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Jumat, 14 Juli 2017

Grand Opening Promotion for Kokoro Mazesoba - Gandaria City

First of all, congratulation to Kokoro Mazesoba for their Grand Opening of the second outlet at Gandaria City, South Jakarta. Its a very fast move of this new soba franchise from Tokyo, Japan. I thought they were just opening like one month ago and now its another new outlet. There's a mixed review about their signature Zenbu Soba (above picture), some liked it and some hated it. We personally a super big fan, hands down. There's no similar competitor at the moment as they are very unique and authentique. You might compare them to Yamatoten Abura Soba right? Yes, they are similar but Kokoro doesn't have that vinegar sour flavor at all. So, you may pick which one is your favorite. They are also offering special opening promotion! Anyway, let's check out the Grand Opening even on 13 July 2017!
It was totally packed with media and bloggers. This is unexpected for me, because last time the first outlet opening was not as packed as this. Or maybe I missed the moment, I don't know either. The owner had a little speech about this brand and Miss Sandra Angelia (Miss Indonesia 2018) was there too. I have to admit that she is really pretty in person :)
The staff/chefs had been working since early morning to prepare everything, because they would have to serve all the guests at once at the same time. Salute to them!
Below were Miss Sandra Angelia and Chef Takuma Ishikawa San (the founder of Kokoro Mazesoba in Tokyo) about to cut the official opening tie. It was festive, everybody was watching from outside.
Miss Sandra Angelia posing for the media :)
This is their signature Zenbu Soba, you can choose with chicken (92k) or pork (95k). Its our favorite soba here without a doubt. The unique salty and savory flavor, mixed with a firm big noodle and peppery touch makes it a super yumm soba! And its actually not a straight success because earlier during the first outlet opening, many people complained about the plain flavor. Some said that it was too salty during the pre opening, so they reduced the salt. And then after reducing the salt, it was rather bland, at least for a few food bloggers and some reviewers on the social media. Now, the found the standard one and I really hope you guys like it as much as I do.
Some appetizer with Gyoza. It was smooth, slightly sour from vinegar and salty from soy sauce. Great!
I was curious about their ramen menu, so I ordered Tan Tan Ramen with minced chicken. I was sceptical at first, because this is not their best selling one. And I never actually saw anyone tried their ramen. So, when I sipped the soup, I was totally blown away seriously. Even my friends who tried the soup said it was amazing! Uber thick soup, salty and savory, slightly spicy with a firm thin noodle. The noodle and the soup was kinda reminded me of my favorite Bakmi Ayam back then when I was kid. Its a difficult one to explain but that was absolutely delicious. You have to try it once!
During the grand opening, they offer you 30% OFF from 13 - 15 July 2017 specially for this second outlet. Don't worry, they also have the same 30% OFF for Grand Indonesia outlet only until today 14 July 2017. S0, BE QUICK to try this amazing soba!


Gandaria City UG Floor, South Jakarta (near Kintan Buffet)
Grand Indonesia Mall, West Mall 5th Floor, Central Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 250.000



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