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Rabu, 07 Maret 2018

New OiiO Bistro - Alam Sutera

Welcome to Oiio Bistro, the latest cafe/coffee shop/ bistro at Alam Sutera, Tangerang. Alam Sutera has been very popular for the presence of so many new creative restaurants, especially targeted to the younger market who tend to spend a lot of time over a cup of coffee or fancy food. Oiio Bistro is one that we think very genius on capturing those market, especially with their comfort food at a super affordable price tag. Yes! We really think that they should have been marked up the price a little bit considering the nice humble foods that everybody loves to have. Without further a due, let's have a look on their interior and their menus!

The room interior is dominated with white color and some black colored artworks on the wall (no other color besides black and white). Its just minimalist and humble.
My favorite corner for some sip of coffee while staring at the rain.     
These below are their latest March menu addition apart of their existing menus. They are still improving on their food & beverages before their April's Grand Opening.
Assorted Lite Bites Menus: Tofu Martabak (30k), Mozarella Beef Ball (33k), Chicken Bag (33k). 
This one plate is actually a sampler of 3 different light bites specially made for us to try. While for you guys who visit here, you gonna have it one plate with one light bite dish containing 5 pieces each plate. Three of them are distinctive, however we liked the Mozarella Beef Ball the most. Though the other two were nice as well. Hopefully they come up with this light bites platter soon :)
Chicken Wing (33k) - Crispy fried wings glazed with oiio (sweet) sauce. Just your typical comfort appetizer. We loved having it with some chili sauce :)
Mushroom Soup (33k) - mushroom soup served with cream and croutons. A nice starter before the big bites, mushroom flavor was intense.
Cookies & Cream Shake (30k) - a very thick and heavy drink from America's most favorite Cookies & Cream flavors blended with some ice and milk. This is highly recommended if you have it for some afternoon snacks, but its gonna be too thick for a thirst quencher (or for main courses).
Black Fried Rice (43k) - Indonesian Fried Rice cooked with rawon sauce, complemented with salted egg, pickles and crackers. We don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but last time when we visited a restaurant in Tangerang, we also tried Wagyu Beef Rawon.
These two dishes are basically a fusion of the traditional rawon dish from Java. But this one from Oiio Bistro comes from a creative idea to bring rawon soup flavor in a fried rice. Though we found that the actual rawon flavor was still lacking, but that's quite compromisable by the classic salty salted egg. There's gonna be improvement on the fried rice, so the next time you visit here, its (hopefully) gonna be great!
Pasta Carbonara (45k) - Spaghetti with creamy buttery sauce topped with beef salami, mushroom and cheese. When it comes to pasta, our favorite is either aglio olio, carbonara or pesto. We simply love humble creamy spaghetti this way, its just our comforting right?
Dory Sambal Matah (39k) - fried dory fish served topped with sambal matah and served with garlic rice. This is the best out of the 3 main course that we tried. Well who doesn't like fried stuff! Its actually more like a Fish and Chips but without chips, instead with garlic rice. The dory was crispy outside yet soft inside, great together with the sambal matah. While the garlic rice was aromatic and moist, the sambal matah was mild spicy, salty and savory.
Last but not the least, Banana Roll (41k) - caramelized fried banana rolled with cheese, served with chocolate milk & vanila ice cream. There was a little debate between Jeffri & Lucy over this dessert. Lucy liked this a lot, while Jeffri thought that the skin was too thick. Either way, this is a nice dessert to end your meal, especially with those vanilla ice cream on top.
There's still need improvement on the foods, but we can't complain much especially with that super low price tag. Like where else can you find comfort food this cheap at a nice comfort restaurant! We are curious with their salted egg chicken and pasta rendang. You guys might be the first to try and let us know what do you think! Thank you guys for reading and share this if you love it :)


Ruko Prominence Alam Sutera Blok 38G no. 31-32, Tangerang

Opening Hours: 08:30 - 20:00

Average Spending for two: IDR 150.000



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