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Senin, 15 April 2019


We were very lucky to witness this magical Jewel Changi during their preview week from 11 - 16 April 2019, ahead of their public opening on 17 April 2019. FYI, Jewel Changi is home to the world's largest and tallest indoor waterfall at Changi Airport Singapore. We visited here on 13 April 2019 just 2 days after their (limited preview) opening date, the date we went back home to Jakarta. During this preview week, only those who have registered on their official website or those who got their own boarding pass allowed to enter the (Jewel) building. Jewel Changi itself is built in an entirely new building combining not only gigantic waterfall and artificial forest, but also shopping mall with tons of Local and International Brands and Restaurants. Read more...
This is The Jewel building shot from the tunnel/bridge between Changi Terminal 3 and Jewel Building.
We entered Jewel through Terminal 3 Changi Airport via a new dedicated bridge (you can find the sign board 'Jewel' and just follow it). There are 2 similar bridges from 2 different sides of Jewel depending on whether you come from Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. As our flight was at 17:40 PM, we went to Changi Airport earlier at 13:00 PM to check in our bagages (Yes, our Garuda flight allowed us to check in super early). Spare around at least 2 hours before your boarding time to enjoy Jewel, excluding your dining time, because exiting from Jewel to Immigration and boarding gate will take some times (it's a very long bridge).

Update: I just heard that the Terminal 1 is directly connected with Jewel aka closer than Terminal 2 or 3. Upon entering the building, we were greeted with this beautiful view in front of us! The entrance through the bridge is on the 3rd floor of Jewel.
Our first view of the waterfall from the 3rd floor (default level when you arrive from Terminal 3)
 This is the ground floor or the 1st floor.
A monorail line is crossing the sky of the dome inside the building though we are not quite sure about the departure and the arrival location of the monorail. Amongst the international restaurant chain that we saw were Din Tai Fung, Lady M, Starbucks Coffee, A&W, and the most awaited Shake Shack (the first franchise in Singapore). However, we were unlucky that Shake Shack was not open yet until 17 April 2019. So lucky you who are reading this cause it must have been opening by the time you visit there. There is also an 'Early Check in' counter in this building which we assume to be a dedicated check in counter for those who are not in the Changi terminal building.
This is the view from the 4th floor, also the best view of the whole waterfall. You can see the monorail crossing occasionally and the beautiful rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall. Just make sure to arrive after 16 April 2019 to enjoy free entrance for public. Anyway, that's all for the preview of Jewel Changi. We hope you guys enjoy this article, please help us share it with your friends. Thank you for reading :)



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