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Selasa, 19 Juni 2018

Nau Villas Ubud ~ Hidden Paradise at Tegalalang

UBUD is the only place in Bali that I'll never ever miss even just for a night when I'm travelling there. I am a typical person who is really into pure nature and Ubud has it all: rice terrace, jungle, river, mountain, etc. I came across Nau Villas Ubud just a few days before our trip to Bali and we found it on a popular hotel booking website. I instantly fell in love with their private poll villa surrounded by Tegalalang's style rice terrace. The picture above is exactly a similar angle shot that I saw from the website's display picture and its also the reason why I decided to book here. I also bought a drone just 3 days before our flight just to capture the beautiful villa from the sky. I'm gonna share you some beautiful stories about this trip.
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Tegalalang is the northern part of Ubud, Bali. It is around 30 - 40 minutes away from Ubud Center depending on which part of Tegalalang you're staying. Nau Villas Ubud is located pretty remote at Tegalalang area. We were a little bit sceptical with the narrow and broken road just a few kilometers away before the villa. But along the way from Ubud to Tegalalang, we were really awed by the amazing view, it was absolutely a dream came through to me. I've always been dreaming of visiting Tegalalang everytime I looked at Foreign Travel Bloggers capturing amazing shots with drone.
Upon arriving the villa, we were greeted by the staffs and kindly offered with some welcome drinks. We waited for 15 - 20 minutes for our room (on the lobby) before being transfered to our room with boogie car. It was such a long path from the lobby to our room, so imagine dragging our heavy baggage with a baby's stroller. That would really drain our time and energy. Arriving at our villa and below is our villa from the front!
Bird's eye view of Nau Villas and you can see our villa where we flew the drone from. I think Ubud is a safer place to fly your drone, because you'll hardly get permission to fly it around the city area.

Welcome to our super spacious villa! A Balinese style room with clear view of the Tegalalang jungle in front of our bed. Our bed was decorated with a couple of goose made of towel and sprinkled with some fresh roses. The room comes with complimentary bottled water, tea and coffee. Next to the room is our open space toilet.
Loveeee the open space toilet! Even though it has its roof, its actually opened with Tegalalang view and connected to the private pool area. The round bathtub was even prepared with some red roses prior to our arrival. No bath salt unfortunately as far as what I saw, but the warm was pretty nice to soak my body on the hot afternoon.

This is our balcony view right in front of our villa aka our bed view! I seriously can't get enough of this beauty, its just breathtaking! At night the weather was pretty cool, so sleeping without aircon (with opened door) was actually cool enough. But for safety reason and to avoid bugs coming in, we had to close the door and turn on the aircon :)
Our outdoor balcony comes with a swimming chair or the chair you normally see on the beach. Do we really use it? Oh well, we dry our wet clothes (under the sun) on this chair :p

You might call me silly but I bought a drone solely for one reason: to stay in this villa! After seeing the beautiful villa located inside the Tegalalang rice field, I right away looked for a drone and bought it the same day. Well, it was paid off, I was really satisfied with the shots I took though they were not the best shots since I didn't really learn the basic features of the drone's camera. But look at the photos below!
This picture was shot a little bit further from our villa, but still taken with my drone. Don't you think its amazing! The sunrise view was even more spectacular!
Let's check out the most exciting part of the villa ~ The Private Pool! I love swimming and even more posing on the swimming pool LOL *pardon me*. The pool is pretty long and deep for a one bed room villa. Many villas around Bali offer private pool villa as a gimmick to attract customers, while the pool size is actually pretty small, shallow and has no view. What's the point right? While the one at Nau Villas really shows the beauty of Tegalalang view. Each villa is designed with a different height level, so you'll see no barrier in front of your villa. 
Breakfast and private pool are two things correlated each other, at least for Instagram LOL. You rarely got the chance to have your breakfast on the pool unless you have a swimming pool at your own home. Here at Nau Villas you can request for a floating breakfast on your private pool. 
Anyway, breakfast here is definitely not a buffet one as this is not an international hotel. We preordered our breakfast (for the next morning) upon arriving on Nau Villas (during check in). The breakfast selections were pretty limited actually. We ordered Egg Florentine, Fried Rice, Fruit Platters, Red Dragon Smoothie Bowl, Green Juice, Vietnamese Coffee and Iced Milo. Basically 2 main courses, 2 healthy bowl or juice, 2 fruit platters, and 2 drinks. You can brew your own tea from the provided tea bag in the room. Make sure you bought more bottled water before coming here as there's no mini market or restaurant outside of the villa.
Disclaimer: the pool depth is around 1.2 - 1.3 meters. So dining my breakfast this way is for illustration only. There's no way I could have my food this high above my chest. Unless you are 1.8 meters tall, you'll be fine :p
But we did have our breakfast on the side of the pool like below. Its really fun to soak our feet on the water and enjoy our breakfast.
This is the view at night, pretty dimmed.
And the moon was really bright when we stayed here
Finally time to rest as we drove quite a long distance from Petitenget area to this Tegalalang Ubud. FYI, it was around 40s KM from seminyak to our villas and around 1.5 hour drive. We really suggest you to rent a car or at least a motorcycle as there's no way you can find a taxi or online taxi around the area. It is located deep inside a remote area of Tegalalang rice field.
We also suggest you to buy your own food for dinner before coming to the villa or otherwise you have to order in-room dining service for your dinner. At night, the path in and out of the villa was really dark, we were even scared to drive out of the villa because the path was very narrow between with vast rice field on the left and right. The distance between the villa to Ubud center is around 6-7 km.
Anyway, our stay is included afternoon tea from 3 - 5 PM. We were told about this when we checked in on the lobby. However, we forgot to tell them (when and where to serve) and the didn't even remind us by giving a call to our room. So by the time we remembered it, it was already above 17:00 PM and we missed it. Very sad, they should have reminded us about this :( 
FYI, there was a miscommunication between us and our car rental vendor. We initially booked the car from 27 - 31 May 2018. 31 May is the day we fly back to Jakarta. However, we changed our mind and we extended our trip to 1 June 2018. We paid additional fee to the airlines, however we forgot to tell the car rental about this until the worst case happened. We stayed in Ubud from 30 - 31 May 2018 and we actually wanted to stay for 2 nights which was until 1 June 2018. However, we couldn't extended our car rental and we had to return the car to the vendor around the city area (normall Kuta/Seminyak). So sadly we couldn't stay another night at Nau Villa and had to go back to town on 31 May 2018.


Banjar Sebatu, Sebatu Village, Ubud, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561


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