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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018

The Garden - Beautiful Garden Theme Cafe at PIK

The Garden is the new hype in PIK at least from the periode of May to June 2018. The news about this garden themed cafe spreaded like so quickly that everybody wanted to come here for just a cup of tea or coffee. I have to admit that my first impression when I sat down on my sofa seat for a while was that this concept reminded me of The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney, Australia. Its not like 100% copy because each of them has its own characteristic despite having the same garden concept. But The Garden is for sure an indoor cafe decorated as if we were in an open space garden. This review gonna be short, but we'll show you some beautiful corner here.
They actually have two floors but the second one takes a very small space on the top left corner of the building, while the first floor goes up through the ceiling to make it super spacious and to resemble a true outdoor experience. There are lots of plants, trees, flowers,  vintage items, outdoor theme decorations all around the cafe. There is a bar too as seen below, but we bet its gonna be your last option if and only if you got no seats.
We didn't explore the whole first floor as it was super packed that day and strolling around would be distracting to others. So, we stayed around our table and took just a few pictures for you guys to see.
It was 16:00 saturday afternoon when we arrived here and we were actually quite full. So we didn't order much food, except for some pretty ones 'suitable' for the Instagram. Here we tried their SNOW CHEESE LOBSTER GARLIC (190k). Initial thought: its quite affordable for so called a Lobster dish. But the reality is it was a small size one, so you don't expect to get a fulfilling dish from this menu. 
They put so much garlic and parmesan cheese on top of the meat, while the meat itself (we have to admit) was very fresh. No fishy smell at all, in fact the meat was still crunchy. The first bite was like OMG this was soooo Goood, the parmesan cheese brings the salty flavor while the fried garlic enhances the fragrance of the dish. I somehow tasted something like ebi aka salty shrimp flavor but not quite sure about this. We expected a bigger size one for a more satisfying experience. The sauteed mini potato was really good as well.
SUNFLOWER POPCORN WITH BLACK MAYO (50k) - Fried cauliflower with cheese and black mayonnaise. Just a simple fried cauliflower ball, crunchy outer texture, salty cheesy sprinkles, and black colored mayonnaise. Nothing fancy but nice as an appetizer.
SHE'S SLICE OF HEAVEN (60k) - Taro flavored Mille Crepe, definitely the highlight our of dining. It was the best dessert to end our pleasure indoor 'picnic' at The Garden. Its very soft, smooth, creamy and perfect sweetness. Anyway Thank you guys for reading!


Rukan Garden House Blok B no 28,
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 14460

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000

RSVP: 0821-1975-0722




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