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Minggu, 26 Februari 2017


Looking for something new for your Sunday Brunch? Well, we have a new recommendation for you guys! Introducing the latest Sunday Brunch by Salt Grill at The Altitute. Located at the 46th floor of Menara BCA, this new Sunday Brunch offers you an Asutralian Buffet experience at one of the highest dining point in town. As ex-sydneysiders, we both really miss having this kind of food, especially knowing that they are having Meat Pie! And for a semi-luxurious place like this, they charge you very reasonably! Let's check it out.

Kamis, 23 Februari 2017

Blogger Gathering Fit & Health with Slimming Tea by MUSTIKA RATU

Guys, tgl 22 Februari 2017 hari Rabu kemarin kita dateng ke acara Blogger Gathering nih yang diadakan oleh Mustika Ratu dan,id. Berlokasi di Twin House, Cipete, event ini diadakan untuk membahas tentang gaya hidup sehat seperti pola makan sehat, diet yang benar, nutrisi yang dibutuhkan tubuh, hingga penjelasan mengenai manfaat produk Mustika Ratu Slimming series. Yang datang ke acara ini adalah blogger-blogger yang kebanyakan memang memperlihatkan gaya hidup sehat mereka, bahkan di akhir acara kita bisa ikut Combat bareng dengan instruktur yang terpecaya. So, yuk lihat keseruan kita!

Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

BEAU by Talita Setyadi - Cikajang

Many of you have probably heard or even visited Beau, but for us, it was until 1st January 2017 when we visited their branch for the first time at Cikajang, South Jakarta. It was the first day of 2017 and we randomly picked this place when we saw someone posted it on Instagram. It was unexpectedly beautiful, either the food, the drinks and the interior. We really love the white theme and the green plants around the cafe. They also have another branch at Grand Indonesia actually, but well you can't compare both of them as they are located on two different places and environments. One in an indoor department store (Central) and one in a stand-alone cafe. Let's have a look!

Selasa, 14 Februari 2017


Introducing GENESIS Bistro! The latest cafe, restaurant and pool at Kelapa Gading Boulevard. It is located just across mall kelapa gading actually. So, they are 2 restaurants in one building: Rainbow Kitchen & Genesis Bistro. Rainbow Kitchen is located on the first floor, its a chinese family restaurant. While Genesis Bistro is located on the second and third floor of the building, its a mixed Asian Western restaurant with a billiar pool on the third floor. Let's have a look!

Jumat, 10 Februari 2017


SKYE at menara BCA has been one of the most recommended ones for Valentine's day dinner since their opening. Its their 56th floor above the ground that makes it very unforgetable. Their dishes were unbelievably beautiful and delicious. Their Tuna Pizza with truffle is a KILLER! We got the priviledge to preview & taste the 4 course set menu for SKYE's Valentine Day Dinner. We really excited to show them to you!


Valentine's Day is approaching real fast, it really feels like just yesterday. And now its coming back again! We both never really had a special Valentine's day dinner actually. But its pretty interesting that many restaurants have been preparing a special dinner package for two. Here in this post, we are gonna list down a few recommended restaurants to celebrate Valentine's day, based on the overall criterias: great food, nice ambience, and best services. Some are considered 5 star restaurants and some are casual dining restaurants. Remember, what we posted here is based on our experience on our last visit. We are not; by any means; getting paid to write any of the lists below. So, here we go!

Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

WILSHIRE NEW MENU 2017 - Senopati

Introducing 7 new menus this February 2017 by Wilshire! Wilshire is an 'affordable' fine dining restaurant at Senopati with all those glamorous blink blink theme decoration. We got the previledge to taste some of them including the new fancy cocktails. The foods here are highly inspired by variaties of international cuisines as its name 'Wilshire' is a boulevard in Los Angeles filled with cultural mix. Please have a look!

Senin, 06 Februari 2017


Its lucky for us to come at the opening day of Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop. We didn't plan it and didn't know that it was the first day! We arrived together with some foodies and it was fully packed and super hectic inside. All seats were occupied, so we waited for a while before we got our table. I have to say that I really love their decorations, they put so much tiny plants all over the corner that make it so comfortable, so relaxing and most of all so hommy. I really hope to come again a few weeks later when the hype is not this big, so that I can enjoy my coffee and brunch here.

Minggu, 05 Februari 2017

GROW at L Hotel Seminyak - Petitenget, Bali

So, on our 4th day in Bali, we stayed at L Hotel Seminyak which is located at Petitenget area. L Hotel is a small luxurious hotel by Shanti Collection group. And here at L Hotel, they have their own restaurant called 'Grow' by Chef Ryan Clift. He is the man behind 'Tippling Club' in Singapore which was awarded as Top 20 Restaurant in Asia by Miele Awards in 2010. We were very honoured to get invited for a food tasting here. So, we expected very high for his food-arts. Let's check it out!

Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

PIRING EMAS - Lippo Mall Puri

Jarang-jarang nih gw review restoran masakan Indonesia. Bukannya tidak appreciate dengan makanan Indonesia ya, tapi mungkin karena sehari-hari di rumah sudah terbiasa makan masakan Indonesia / Chinese, jadinya kalau keluar rumah pengen nya Western / Italian atau masakan barat lainnya. Nah kebetulan di Lippo Mall Puri ada satu restoran Indonesia yang baru buka, namanya Piring Emas. Akhirnya penasaran dan cobain langsung bareng keluarga. Restoran nya humble sih, gak yang fancy atau terlihat mewah. Karena terus terang kalau gw sudah melihat restoran Indonesia dengan konsep mewah, gw akan urung masuk mengingat banyak restoran lokal dengan harga yang cukup terjangkau namun tetep enak. Nah salah satunya si Piring Emas ini. Banyak review selengkapnya yuk!

Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

HANYANG GARDEN Korean BBQ - Cikajang, Kebayoran Baru

Are you a fan of Authentic Korean Barbeque? If yes, then you might want to visit Hanyang Garden, the latest Korean Restaurant around Wolter Monginsidi area in South Jakarta. This area is popular as a mini Korean town in Jakarta as there are so many Korean Restaurants around. Hanyang Garden offers you the most authentic Korean food especially in Barbeque, alongside some other popular dishes such as Bibimbab and Spicy Korean Noodle. The interior is heavily inspired by the traditional Korean House, so dining here really feels like in Korea. My youtube video review is available here! Let's have a look!