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Selasa, 14 Februari 2017


Introducing GENESIS Bistro! The latest cafe, restaurant and pool at Kelapa Gading Boulevard. It is located just across mall kelapa gading actually. So, they are 2 restaurants in one building: Rainbow Kitchen & Genesis Bistro. Rainbow Kitchen is located on the first floor, its a chinese family restaurant. While Genesis Bistro is located on the second and third floor of the building, its a mixed Asian Western restaurant with a billiar pool on the third floor. Let's have a look!
By the time I came here, the second floor (for Genesis Bistro) was fully occupied for a big gathering event. So, I had my lunch on the third floor which is a billiar pool area. But you still can dine in here because they also have some reguler tables.
 They also have these 2 dart games on the third floor.
To start off with their breakfast menu: Grandmas's Egg Benedict - English muffin topped with poached egg and soft bacon served with Hollandaise sauce and salad. Apologize for the messy photo, I captured it right after I sliced the poached egg. But I loved the bacon!
First appetizer is Chicken Mango Salad - sliced chicken and mango in spicy Thai dressing. The sauce was quite spicy, slightly sweet and sour. Its overall fresh and healthy.
For the Asian main course, they have Pork Belly Stew - slow cooked pork belly and egg in sweet sauce. Its one of the most popular classic Asian (particulary Chinese) dish. Its cooked with sweet soy sauce to bring that dark color and sweet flavor. The pork belly was super smooth and juicy.
Gyu Tan Don - marinated beef tounge served with steamed rice, scrambled egg and sambal matah. Well, if you normally have your Gyu Tan Don in Japanese Style, then this one in my opinion is the Chinese style. The beef tounge is thicker than the ones I used to try. The texture was smooth, Its sweet similar to Chinese Braised Beef with sweet soy sauce.
Genesis Pork Chop – juicy and tender pork chop with honey mustard sauce served with mashed potato, assorted vegetable or coleslaw. Its a very huge and thick pork chop for a steak lover!

Day and Night: Whiskey, lychee, lime fruit and mint leaves served in unique dimsum plate. Its very light for a cocktail actually, so if you are not really into alcohol, you can try this one.
Godfather: Whiskey and almond liquor with a twist of lemon.
Gin and Tonic: Classic gin and tonic with cucumber skin.

Genesis Tropical (Mocktail)

 Biela sunset (Mocktail)


Rainbow Kitchen is located on the first floor and its a family restaurant mainly serving Chinese cuisines. But you can also order their food and have it at Genesis Bistro (2nd and 3rd floor).
Chicken with margarine and sweet sauce – fried chicken covered in a mixture of margarine and sweet sauce. OMG who doesn't love this, a classic Indonesian-Chinese dish! This really reminds me of my childhood when my mom cooked this for our family dinner at home. Its definitely sweet and the sauce was thick and kind of caramelized with that onion.
Salted egg yolk onde - Glutinous ball filled with runny salted egg yolk.
Polo pao - baked bun filled with banana custard. 
Can Pao – baked bun filled with bbq chicken
Birthday Noodle - classic chinese style birthday noodle with shrimp, quail eggs, and shreded egg. A must order dish when you have your birthday here :)
Rainbow chicken – Rainbow’s signature fried chicken. Another fried chicken dish, this one is cooked with chili and fried garlic. Well, expect salty, mildly spicy and garlicky chicken :)
Overall, if you want to have a family lunch or dinner, you can go to their Rainbow Kitchen on the first floor. If you want to have a more modern Asian Western cuisine, you can pick Genesis Bistro. Their Billiard pool and Dart Games are another reasons why to visit this bistro.


Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA3 no. 21,
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14250

Opening Hours:
- Monday to Friday: 11 AM - 00 AM
- Saturday & Sunday: 08 AM - 02 AM

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000



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