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Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

Le Diliel Asian Bistro & Bar - Pluit Village

There's finally a nice luxury bistro at Pluit, and I really mean very fine restaurant at Pluit Village. This shopping mall has been an underdog, yes people somehow blindly judge this place as a 'dead' and unpopular place. But lately I found out that there are actually nice cafes inside and its quite hidden on the balcony area or the outdoor area of the mall. I hardly found the location at first until I finally found out that there is an outdoor area. Its a surprised feeling when going inside the room. I was quite stunned by the beautiful decoration. It was Friday night when we came here and it was actually an invitation dinner by The HYPE group. There was no particular event whatsoever, we got invited here purely to enjoy our night in a special beautiful table decor and with a 5 star service! Bravo Le Diliel, you surprised us that night! 

Look how gorgeous the whole table decoration for the indoor area. As I said earlier, its a special dinner event with a few celebrities coming to this event. So now wonder, they decorated everything so beautifully.
Psss. Julie Taslim (wife of Joe Taslim) was sitting on this area and she celebrated her birth that night with her friends. She was soo pretty in person!
That night was entertained by these talented guys, very romantic!
This was our 7 course menus from starter, entree, main course, cocktail to desserts. So every entree and main course was served with a small serve of cocktail. I believe all dishes and cocktails served that night were customized only for a course meal. They made it smaller so that we could taste more food. Thus, you'll not see that on their reguler menu.
A small dough with savory toppings for the opening.
Spotted: Clara from Asia's Next Top Model S5 :)
First starter : Acar Sawi - Cured Chinese Cabage with lime & chili dressing. Very fresh and light with a hint of sour from lime juice and slightly hot from chili.
1st cocktail pairing with Es Timun. Literally very light infused cucumber with alcohol.
First Entree: Tuna Tataki Noodle Pan seared crusted Tuna loin, smoked young skipjack tuna, fried noodle, lime basil, konbu broth. Super thin noodle similar to angel hair pasta in a classic Mie Goreng flavor, just as the name fried noodle. Tuna was very fine and had a slightly chewy texture.
2nd Cocktail Pairing: Sangria Bianca - had that lemony flavor with a lighter alcohol.
Next Entree: Smoked Octopus - smoked octopus with coconut aioli and sweet cassava chips. Octopus was tender with that unique milky coconut aioli as the dipping sauce, continued with a red block of watermelon underneath the octopus to neutralize the strong flavor of the octopus.
3rd Cocktail Pairing - Perfect Martini. Well a classic cocktail with that more intense alcohol.
Next Entree: Prawn Kemangi Butter poached prawn, cauliflower puree, candied cauliflower, "Rempeyek" red spinach, fried stinky beans. This time, I have to be frank, the prawn was kinda chewy and rather lacking of seasonings. I was thinking if this was a plainly boiled prawn with that extra foamy cauliflower puree. However to my surprised, the fried stinky beans were not stinky. In fact, I wasn't really aware of the stinky beans until I read the description :p
4th cocktail pairing : Sake Jito - a fresh clean cocktail inspired by mojito but with sake, mint, and lime.
So far, its been very heavy meal right? But those are not the main course, yet! To clean our palette before the real main course, here's Guava sorbet with kecicang cream bubbes and rosella agar.
5th cocktail pairing : Harvey Wallbanget - a popular cocktail from the mixture of vodka, liquer and orange juice as it clearly shows from the orange color. Look at those unique bending glass!
Here came the main course: Lamb Gulai. Its a grilled lamb rack with fried cassava (yes singkong goreng as you normally find on the street), sauteed shimeji, burnt leek, compressed cucumber, and eggplant caviar balado. That seems a long description but if you love lamb rack, this is it! But if you hate the smell of lamb, then this is not for you. The lamb is greatly paired with the balado sauce, while the rests on the plate can be enjoyed separately as an individual element.
6th cocktail pairing: Pink Lady - creamy rose based cocktail with that sprinkled of salt on one side of the glass.
As for the desserts, this is called Palm Sugar Palm sugar cream, corn sable, soursop sorbet & palm sugar meringue. Basically, what you are seeing on top is a crispy but soft palm sugar meringue with white soursop sorbet in the middle and palm sugar cream on the bottom. You'll find the meringue and the caramel around the plate to be very sweet, but when mixed together with the sorbet, they kinda balance everything together. A unique dessert to try.
Last cocktail - Hemoglobin Molecular! This is the cutest and the most unique cocktail I've ever seen. Its unlike a mainsteam cocktail because its kinda thick and slimy in a way that its more like a liquid dessert than a cocktail. Not my favorite, sorry.
Last but not the least, Kue Lapis Legit and Macaroons in a minimalist plating. Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoy my review. Please subscribe to my blog and spread the articles!


Pluit Village Mall 1st Floor, West Mezzanine, North Jakarta

Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM

RSVP: (021) 6683366 / 087781409111



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