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Selasa, 11 Juli 2017

Petite Coffee Corner at Sixty Two Coffee - Senopati

Another new coffee shop in South Jakarta, introducing Sixty Two Coffee aka 62 Coffee! I'm frankly not really into coffee shop lately as I'm more enjoying my cup of coffee at home. But sometimes we gather with our friends at new places, so we look for something fresh to visit. And apparently, this one was my next destination. I came here with a few friends for some cup of coffees, and light meals. so here's my review!It is located just behind Gunawarman Hotel in South Jakarta, in between houses near the main street of Gunawarman. Its not the most beautiful cafe around the area, but the outdoor seatings is pretty comfortable for a chit chat. 
Outdoor seatings
Indoor area is very petite and can only cater for probably up to 6 people. So we all seated outside for a bigger seating space. Well its unlucky for you if the weather is hot and humid.
All food and beverages are paid first :) The good news is prices on the menu is nett price. We need more menu like yours!
Es Kopi Pisang Susu (42k) aka Iced Coffee Banana  Milk - Their signature iced coffee with milk, banana and banana syrup on the bottom (red color). It was indeed refreshing, unique and kind of addicting to me. I've been too bored with the same old iced cappucinno, so this is at least great :) 
My friend Sovi ordered their Iced Mocha and it was very disappointing for her. She didn't taste any coffee, instead its more like a watery chocolate milk. I did taste it a little bit and it was true as what she said.
This Coffee Shop is collaborating with Wok-A-Day which is located outside (outdoor). The tag line is Create Your Own Meal which is basically you pick either noodle or rice, then the protein and the seasonings. But I'm a typical Breakfast Meal person, so I picked the Breakfast menu. Good news is they give 50% off second menu until 16 July 2017. Watch their instagram for more info.
The Breakfast Menu (65K) was a huge surprised in a very disappointing way. I never expected a breakfast this bad, like as you can see, this is rather like a kids meal. You don't serve all fried food on a plate like this, especially for a breakfast meal. Breakfast should be something light, fresh, and even healthy eventhough most restaurants still serve bacon and sausage. But at least, they still don't forget about fresh salad or green leaves mixed with toast and properly cooked egg. I'm sorry but even the fried egg failed to me, the french fries was not good, the meatballs were okay (they confirmed its grilled not fried), the chicken karaage and fried fish were somehow from frozen products. They should put this as an appetizer or finger food, and in my humble opinion this should not be charged more than 50k. Sorry, definitely not for breakfast.
My friend tried their Rendang Noodle with Chicken Karaage. Its another disappointing dish from Wok-A-Day. The noodle was somehow overcooked and too sticky. But rendang flavor on the noodle was still okay at least for me (my friends didn't like it though). Chicken karaage was average, I can not judge because I still believe its from frozen product. 
Verdict: Coffee needs improvement, especially on the Iced Mocha. But Wok-A-Day seriously needs a big changes on the menu because we were rather disappointed either with the taste and the presentation.


Jl. Cipayung II No.19, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(Behind Gunawarman Hotel)

Opening Hours:
- Monday : closed
- Tueday to Friday: 11 AM - 9 PM



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