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Kamis, 23 November 2017

PLATARAN MENTENG - Indonesian Heritage Restaurant

Been eyeing for Plataran Menteng for quite a while since their early opening and finally got the chance to visit and try some of their food. To be frankly speaking, their restaurant (interior) is unbelivably captivating, its the history that makes it one of a kind.
Located at Menteng, Central Jakarta, Plataran Menteng is one of their latest establishments by Plataran Group in Jakarta. If you followed our Instagram a few months ago, we had actually visited Plataran Dharmawangsa and Patio Venue as well (click the name for the Blog review). And so, Plataran Menteng is the 3rd restaurant that we visited from Plataran Group.

Btw, we had our early dinner on their third floor. So, here are some of our best shots that we got during that day.
Their vintage and instagramable bar on the 3rd floor.
The outdoor view from our table. From this location, you can see straight to the first floor. Who ever stayed in this house in the past, he/she must be a super wealthy person. I mean look at how huge this house.
Let's go down to their first floor. White is the main color which represents elegance and sophistication. Classic materials like these ceramic vases make the room even more prettier. 
One of the VIP Room. They have a minimum charge for their VIP Room and trust me they have a lot of different kind of VIP Rooms from the first floor to the the second floor. If you want some privacy and don't mind to spend the minimum charge then go ahead. Their rooms are beautiful.
A secret romantic VIP Room at the second floor. It is not that spacious actually because this is more like a small group VIP room with all glass around the room facing the street (in front of the restaurant). I had a hard time taking a wide angle picture with my camera, so I switched to my Smartphone camera.
This below is on the second floor, an open space area mainly used for a big event or a family/ friends gathering event. The table set-up was classically beautiful.
This is the most grande VIP Room, some kind of Presidential suite VIP Room. It offers what a royal family have at home with all those antique furnitures and collections.
The main dining room on the first floor. Its quite spacious over here, whether you want to have your business lunch, a romantic dinner, or a simple family gathering, this could be a very nice place.
Surprise Surprise, their Man's toilet is so gorgeous that it doesn't even look like a toilet. I somehow can imagine sitting down inside and having my zen moment. The all white wall is simply relaxing.
Let's walk up to the second floor from this stairs.
Let's start with what we had for dinner :)

IGA ASAM SUNTI (149k) - Beef Ribs cooked with corriander, lemongrass, turmeric, chilli, tomato, shallot in a clear sour and spicy soup. This is kinda similar to asam asam garang soup. The meat was super tender and the soup was very addicting with that spicy and little sour flavor.
Oseng Oseng Pucuk Labu (49k) - Chayote Shoots, Cherry Tomato, Fermented Soya Bean, Chili and Garlic.
Brinjal crispy (69k) - Aubergine chips, chicken floss and garlic. A very unique crispy fried cucumber/ aubergine covered with sweet and savory chicken floss. This might get too salty if you don't pair it with rice or any carbohidrat, but still I really loved it. It somehow looks dry on the outside, but once you bite it, it is actually soft inside.
Kerapu Bakar Madura (70k/ons) - Garoupa fish wrapped with rock salt and green chilli relish. This to be very honest not a good looking dish, but trust me once I tried it, I was just amazed. The fish was very fresh and in fact they claimed that their Garoupa fish was kept in the aquarium to guarantee a super fresh dish. Not sure if that means the fish is alive, but I totally agree that the fish was very fresh. With that green chilli condiment, the whole dish was even lifted up to another different dish.  Its mild spicy yet sour flavor gets rid of the fishy smell. Super recommended!
Bola2 cokro (69k) - Chicken squid ball in peanut sauce. This is more like Bakso goreng aka fried meatballs in peanut sauce. A very simple appetizer but it was unbelievably delicious, the peanut sauce despite only a 'sauce' was actually amazing.
Kari Ayam Deli (125k) - Crispy battered chicken with pomelo fruit and roti prata in thick curry sauce. The chicken was super crunchy and very moist inside, the roti prata was very soft, while the pomelo was sweet and fruity crunchy. They said the plating was not supposed to look like this, but for a photography purpose they separated the chicken, pomelo, roti prata and the curry sauce. Overall, super good!
Rujak Sorbet (49k) - Spicy mixed fruits salad and frambozen sorbet. If you never had a salty spicy desserts, then try this spicy rujak with mixed fruits. Unlike mainstream sweet desserts, this one is spicy, salty and a little bit sweet with a scoop of chilled frambozen or red berry sorbet. Its either you like it or you hate it.
Btw they have a roof top on their 4th floor and its quite spacious. If you wanna enjoy an outdoor dimmed area (open space) for some drinks, this is your place! Not recommended for dining because its pretty dark. But there's a petite drinking bar out there so you might not be difficult to order your cocktails.


Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

Opening Hours: 11 AM - 23 PM

RSVP: (021) 29627771 (Reservation is adviced)




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