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Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

HANYANG GARDEN Korean BBQ - Cikajang, Kebayoran Baru

Are you a fan of Authentic Korean Barbeque? If yes, then you might want to visit Hanyang Garden, the latest Korean Restaurant around Wolter Monginsidi area in South Jakarta. This area is popular as a mini Korean town in Jakarta as there are so many Korean Restaurants around. Hanyang Garden offers you the most authentic Korean food especially in Barbeque, alongside some other popular dishes such as Bibimbab and Spicy Korean Noodle. The interior is heavily inspired by the traditional Korean House, so dining here really feels like in Korea. My youtube video review is available here! Let's have a look!
The main room on the first floor is very spacious! When you think about Korean Barbeque, you might think about self-serviced barbeque on your table. But here in Hanyang Garden, there's no barbeque pan on the table. Instead, the waitress will grill it for you on the barbeque corner.
This is largest VIP room on the second floor. It caters up to 50 persons on this super long table. Its actually two rooms with a separator  in the middle, but we can open it for a bigger room.
They have many more smaller private room on the second floor. Each room has its own grilling station separated from the table.
Here is the unique thing about barbequing here. They substitute carcoal with corn for the burning material, so that the smoke doesn't sting on your clothes or the room. In fact, it doesn't smell odor at all.
Move on to the food, starter here are crazy. They served us too many plates of starters that we didn't even finish most of them. When most Korean Restaurants serve 4-5 plates, here they serve more than 10 plates!
Chapchae (145k) - traditional Korean style vermicelli with shreded egg, vegetable and beef. The vermicelli itself wasn't quite intense in flavor, so its nice to have it together with the beef for a balanced flavor. I also like it with some other berbeque meat, as a substitute of steamed rice. The portion was quite big and even sharable for up to 4 persons!
Hemul Phajeon (165k) - This is seafood pancake Korean style. I honestly didn't quite pay attention to the seafood, so I could only taste the leek. Visually, its like a Fuyunghai in Chinese cuisine, but this is thinner with a lot of leek. It's best served with the special sambal on the side. A little bit more seasonings would be better :)
Daelji Galbi (175k) - Roasted Rib of Pork marinated with sweet and salty sauce. The meat was really tender, and it was perfect dipped in the fragrant sesame oil. Best one from all other dishes!
One of the most common Korean dishes: Bul Gogi (195k) - grilled slices of beef in sweet sauce. I believe without further description you all can imagine how it tastes. Its very tender, sweet and savory. I love with mix
Yukhoe (235k) - raw beef rib eye and egg yolk with sesame oil and sesame seed, served with cucumber and sweet pear. I was honestly quite scared of raw meat, but the owner convinced me and when I tried it, it was like sashimi with sesame oil. Its in fact very fresh and odorless! I didn't expect the taste would be like that. The cucumber and sweet pear somehow balance the flavor. Its definitely a must try dish here!
After having our dinner, the two friendly owners brought us for a mini tour of the restaurant. As it was quite spacious, each spot / corner of the room has its own story. Like this private room on the second floor with a big wall painting of Korean women playing around together. That's how the owner portraits the true living of the traditional Koreans in the past.
She also explained why every single private room has a wooden window. Because old style Korean house has a similar looking window. So this really reminds her of her past :) Thank you so much for the inspiring story!
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Jalan Cikajang No. 2 RT.6/RW.6, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru,

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 500.000

Ph: (021) 27517370



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