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Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

Gelato Factory Bali - Best Gelato in Bali

There are quite a few Gelato brands in Bali but there is one that for me honestly to be the best one. I mean it kinda sounds very cliche like BEST is sort of a preference to every individual. But me and Lucy agree that Gelato Factory is by far our favorite. Gelato must be creamy like this and I believe they use the freshest ingredients especially the milk. You can tell how smooth their gelato and it melts very quick in just  a few seconds. We visited Gelato Factory at their Seminyak outlet at Jalan Kayu Aya 32 (Oberoi) and it is strategically located at a very buzzling street in Seminyak. If you know La Favela at seminyak, then it is just a few meters away! I can't wait to show you their outlet here!
Let me first bring you to their second floor which is a semi open space room front facing the busy street of Jalan Kayu Aya. This room is kinda reminiscing old days somewhere between 1980s - 1990s with all those classic arts on the wall, traditional hanging lamp, oldies colorful chairs, old style cup board and many more. I truely felt in love :)
Now we are going down to the first floor with its artistic and old style interior. They thoughtfully designed the wall with all those wooden arts, they put some small artistic items on each square with tons of light bulbs on the sky. I superr love this kind of vinatage interior!
Ready to start the Gelato review? Here are the flavor selections, those are many if you look at the two clear freezers. Oh btw, they gelatos and sorbets are gluten free, yeay!
Here are the list of gelato and sorbet flavors!
Here's a quick look of their menu.
Besides the Gelato, they also have this Cookie Sandwich (25k) - Literally 2 pieces of cookies with one big flat round of gelato. They have chocolate chip cookie and vanilla cookie, but whatever it is, I love gelato this way! I tried the mint flavored one (the green one) because I love mint ice cream/ gelato. Its just double refreshing!
They have these tempting popsicles which we didn't try unfortunately. But that looks really good on a hot Bali weather. 
So here comes the gelato itself! Well actually I kinda forgot the exact flavor that I tried that day because it was May 2017 (3 months by the time of this writing) but my experience about this brand was great! If you love sorbet, try this strawberry sorbet and as for the yellow color, I think its Vanilla (if I'm not mistaken). But as this is a freshly produced gelato from fresh ingredients, the gelato tends to melt very quickly. That's why taking photo must not be too long or otherwise your hand is gonna get wet and sticky!
You can also opt for the cup one instead of cone like this below. Another recommended flavors are their red dragonfruit sorbet, blue angel gelato and mint gelato (green color). 
This one is something new to me: affogato. I normally understand affogato as an espresso shot and a scoop of ice cream. But here in Gelato Factory, Affogato is defined as espresso with lots of creamy foam. What do you think?
Last but not the least, something to munch, finally :) Thin soft crepes with 2 Gelatos! Finally chocolate flavor, the flavor that I usually avoid. Its not that chocolate not good, but whenever I'm looking for some ice cream or gelato, I prefer something fresh like fruity-sour or minty. Nevertheless, their chocolate was great as well. This crepe is filled with heavenly nutella, so goood :)
In case you're looking for the store, please find the big sign (below) on the street! It was somehow a bit struggle for us to find the store when we missed this big sign. Also, as the parking space is very limited for car, it's recommended to drive a motor bike or park your car somewhere around the area. Because we parked our car at Seminyak Village and walked up here around 700 meters. Anyway, thank you for reading and please help us share this article!


Jalan Kayu Aya No. 32 (Oberoi), Seminyak
(more outlets on their website)

Opening Hours: 9 AM - 12 AM

Phone: 0361- 739-124



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