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Senin, 26 Maret 2018

Bambaiya - Best Indian Restaurant at Cilandak

Welcome to Bambaiya, a newly opened Indian restaurant at South Quarter Dome, TB Simatupang. A rapid developing area at the south with lots of new office towers. Here at South Quarter, Bambaiya occupies quite a large dedicated space for this Indian restaurant. Once we stepped into the restaurant, we were like entering a whole different part of the world! Yes, it is like the combination of traditional Indian theme with classic old style European bistro. We can't wait to show you what we experienced here, so let's check out more!
It is quite spacious inside, plus some more tables outside.
There are also bar seatings near the entrance, its perfect for a some mocktails or cocktails.
Outdoor Entrance
To start with their vibrant Mango Lassi (60k) - a thick yet refreshing mixed of yoghurt and mango puree. Delicious and healthy!
Imli Chicken Wings (55k) - deep fried, tangy, sweet and mildly spicy crispy wings. We found this slightly different from a western style chicken wings as the marination sauce was more into spices and rather sweet than salty.
Dhaba's Chicken Tikka (65k) - Mumbai's favorite street food in which chicken fillet soaked in Tikka (Indian spices) and light yoghurt, then charred in clay oven. It was sweet, savory and tangy, nicely paired with their Biryani rice.
Murgh Malai Tikka (65k) - Another similar dish to the previous Dhaba's Chicken Tikka in which the bite size boneless chicken soaked and cooked in cream, yoghurt, cheese and the popular Tikka spices. Expect a surprising creamy and savory tender chicken.
Amritsari Fish and Chips (69k) - fish dipped in rich silky chickpea beer batter then deep fried to golden brown. The name actually comes from the sacred city of Amritsar in Punjab. It was so unfortunate that we didn't try this :(
Lamb Shank Rogan Josh (139k) - THE BEST ONE amongst all that we tried! Aromatic lamb shank braised in a rich brownish-red and spicy sauce to perfection. The lamb was superr tender, while the thick creamy soup was super addicting! You can also dip your favorite bread to the sauce cause its too goood to be left!
Credit: Bambaiya
Kheema Pao (65k) - Spiced minced lamb meat (kheema) cooked in rich brown broth paired with toasted, hot and fluffy buttery pao buns (not in the picture). We can eat the kheema alone without the bread, its delicious enough said! Imagine having bolognese (as in spaghetti bolognese) in an Indian spices.
Tikka Masala Paneer (75k) - creamy, spicy and tangy gravy with roasted vegetables and paneer aka Indian cheese. Its pretty difficult to describe Indian cuisines especially when it comes to curry and the likes. Though this looks like a typical Asian curry gravy, this was actually milder in flavor and we loved it have it with some pita bread.
You've seen some of their signature dishes, but we know you definitely need some carbohydrate. So here's Lamb Charcoal Biryani. Biryani rice cooked with lamb curry wrapped in carcoal thin dough (like in zupa soup). Though the rice was cooked with lamb, it wasn't salty actually. We still tasted it slightly bland, so mix it together with other main courses would be nice.
Last but not the least, Cutting Masala Chai (20k) - the world famous Indian Chai Tea with milk aka Indian milk tea. This is wayyy too distinctive from your ordinary milk tea. It was full of traditional spices with a hint of bitterness, but still enjoyable for those who like some sort of Jamu :)
You can also ask for a chilled Cutting Masala Chai!
Overall, as an amateur in Indian culinary, we have to agree that Bambaiya is by far the best Indian Restaurant in Jakarta that we've ever visited. Its the authenticity that makes it unique and distinctive from any other Indian restaurants that we have experienced.

South Quarter, Dome. Tower A, Jl. R.A.Kartini No.Kav 8, Cilandak, Jakarta, South Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 300.000

RSVP: 0858-1188-9992



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