building. The lobby is designed very exclusively to bring those luxurious feel. I was quite amazed to see this view because I thought that its just gonna be like any other standart lobby for its low price tag considering its a 5 star hotel. But sorry I was wrong! The service on the receiptionist desk was also great.
Upon arrival, I was greeted with this refreshing mojito drink, thanks mojito, you made my day!
Now we are moving on to their room! This is the standart room of Harris Vertu Hotel. It was pretty nice and clean, and it also look very new. I had no complain whatsoever about the room here. Some of the pictures below were shot with my mobil phones, because my camera couldn't capture a wide angle photos.
The beautiful view of Hayam Wuruk street, its a public holiday so the traffic wasn't that chaotic. Its looking very fine in the morning :)
One thing about the TV is they were turning on the jazzy music to give such a relaxation, especially when you are so tired after working. Its just a simple thing that actually really matters.
We got two complimentary bottles of water, which is something compulsary nowadays for a 5 star hotel. Tea, coffee, sugar and creamer were also provided complete with the water heater. I always clean up the heater by cooking some water just in case the previous customers put something inside.
You know what, the entire building from the lobby to the room were very scentful and I really loved it. Until I found out that the bath foam, shampoo and body lotion on the toilet's room are using the same fragrant which is by ETRO (you can see below). OMG It smells so musky like I want to buy the real products!

Our mainstream wake up scene :p
As for the breakfast, I have to say that their's was satisying. I was asking myself like, wow they are very loyal for all these food. I mean like its only breakfast, but the varierty was quite a lot. The breakfast area is also very spacious and very vibrant, located just next to the lobby at the 5th floor.
Here are some of the breakfast corners.
They also have a lunch buffet at 11 AM and I got the chance to capture for you guys! Look how tempting all those food!
From Sop Buntut, Beef Wellington, to Blackpepper Prawn! The restaurant itself is called Voyage with Indonesian cuisines as their signature dishes. But worry not, they also have more varierty of food to try, from Chinese, Western to South East Asian food. Its pretty much everything that I covered from my staycation, so thank you very much for reading. If you love the article, please help me spread it to your circle!

HARRIS Vertu Hotel

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.6, RT.6/RW.2, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat 10120

RSVP: (021) 22036000



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