Kamis, 15 Maret 2018

Original Magal PIK Korean BBQ - PIK

Congratz for the grand opening of Magal Korean Barbeque at PIK, North Jakarta! We believe this is a different restaurant from "Mapogalmaegi Magal BBQ" though they both are located at PIK. Because this is the 1st official original Korean's Magal BBQ in Indonesia. We luckily got to taste some of their signature dishes, you know some popular Korean dishes such as spicy seafood soup, Japchae (fried vermicelli), topokki, and some other beef barbeque. Its spacious, its very authentic Korean and its delicious. Check out our experience here!

Senin, 12 Maret 2018

Rantang Ibu Restaurant - Pasar Minggu

A heartwarming lunch at Rantang Ibu! Jadi sesuai nama nya Rantang Ibu, restaurant Indonesia yang terletak di Pasang Minggu, Jakarta Selatan ini mengambil konsep makanan Indonesia dengan cita rasa khas Ibu. Makananya bener2 rumahan banget, walaupun secara plating bisa dibilang waw gak terlihat seperti rumahan ya. Interiornya juga dibuat dengan kesan mewah, bisa dilihat dari warna kuning keemasan di hiasan tembok nya. Meja makan nya beralaskan kain putih dengan handuk makan berwarna merah darah memberikan kesan mewah yang berani. Nah mau tau seperti apa Rantung Ibu? Cuss deh baca review singkat kita ya :)

Jumat, 09 Maret 2018

Sisterfields Jakarta - PIK Avenue

From Bali to Jakarta, YES Sisterfield is finally opening this 10 March 2018! Its been a while like months since the first time we heard their upcoming Jakarta outlet. And we finally got the chance to attend the Grand Opening event of the restaurant on 9 March 2018. We both are fans of Sisterfields in Bali and as far as we remember we have been visiting there twice. This store is the answer of what Jakartans have been requesting for, especially delicious Aussie style brunch! Though we didn't really taste their food during the Grand Opening event, we eventually took some pictures for you guys to see for the first time! Let's have a look.

Rabu, 07 Maret 2018

New OiiO Bistro - Alam Sutera

Welcome to Oiio Bistro, the latest cafe/coffee shop/ bistro at Alam Sutera, Tangerang. Alam Sutera has been very popular for the presence of so many new creative restaurants, especially targeted to the younger market who tend to spend a lot of time over a cup of coffee or fancy food. Oiio Bistro is one that we think very genius on capturing those market, especially with their comfort food at a super affordable price tag. Yes! We really think that they should have been marked up the price a little bit considering the nice humble foods that everybody loves to have. Without further a due, let's have a look on their interior and their menus!