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Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

Buffet Lunch at Orient 8 - Hotel Mulia

Its my first time to this luxurious buffet restaurant at Hotel Mulia Senayan and I was quite excited when I first stepped into the restaurant. Its a weekday lunch time when I visited here and I escaped for a while from my work. I was quite stunned by how beautiful the room, the table, and all the decoration here. Food area wasn't quite that big actually, in fact the seating area is 3 time bigger than the food area. I believe its because a weekday lunch, its gonna be different if its dinner or weekend lunch. Oh btw, I was here because of Nibble App invitation. You might have heard the app a few times from my latest restaurant review, because I was invited for some food review here. I am not a typical buffet person, so what I'm gonna show you in the blog post is more to beautiful pictures than a close up of the food itself. Let's check it out!
A private room inside the restaurant.
They also have these sofa seatings near the entrance.
Let's come to the main food area
To start off with some refreshing iced lemon tea :)
First thing first, the Steamboat Area! They have a Chicken Soup and Tom Yum Soup to choose, while you can pick your own favorite toppings from the table, from meatballs, shrimp, mushroom, shitake, tofu, and many more. They gonna boil everything and serve the hot soup in a few minutes. Well, its not bad :)
There are a lot of different variety of food to taste around this area. As they are a French Pan Asian restaurant, they have these French cuisines that are mostly based on flour such as Pie with filling, Quiche and other flour based pastries with some meat fillings. Grilled Beef Skewers are also available around this area.
Oh btw, you can also get this optional Beef Lava Stone for some additional price. The normal Lunch Buffet costs IDR 288.000++/pax, while additional Beef Lava Stone costs IDR 361.000++/pax. As far as what I had for my lunch here, there were no steak dishes around the buffet area. I mean yes you can get chicken, fish or beef dishes but they were all cooked either fried, stir fried or steamed. So if you need more protein like steak below, you better take their optional Beef Lava Stone. To be very honest, I wasn't quite crazy for the beef, I mean it didn't quite up to my expecation. 
Basically, they pre-heat the pan up to a certain hundred degree celcius and then they bring the stone (pan) to the dining area and cook it in front of your table. It was fun to watch actually because the beef were sizzling on a pre heat pan. But flavor wise, it wasn't really wow me. 
This was my table :)
Here comes the desserts area! I didn't quite taste everything here as I am not a fan of sweet desserts. But as for this blog purpose, I'll show you some of the sweets here!
That's all my short review here at Orient8. I hope you guys enjoy it, thanks for reading!


Hotel Mulia LG, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat

Buffet Pricing:
- Lunch Buffet : IDR 288.000++ / IDR 361.000++ with Lava Stone.
- Dinner Buffet : IDR 361.000++ / IDR 424.000++ with Lava Stone.
- Sunday Brunch Buffet : IDR 555.000++ / IDR 712.000 with Alcohol

Opening Hours:
- Monday to Saturday: 12 PM - 22:30 PM
- Sunday: 11 AM - 22:30 PM

RSVP: (021) 5753278



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