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Jumat, 18 Oktober 2019


It's our first Shangri-La Jakarta staycation experience! If you haven't watched our Youtube Vlog above, you better watch now. After experiencing some of the best 5 star hotels in Jakarta, we finally managed to get a very good deal at this Chinese influenced 5 star hotel. We paid only IDR 465.000/night or roughly $32, that was damn cheap! It was started on a massive hotel promotion from Traveloka app earlier this October 2019 and we luckily caught a very best deal for Grand Hyatt Jakarta. But things didn't turn out smoothly until we finally decided to pick Shangri-La. We'll talk about it later on, meanwhile enjoy our Shangri-La Jakarta review.
Shangri-La Jakarta, in case if you were not a Jakarta resident, is located at Jalan Jendral Sudirman which is the CBD of Jakarta and very close to many entertainment areas and tourist spots. The closest ones are Plaza Indonesia mall, Grand Indonesia mall, The Monas Monument, and a few national museums. The hotel itself is very famous for it's all day dining buffet Satoo restaurant and the classic Chinese's Jia restaurant. We stayed here for only 1 night from 12-13 October 2019 during the weekend.
Anyway, here's the full story of how we ended up getting a very good deal at Shangri-La Jakarta. It was one day when Traveloka app offered random super low hotel rate for just one hour 12:00 - 13:00. You could luckily book a 5 star hotel for any low rate you could never ever imagine. In our case, we got Grand Hyatt Jakarta for only IDR 465.000/night inclusive of breakfast for 2. We proceeded with the payment and it was confirmed! But later that day, the Traveloka person called us to inform that our booking was cancelled by Grand Hyatt due to the room unavailability.
So, Traveloka decided to offer us a chance to pick another hotel within 15 minutes with a maximum room rate of IDR 2.600.000 or equal to $179. That was such a generous offer from a travel app! We right away scrolled the app for some hotel options and we decided to pick Shangri-La Jakarta with a room rate of IDR 2.200.000 inclusive of breakfast for 2. The room was successfully booked and we were excited for our staycation. 
The room was pretty clean and has that classic luxurious interior, especially the bath room. The room layout is very similar to the one at Shangri-La Sydney as we have once stayed there in 2016. There is a sofa, a working desk, and a pre-loaded mini bar.
What we like from the room is that they have a huge window with a sit-able window side. Imagine having your cup of tea or coffee on the window side with a view! And talking about tea or coffee, they do have a refreshment area: tea bags and instant coffee. However, this is also the saddest part of all the room facilities as they used the cheapest instant coffee you could easily find in a 3 star hotel. It's really sad to find out that this 5 star hotel was sacrificing something that for us personally was very important. You just want to stay in your room and enjoy whatever you have in your room. Forget about mini bar because you won't pay tripled or quadrupled the original price from the supermarket. So what's left is obviously the complimentary tea or coffee. We have no complaint for the tea, but the instant coffee seriously needs a change.
The bathroom is equipped with a complete set of basic toiletries including L'occitane shower set & body lotion. That's the plus point from Shangri-La besides the big bathtub. 
This is the most exciting part: the kids pool! It is probably the first pool in a 5 star hotel with a huge kids playground (at least that's what we experienced as being a hotel reviewer). Not only our baby was happy, we adults were happy being in this area with our baby. However during Saturday afternoon (the day we checked in), the pool area was super packed and that was really uncomfortable. It was nearly impossible to swim with sea of human and all of the seats were fully occupied. We decided to cancel our pool time and changed it to the next day morning. And it was a lot better probably because  on sunday morning people woke up later or people wanted to enjoy the bed longer.
Let's talk about the breakfast. It was around 9 AM in the morning and the queue for the breakfast at Satoo restaurant was very long. We didn't expect this to happen especially in a 5 star hotel. The hotel itself was very crowded during our check in and so we kinda expected a lot of guests staying on that day. We eventually got a seat close to the entrance (Satoo restaurant) which was pretty far separated from the buffet area. Most of the food stations got a long queue and many of the foods were running out very fast. They didn't quite catch up with the empty food, so we were left with whatever food available on each station. It wasn't quite a satisfying breakfast and we regretted our decision to not having our breakfast in our room (yes it's possible to request for in-room breakfast). 
Anyway, we have finally reached the end of our Shangri-La staycation experience. Overall, it was a very nice room, a comfortable fluffy bed and an overall great hospitality. The room refreshment area could be upgraded and the breakfast overall experience could be improved. Thank you guys for reading :)



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