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Selasa, 13 Februari 2018

Romantic Dining at Patio Venue by Plataran

Patio Venue ~ has any of our readers been here or probably heard the name before? Because its actually pretty new. And if we don't tell you the background about this restaurant, you'll never notice. Patio Venue is part of Plataran, a group of restaurant renowned for its upscale Indonesian restaurant. Yes, from Plataran Dharmawangsa, Plataran Menteng, to Teras Darmawangsa. Management wise, they are excellent as they have been in the culinary industry for quite a while. Patio Venue itself is differentiated by the type of cuisines they offer. Here, they offer not only Indonesian/Asian cuisines, but also fine Western Italian cuisines. Expect some romantic and classy ambience once you enter the room. In this blog post, we'll bring you to every corner of the room, plus the selections of menus that we highly recommend. Read more!
Upon entering the restaurant, your eyes will be spoiled with these beautiful colorful KOI Fishes near the receptionist table. Definitely feels like home, doesn't it?
Welcome to the restaurant! Even the receptionist table, the mirror, the table light all look luxurious and expensive. But that's what the whole concept of the restaurant: Classy yet still Casual. We hope you don't get intimidated with these materials :)
They have this bar with bar seatings for those of you who would like to have some drinks. Mocktail, Cocktail or Wine? They have them all! And if you are sitting alone, the big LED TV is there for you :)
Welcome to the dining room. Wood, orange and red are the three elements of the interior. The interior and the table setting somehow reminded us of a homey Italian restaurant.
Smoking Room is available just next to the main dining room.
What's unique here: All pizza is cooked in a traditional wood fire burning process. Just like how the traditional Italians cook pizza.
What to try from their pizza: Pizza Rendang! The signature thin crust pizza at Patio Venue with real chuncks of beef rendang, mozarella, parmesan, and tomato sauce. Flavor wise its very intense with that traditional rendang herbs. We have to admit that capturing round shaped pizza is a lot harder than capturing the other food. We hope the pizza pictures below don't disappoint :)
Fresh fruity mocktails are a must order! Fruits are fresh daily and definitely refreshing especially the red one below. The second picture is their fresh kiwi juice.
To start off with Bresaola Salad ~ air dried beef, rucola leaves, cherry tomato and truffle oil dressing. Its pretty light with that distinctive raw rucola leaves and a hint of truffle flavor complete with thin but very intense salty beef. As simple as this could be very addicting! 
Fun fact: we never knew it was called Rucola leaf until we googled it and found out when writing this blog. We had it so many times, where have we been :)
Another Starter: Lumpia Tahu Ayam ~ traditional javanese beancurd roll with chicken, prawn and cuttlefish. A very humble yet crispy appetizer.
We visited here around 5 PM in the afternoon, so you'll notice that the picture below looks dark outside. But the dimmed room felt very romantic. You are currently looking at their semi outdoor room, an extention room with all glass cover.
Here's their so called living room, very iconic!
First Main Course: Nasi Goreng Tinta Cumi with Chicken Liver ~ easily became our comfort food. Fried rice cooked with squid ink, fried egg floss and chicken liver. We didn't notice that chicken liver as it was all black and we were just enjoying our spoons of this sweet and savory fried rice. 
Let's try their Seafood Pasta menu: Capelli D' Angelo All Aragosta ~ Its like even without introduction you'll guess it right. Half grilled Lobster with flying fish roe (fish egg), paired with angel hair pasta in garlic, chili flakes and olive oil. Lobster was super fresh and has that slight chewy texture and perfect with a little bit of lemon juice. Pasta was salty
Here came the rice dish: Patio Beef Bowl. Kind of reminding me of Bibimbab of Korean with that sunny egg on top. But this one is actually rice dish with sunny side up, wagyu beef, onion, and yakiniku sauce. The king here is the Wagyu Beef, its medium well cooked and its SUPER Tender and juicy! Chewing was effortless as it was really tender and moist. Sauce wise its sweet and savory, a very recommended one!
To sweeten your mouth, try Patio Cendol Baileys ~ a fancy version of the traditional cendol dessert with jackfruit, brown sugar and baileys liquor. Ice was very soft and smooth (pretty much like the texture of snow ice) while flavor was mildy sweet from the brown sugar.
Its our third visit to this restaurant and we are always looking forward to visit here any time in the future. Thank you for serving the best foods with the best services!

PATIO VENUE by Plataran

Jl. Wijaya XIII No 45, Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

RSVP: 021 7241362



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