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Jumat, 29 Juni 2018

Henry's Grill & Bar ~ Dry Aged Steak House in Bali

Been back to Jakarta from Bali exactly 4 weeks by the time of this writing. And I finally got the time to write a short blog post about this newly opened Steak House at Aryaduta Bali in Kuta. We both were pretty excited when we knew about their restaurant because they are specializing at Dry Aged Beef Steak in which the beef is imported from Australia but dried at their in-house drying machine (or what do you call it for a beef drying storange?). I know this doesn't sound like a typical casual cafe where most Jakartans will visit as it's located in a 5 star hotel. People are getting scared of the price and the formality before they even come. So, in this post I'll share you my honest experience when dining here for lunch (during our staycation at Aryaduta Bali). Let's check it out.
First thing first, Henry's Grill & Bar is located on the Ground Floor of Aryaduta Bali and is clearly seen from the Hotel's lobby where people drop off or pick up. So, you'll easily find the restaurant once you arrive at the hotel. Size wise it is super spacious with sofa seats and bar seats. The ambience was calming and relaxing, probably because of the warm tone of the interior with that much natural light from the outside. 
The dry aged beef was visible from the dining area. They showcase this just to educate customers about dry aged beef. Although the real beef storage is actually located on the second floor (kitchen area). Most of them are dry aged to more than 30 days (so one month is the minimum). The longer the best!

Welcome Flat Bread, OH GOSH it was simple but so good! Just imagine salty thin bread, that's it. We sprinkled some sea salt for the salty flavor. And btw, their sea salt is locally sourced from Bali's own small producers. This way they sustain the local farmers' business.
COLD CUT TO SHARE (100k) - Chef's platter, a selection of their home made small bites, cured, aged and smoked. Love the yellow puree, its simply sweet and creamy perfectly balancing the salty flavor of the smoked bites such as salami, smoked ham, and pork & chicken liver farmer terrine (the one in the middle). I don't normally eat foie gras (duck's liver), so I was skeptical with that pork & chicken liver. However, once I tried a small bite, it was really good and not even smelly. But texture wise it was similar to foie gras as both are made of liver.
Here come the spotlight : TOMAHAWK ON THE BONE 1 KG (508K) ~ One of the best tomahawk steak we've ever tried. Okay to be frankly speaking, we rarely had tomahawk steak, so that's the reason why we call it one of the best. At least, this should be the standard for our next tomahawk steak elsewhere. 
The meat was pretty thick with that big chuck size per slice. Well we had the medium one, while the chef recommendation is actually medium rare to give a more tender and juicer texture. And its true because the medium one was not as tender as what we imagined. Don't compare to it to thin juicy steak you'll normally have in Jakarta, because these two are totally different. I have to say that 20% of the steak was fat, that's what we normally avoid to eat. But some people love fat :)
Whereas for the sides, we recommend you to try (from left to right) their green beans and crispy bacon (41k), grilled mushroom (75k), and triple cooked fries (20k). In my personal opinion, the grilled mushroom is slightly overpriced as a side dish, but taste wise it was really good. You know that best mushroom flavor right? The green beans were very fresh and sourced locally from the Balinese farmers, mixed with that small chuncks of roast crispy bacon for a salty savory sensation. The fries was THE BEST like literally super good, they were hand cut with a smooth mushy texture in your mouth.
The tomahawk came with three choices of sauce in which the chef's recommendations were blue cheese and mushroom, chimichuri, and gravy. I honestly forgot about each flavor, but I think the blue cheese and gravy ones pretty stood out amongst the three.
We almost come to an end, but let's try this Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Salted Caramel (49k). Oh damn, the whole combination of ice cream, brownie and caramel were unbelievable. The brownie was super smooth and chocolaty while its warm, while the cold vanilla ice cream complements the warm brownie. This is A MUST ORDER!
Last but not the least, Pavlova (60k) ~ Chef's personal recommendation for its soft & light meringue with fresh fruits and sweet syrup. The inside of the meringue is actually empty, so this is not your typical heavy sweet dessert. Anyway, thank you guys for reading!


Hotel Aryaduta Bali, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Bali 80361

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:30

Average Spending for two: IDR 300.000 - IDR 600.000

RSVP: (0361) 4754992




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