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Minggu, 05 Februari 2017

GROW at L Hotel Seminyak - Petitenget, Bali

So, on our 4th day in Bali, we stayed at L Hotel Seminyak which is located at Petitenget area. L Hotel is a small luxurious hotel by Shanti Collection group. And here at L Hotel, they have their own restaurant called 'Grow' by Chef Ryan Clift. He is the man behind 'Tippling Club' in Singapore which was awarded as Top 20 Restaurant in Asia by Miele Awards in 2010. We were very honoured to get invited for a food tasting here. So, we expected very high for his food-arts. Let's check it out!
So, Grow is actually located on the same building as the L Hotel. I unfortunately didn't capture the front view of the restaurant, but here is the view from behind. It is their outdoor area, while we had our dinner at their indoor area. The outdoor seatings are very laid back and relaxed kind of cafe.
So, right after we checked in at the L Hotel, we had our early dinner here at Grow, just next to the hotel's lobby. Here is the classy wooden style indoor. Its very calm and peaceful inside.
Left: recommended homemade tea. Right: 'L”DER FLOWER COLLINS' - gin, elderflower, lemon, cucumber, soda water. 
CARPACCIO OF KING FISH (80k). My pick for the starter was this thinly sliced fish with avocado purée, pickled daikon and crispy nori. I honestly don't remember exactly how the fish tasted, but if I'm not mistaken its like smoked salmon. Kind of salty with some fresh daikon and thinly sliced cucumber. Very goood!
CONFIT DUCK AND CASHEW RILLETTES (70k). Lucy picked this minced duck in a tiny pan, with pickled local vegetables, lime, and coriander brioche. This was really good I swear! The  combination of the brioche with the salty confit duck created a  perfectly crisp, salty, and savory duck.
CONFIT OF LOCAL RED SNAPPER (180k). Fresh steamed red snapper with cauliflower couscous, pickled cauliflower and masala jus. The fish was lightly seasoned to bring out the true flavor. Honestly, this review is very tough for me considering the unique ingredients and the very technical cooking method. I sometimes felt like confused on how to eat this masterpiece, between to eat the fish with the foam or to combine everything on one spoon. I personally don't prefer steamed fish with little seasonings, but Lucy liked it a lot! Maybe my tongue wasn't quite 'there' yet :p
PORK BELLY (180k) with Spiced pumpkin purée, sauteed spinach, braised grapes and walnuts and a masala jus. Don't expect this as a chinese style pork belly. This is totally different! The pork is locally sourced, meat was very tender, juicy and thick. I'm not particularly familiar with masala jus, but the sweet sauce is similar to barbeque sauce but less sweet. Imagine having a juicy thick pork with some barbeque sauce, that's probably the easiest way to describe the dish :) I'm impressed!
ROAST MANGO with coconut sago, coconut sorbet, coconut cracker and fresh coriander. It kinda reminded me of Mango sticky rice because the coconut sago was sticky as well. The coconut sorbet was truely fresh, less sweet but balanced the whole flavor. The coconut cracker was very unique with some sugar icing on it. Very recommended!
If you stay at L Hotel, you will also get a complimentary breakfast for two at Grow! Their breakfast type is a choice of ala carte breakfast menus, some juice/tea/coffee. This below is their complimentary bread with raspberry jam, mango jam, and cubed butter. Really good!
DESTROYED AVOCADO (80k) with green chilli, roasted cherry tomato and coriander, slow cooked egg and grilled farm house bread. I'm a fan of brunch or breakfast dish like this with salted toast, mashed avocado and poached egg. My tongue has been very used to this kind of meal, so I was really glad to finally have this for my breakfast!
OVEN BAKED OMELETTE (90k) with asparagus and wild dill and tarragon Mornay. This is a very fancy omelette we've ever tried, the egg was super fluffy! Not familiar with wild dill and tarragon mornay, but well Great is great, doesn't need long explaination :)
Summary: To be very honest, this is one of the hardest restaurant (foods) to review. Because most of the food are very technical and complicated, but in a very good way. I couldn't describe it in human words because most of the ingredients used here are not familiar to me. But its really nice to experience dining here. Thank you GROW and best of luck for your culinary business :)


Jalan Petitenget No.8L, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Opening Hours: 7 AM - 12 AM

Average Spending for two : IDR 600.000


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