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Senin, 31 Juli 2017

The First BOAT NOODLE in Indonesia - Gandaria City

I'm about to introduce you guys to the most happening restaurant in Gandaria City at the moment, this is Boat Noodle. The idea of this restaurant is to serve you a small serve of Thai noodle which is actually inspired by the real noodle served in floating marketing in Thailand. There's a true reason behind the small serve noodle! While the boat on the floating market is shaking, they try to minimize the soup from spilling by serving a petite size of noodle in the bowl. That's pretty funny to think about because each bowl can only feed you around 2 spoons. So, during the early opening, they tried to make a hype by asking you to stack the bowls as much as you can. Each bowl only costs you IDR 8.500 with one choice of soup and meatball. So, 3-4 bowls still cost you reasonably right?

Jumat, 28 Juli 2017

Reopening of Fountain Lounge at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

We were really glad to be invited by Nibble Apps for the reopening of Fountain Lounge at Grand Hyatt Jakarta. We frankly never heard the name before but Fountain Lounge is certainly a legendary. Its the perfect lounge located at the very center of Jakarta at one of the most prestigious hotels in Jakarta as well. Its actually an open space lounge with very high ceiling and located just besides the big window front facing the iconic Bundaran HI. Its certainly luxurious, relaxing and definitely calming. Its also a great place for some afternoon tea / coffee, snacks or some healthy bites. We had some of their signature meals and beverages, so why don't you take a look!

Selasa, 25 Juli 2017

Gunung Mas Resto - The Enery Building Sudirman

Hayo siapa yang udah pernah cobain Gunung Mas Resto? Terus Terang ini baru pertama kalinya kita cobain dan surprisingly lokasinya ada di The Enery Building Sudirman! Lokasi perkantoran elite yang biasanya diisi oleh cafe/lounge ala western style. Usut punya usut, ternyata pemilik Gunung Mas ini adalah saudara kandung dari pemilik bisnis restoran Chuan Tin yang cukup terkenal. Jadi jangan heran kalau kedua restoran ini memiliki tipikal makan yang sejenis. Gunung Mas ini lebih condong ke arah makanan Indonesia - Hokkian, namun mereka 100% Halal loh! Yuk baca selengkapnya!

Jumat, 21 Juli 2017

NEW VLOG! All The Way From Jeeva Santai Lombok

NEW VLOG finally after a long hiatus from the vlog business. It really took a while to compose a vlog as I'm not an expert in video editor. But well, here's our latest trip to Lombok, we'll bring you to one of our favorite resort in Lombok or even in Indonesia. This is Jeeva Santai at Senggigi Lombok! We really had a great time here as it was very calming and relaxing. If you haven't read our review here, you better should!

Rabu, 19 Juli 2017

New High Tea from Bottega Ristorante

The latest afternoon high tea by Bottega Ristorante at Fairground SCBD. The 2 month old restaurant recently launched their first High Tea set as you can see above. Its a 2 level cake & pastry paired with 2 cups of TWG Tea or Coffee. Not only pampering yourselves in a beautiful luxurious interior yet casual dining, but also serving assorted mouth watering afternoon snacks. This High Tea set costs you IDR 380.000++/2pax, the amount worth to pay for sumptuous dining, strategic location and scrumptious food. I have not much to describe, but let's check out the details!

Senin, 17 Juli 2017

Nebula Kuningan at Mega Kuningan

A new kid on the block, introducing Nebula Kuningan. The fourth establishment of Nebula cafe/restaurant originally from Bali! Its probably new to Jakartans but for those who reside in Bali must have heard their name. We got the chance to taste some of their signature dishes here on Saturday 15 July 2016. And they are currently still in soft opening period and serving lunch & dinner from 11 AM to 10 PM everyday! Its a very bold move for them to create such unique South East Asian dishes in a brand that doesn't really sound like Asian. In fact, this Asian dishes are almost, if not all, different from what they offer in Bali. Let's check out our tasting event!

Jumat, 14 Juli 2017

Grand Opening Promotion for Kokoro Mazesoba - Gandaria City

First of all, congratulation to Kokoro Mazesoba for their Grand Opening of the second outlet at Gandaria City, South Jakarta. Its a very fast move of this new soba franchise from Tokyo, Japan. I thought they were just opening like one month ago and now its another new outlet. There's a mixed review about their signature Zenbu Soba (above picture), some liked it and some hated it. We personally a super big fan, hands down. There's no similar competitor at the moment as they are very unique and authentique. You might compare them to Yamatoten Abura Soba right? Yes, they are similar but Kokoro doesn't have that vinegar sour flavor at all. So, you may pick which one is your favorite. They are also offering special opening promotion! Anyway, let's check out the Grand Opening even on 13 July 2017!

Selasa, 11 Juli 2017

Petite Coffee Corner at Sixty Two Coffee - Senopati

Another new coffee shop in South Jakarta, introducing Sixty Two Coffee aka 62 Coffee! I'm frankly not really into coffee shop lately as I'm more enjoying my cup of coffee at home. But sometimes we gather with our friends at new places, so we look for something fresh to visit. And apparently, this one was my next destination. I came here with a few friends for some cup of coffees, and light meals. so here's my review!

Senin, 10 Juli 2017

Makan Ikan Terjangkau di Fish & Cheap - Tanjung Duren

Kalian pasti sudah pernah denger dong Fish Streat - Restoran dengan specialist ikan goreng tepung dengan harga yang sangat murah. Mereka sudah sangat booming di Jakarta, apalagi kalau jam makan malem antrian nya cukup heboh ya. Nah ini ada satu lagi yang mau mulai bersaing di Jakarta tepatnya di tanjung duren yaitu Fish & Cheap. Dari namanya aja udah jelas ya Cheap itu murah hehe. Secara interior harus gw akui ini lebih luas dan terlihat lebih bagus ya. At least bukan sekedar restoran dengan meja dan kursi. Mereka baru saja pembukaan tanggal 8 Juli 2017 dan kita mampir tanggal 9 Juli nih, jadi masih fresh from the oven banget. Kita mau kasih liat quick preview untuk resto dan makanan yang kita coba. Yuk di cek!

Kamis, 06 Juli 2017


Another new Sushi House in town! Well, not really new, its been more than a month I believe. I visited here on 9 June 2017 and I could finally post it here on the blog. If you knew Carnivore in PIK, then that is the place! Apparently, Carnivore was closed for good and transformed into Sushi Taka. I wasn't prepared to make a blog post for this restaurant. So expect to see pictures without name. Let;s check it out.

Selasa, 04 Juli 2017

Sudoet Tjerita - Coffee Shop di Central Park

Satu lagi coffee shop yang hitz di Jakarta Barat. Rasanya kalian sudah banyak yang tau ya, ini Sudoet Tjerita. Posisi nya tepat di seberang Neo Soho (ruko Royal Mediteriania). Waktu gw dateng sih tempat ini pure buat ngopi2 aja soalnya belum ada makanan berat nya. Hanya ada pancake beruang nya, beberapa pastries dan 1 jenis spaghetti yang ready to eat. Jadi untuk blog post kali ini, gw gak banyak review ya. Yuk cek foto foto nya :)

Senin, 03 Juli 2017

TWO STORIES - Cafe Gaul di Bogor

Akhirnya nemu coffee shop dan resto yang unik di Bogor. Biasa ke bogor agak kecewa dengan makanan di restorannya, terutama untuk makanan barat nya yang bisa dibilang jauh dari standart restoran di Jakarta. Kali ini gw cobain Two Stories yang ada di Jalan Pajajaran, bukan restoran baru sih soalnya tertulis Est, 2014. Tapi sekian kali ke Bogor, baru kali ini dapet rekomendasi resto ini dari followers di instagram gw yang aktif DM insta story gw pas di Bogor akhir Juni 2017. Yuk cek gimana suasana restonya!