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Senin, 31 Juli 2017

The First BOAT NOODLE in Indonesia - Gandaria City

I'm about to introduce you guys to the most happening restaurant in Gandaria City at the moment, this is Boat Noodle. The idea of this restaurant is to serve you a small serve of Thai noodle which is actually inspired by the real noodle served in floating marketing in Thailand. There's a true reason behind the small serve noodle! While the boat on the floating market is shaking, they try to minimize the soup from spilling by serving a petite size of noodle in the bowl. That's pretty funny to think about because each bowl can only feed you around 2 spoons. So, during the early opening, they tried to make a hype by asking you to stack the bowls as much as you can. Each bowl only costs you IDR 8.500 with one choice of soup and meatball. So, 3-4 bowls still cost you reasonably right?
This is the open space kitchen
Dining area is quite spacious, but we came here during the soft opening and they apparently invited many guests. So, what you saw below is the full packed dining room!

This was how our table looked like. We came here around 6-7 people together and the table was such a messed!
Here's a quick look at the menu
The main selling point of the restaurant is definitely the noodle! They have two kinds of soup to try: the creamy one and the savory one. I'm not an expertist in Thai cuisine so I'm sorry I can't really tell the technical thingy about the soup. One thing that I could remember about the soup was sour and creamy, that must be either one of the two soups. Each bowl is served with noodle and a meatball of your choice: chicken or beef.
How many bowls can you finish?
They also have this rice menu with Thai minced chicken with basil and fried egg. This dish can be found easily anywhere in Thailand and even on the street as street food. The one that we tried was too salty, at least that's what I tasted. Should be a decent meal if they put the perfect amount of salt.
There's also a green curry chicken rice that I think was better than the minced chicken one. But again, its too salty! I wonder if that the standard of the dish in their original country. 
Chicken Wings with sweet Thai sauce was just okay
Grilled Chicken was nice as a complement to your rice dish.
Fried Leaves were not my favorite, its somehow bland and greasy.
Last but definitely not the least, the one NOT TO MISS: Sangkaya! Soft fluffy warm toast with green srikaya jam. Everybody agreed with me that this is the perfect dish either to start or to end the whole meal. The srikaya was just perfectly creamy sweet and milky. Its just the perfect comfort food!
Chill Chill is actually another brand and they collaborate together with Boat Noodle. This below is their signature Thai Milk Tea, super good! But it was still not available (coming soon) at the time of our visit.
Thank you for reading!


Gandaria City Main Street Dining, UG Floor, East Mall, South Jakarta.

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 200.000



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